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Victory! County Bans Elephant Performances

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 26, 2012

With support from PETA and local PETA members and hard work by local animal rights group Alliance for Animals, which initiated the proposal, the Dane County, Wisconsin, Board of Supervisors has enacted a ban on elephant performances at all county-owned facilities.

James Preston
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PETA members and members of local animal rights group Alliance for Animals had written to and called the local board to ask for the ban, attended supervisors’ meetings to speak in favor of it, and garnered support from the community. It took only six months for the efforts to pay off.

The supervisor who proposed the ban, Al Matano, stated:

Elephants don’t belong in trucks, they don’t belong in circuses, and we decided as a county [in 2000] not to keep them at our zoo, because we weren’t able to house them humanely. So having them at our expo center makes no sense. It’s not possible to have elephants in a traveling show and treat them carefully enough.

For help getting a similar ban passed in your community, contact PETA’s Action Team

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  • Tessa says:

    Thank you,good going dane co.,now let,s get all animal,s out of the cirus!!Have you seen Cirque de soleil,fabulous,nothing better!

  • Jules says:

    Thank you Alliance For Animals for doing this. I know how hard your group worked on this. Congratulations!

  • stina808 says:

    Thank you for making this happen!

  • Carolyn says:

    Thank you so very much for caring about elephants. I hope you will be the first of many more counties to do the same.

  • Marcia says:

    I’m glad some government groups are having the courage to ban elephant “entertainment.” I’m also grateful to the people who went to the hearing and spoke up. The circuses, etc., should just get it through their heads that abusing elephants willone day be a thing of the past. They should just stop now, give elephants their freedom in good sanctuaries, and get on with their own lives–hopefully doing something less harmful.

  • JR says:

    I was at that meeting. I was intimidated by all the Zor Shrine circus people attending. I thought I was the only one who was going to speak up for the elephants. It turned out I was one of about a dozen who spoke up! A few of the supervisors even spoke up for the elephants. It was amazing…rarely did I ever feel I participated in something so worthwhile! I wish the Shriners circus didn’t get 8 extra years, but we do have a long term victory despite the completion of their contract.

  • Lin Pirretti says:

    Thanks, Dane County! How do we get this started in Palm Beach County, Florida. WEst Palm Beach has Ringling Bros circus come there every year. We need to stop this! Thanks.

  • Johnny Gold says:

    YEA! Thanks for the great news! WAY TO GO PETA!

  • Cassandra says:

    Woo Hoo! Is this the first county to do this? Thank you all so much!