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Victory! Massive Monkey Prison Kicked Out of Puerto Rico City

Written by PETA | October 6, 2010
travlinman43/CC by 2.0

Update: On October 11, the Puerto Rico Senate approved Senate Resolution 1514 to “[e]xpress the most forceful objection” to Bioculture’s plans, and will now officially “request that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) deny any and all permit requests by Bioculture Mauritus, any of its subsidiaries or Bioculture Puerto Rico, Inc. with the purpose of importing macaca fascicularis [macaque monkeys] into Puerto Rico.”

Bioculture—a company that sells nonhuman primates to laboratories—has been dealt a massive blow after the municipality of Guayama, Puerto Rico, and its mayor, Glorimari Jaime Rodríguez, unanimously approved two landmark ordinances banning the import, export, breeding, and use of monkeys in experiments. Bioculture must now terminate its plans to capture more than 4,000 wild monkeys, confine them to cages, breed them in Guayama, and sell their offspring to laboratories for use in painful and deadly tests. Bioculture’s client list included hideous labs such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Charles River Laboratories, Pfizer, and Covance, among others.

PETA, other organizations, world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, leading Indian politician Maneka Gandhi, and Puerto Rico–born actor Benicio del Toro have campaigned hard to get Bioculture’s cruel plan stopped. We  protested the company and joined Guayama residents in filing a lawsuit, which prompted a Superior Court judge in Puerto Rico to temporarily halt construction of the facility because of Bioculture’s flagrant violation of local laws.

In case Bioculture has ideas about setting up shop elsewhere in Puerto Rico, we have also worked with Sen. Melinda Romero Donnelly, who sponsored Senate Resolution 1514 to formally urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture not to grant any licenses or permits to Bioculture for the importation and breeding of animals in Puerto Rico.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Luciane Valéria Pangrácio says:

    Pelo amor de Deus tenham piedade dessas vidas. Não façam mais isso.

  • Brigitte de Kok says:

    Stop this animal abuse!!!

  • Margo Cheney says:

    This is wonderful, that this monkey prison was banned. Does anyone know how I may contact Sen Melinda Romero and thank her for her courageous actions for protecting animals? She has also tried to ban cockfighting, which was truly a brave move here in Puerto Rico, since there is money made from the animal suffering.

  • Margo Cheney says:

    This is wonderful, that this monkey prison was banned. Does anyone know how I may contact Sen Melinda Romero and thank her for her courageous actions for protecting animals? She has also tried to ban cockfighting, which was truly a brave move here in Puerto Rico, since there is money made from the animal suffering.

  • ashamed of humans says:

    No words can express the pain these animals must go through. For those of you that are just doing your “job” god works in mysterios ways, I would hate to be you in the long run. Stop hurting these animals, please.

  • Raul says:

    Great job PETA!!!!..A great victory..Let’s continue the fight to stop animal abuse of “ALL” kinds.

  • Maryann Paredes says:

    I hope this outcome is permanent! But it goes beyond proper permits and regulations; we must take care not to repeat our motherland’s history in ANY form or fashion – in man or animal or vegetation – in the name of progress and advancement. We are intelligent and imaginative beings with the ability to create constructs in manners that may be to the greater uplift-ment of man and Earth and not to their desecration or detriment – there is no justification for doing otherwise in the minimum. We must be more discriminating in choosing our progressive endeavors by maintaining reverence for all life and land upon which our survival and well being depend, and our people – if we are to truly embody the essence of an advanced civilization. We ARE our Earth’s keeper – for, I of ask you… who else will?

  • gea says:

    stop doing this awefull things. it is not right!

  • Money Luver says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! Thank God they finally got rid of the prison!!!!!!!! HORRAY FOR PETA AND THE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joan morell says:


  • Jose says:

    I support the senators in his resolution to made effortsto stop the cruel projects of monkeys in guayama, especially thanks to Melinda Romero. I am very pleased and I am going to respald in four next elections.

  • pk says:

    Finally someone did the right thing.

  • frebet franca says:

    please protect monkeys

  • Najma Cole says:

    I think it is terrible that these creatures are abused and I wish you could see the light and stop. Some day the next generation will thank you. Yours sincerely Najma Cole

  • Mercedes Maria Cascio says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thank God our efforts….PETA’s tremendous effort paid off!!!!! Gracias Puerto Rico!!!

  • Sabina says:

    well done!

  • Karen says:

    Absolutely stupendous! An incredibly important victory, and a wakeup to the US DoA that people everywhere are fed up with animal abuse in the name of science and will not allow taxpayer dollars to fund such atrocities any longer. Job exceedingly well done…thank you for all your hard work, and congratulations!!!

  • monique trolliet says:

    Toute cette barbarie doit cesser, c’est ignoble et indigne de cette humanité.

  • Ken E. says:

    THIS PROVES THAT WE DO INDEED MAKE A DIFFERENCE. These monkeys would NEVER submit to this kind of treatment if they could talk, so we talk for them. And if they could talk they would surely say, “Thank You”. We’ll do it again too! Humans should go about their lives in peace and other animals should be able to go about their lives in peace. This was absolutely the right thing to do!

  • Monika Valiant says:

    We all need to speak up and protect innocent animals; be there voices.And stop barbaric experiments in hideous labs.

  • Karen from Canada says:

    Hello! Finally the world is waking up! Muchos gracias to all Puerto Ricans and animal rights activists around the world. I was just in Nazca in Peru a few weeks ago. I saw a kitty meowing like crazy, sticking it’s head out of a grate in an open window of a shop (after dark) as we were walking back to our hostel. Myself and my boyfriend were concerned that this poor kitty might be starving and may want food(we don’t speak Spanish). So we did and eating motion to the shop-keeper (who happened to be right there) because we thought the kitty was hungry and we would be happy to buy it food. The man with the cat in his shop nodded and said yes and gestured to something inside his shop. We poked our heads in the door and noticed a couple of skinny slabs of meat on a plate sitting inside the doorway. I realized that this was obviously cat meat and he was suspecting that we were buyers! We ran away in horror, then had plans to steal the cat afterwards but when we went back the shop was dark and closed. I have the address of the shop if anyone wants to investigate. We had to leave the next morning but this cat’s cries are haunting me.

  • Llyn Humes says:

    Absolutely brilliant news. You have made my day!!!

  • [email protected] says:

    You know this is sooo amazing!!!Yeah we did it!!! This is for all my friends who tell me petitions do not work OH YEAH

  • Lisa says:

    excellent news!!!!

  • Minerva says:

    felicidades Guayama!! You make me proud!

  • Alicia Guevara says:

    ¡Qué buena noticia! ¡Gracias PETA y todos los activistas que lo hicieron posible!!!

  • Trish says:

    Praise the Lord for injecting his Spirit of Love & Compassion into the Hearts & Souls of ALL who demonstrate the Strength and Unity to preserve Life as God intended it to be for ALL His Creatures ….. WE TOGETHER ARE MAKING GREAT PROGRESS BUT THERE IS MUCH WORK STILL TO BE DONE…HEART FELT THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT CARES TO BE “HERE” … GOD BLESS PETA….& ALL THAT KEEP THE LOVE & LIGHT IN THEIR HEARTS ….

  • marjie says:

    we live in new mexico and all animals just whant to have food and some where to dry and live there lives out pease fully and be treated like thay dont matter whell thay can bleed thay cry , pluse if you whatch them thay make beter parants then most of the people,..

  • dcschell14 says:

    This makes my day 🙂 I was so troubled by this when I signed the petition so now I am super happy they got the boot!!!!

  • Krissa says:

    Muchos gracias Guayama, Puerto Rico y el Alcalde Rodríguez!

  • margaret Funnell says:

    thanks to all the wonderful people who fought so hard to help those wonderful animals and save them from a life of torture. Keep up the good work and maybe save the baby elephants from their miserable life in circuses where they are beaten into submission to stand on their hind legs and do tricks for the stupid people who go to the circus.Let us beat the elephant trainers into submission and make them walk on all fours for the rest of their life.

  • Evelyn Rosa says:

    Thank you Peta and Thank you Puerto Rico your the BEST!!!!!

  • Ginette Ricard says:

    à toutes ces personnes qui utilise de pauvres singes pour faire de l’exportation, l’importation, de l’élevage et qui les enfermes dans des cages avec leurs progénitures pour ensuite les vendre à des laboratoires pour des tests douloureux de toutes sortes qui vont finir par les conduire à la mort.vous me donner envie de hurler et de vomir tant ma souffrance est grande par l’horreur que vous faite subir à ces pauvres petits singes. vous n’avez donc aucune morale, aucun coeur, aucune sensibilité. si c’est le cas, pourquoi ne pas choisir une job ou il n’y à aucune âme qui y vive, aucun animal. comme ca, vous ne seriez pas un danger pour toutes ces bêtes. travaillez dans autre chose. ces animaux ont droit de vivre normalement et dans le respect, au même titre que vous et moi. ca vous choque m’a facon de vous écrire ? pour moi, comme pour bien d’autres amoureux des animaux c’est pas mal plus choquant de vous voir les maltraités. alors agissez dont avec votre coeur si vous en avez un peu. se que j’en doute fort si je me fit à vos agissements. GR.

  • MARTHA says:


  • jenny says:


  • ANA says:

    pocas cosas mas crueles y que muestran la dehumanizacion del hombre, como las practicas, absolutamente inutiles en todo tipo de animales.muy bien al gobierno de puerto rico

  • Aline says:

    Thanks God. Congratulations PETA.

  • Alex Bissa says:

    Parabéns .. parabéns !!!!! Maravilhosa atitude… agradeço a todos vocês pelo esforço dedicado a proteção contra maus tratos de animais.. obrigado, obrigado, obrigado. Alex Bissa – Guarapari-ES Brazil

  • paola says:

    vorrei avere potere per poter porre fine a tutto questo!! grazie peta!!!

  • mcarmen says:

    me encanta leer buenas noticias, enhorabuena.

  • Marge says:

    Well lead the way.and speak for those who have no voice..

  • Claudine Erlandson says:

    So happy about this! Thank you! Merci! Gracias, Puerto Rico and ALL who made this happen! From the bottom of my heart…

  • Marcia says:


  • Caddie says:

    PETA you never seize to amaze me with how wonderful and persistant you are! Thank you thank you to everyone!!!