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Victory! Cats Seized from Caboodle Ranch

Written by PETA | February 27, 2012

It is finally the beginning of the end for the horrific cat hell known as “Caboodle Ranch, Inc.” (Caboodle)—a disgusting, crowded, disease-ridden no-kill “rescue sanctuary” in Madison County, Fla.—that has long been the subject of complaints to PETA’s office.

Today, thanks to evidence gathered by a five-month-long PETA undercover investigation, the cats are being seized and taken to safety.  

Video footage and photos taken by PETA’s investigator show cats suffering from upper-respiratory infections so severe that they gasped for air and struggled to breathe, drooled, and had bloody mucus clogging their noses. Cats also had ruptured corneas, went blind, and, in some cases, died. One such cat, Lilly, died after fighting for months, losing her battle with what initially seemed to be a simple cold. 

Caboodle’s founder and operator, Craig Grant, faces criminal charges of cruelty to animals, based on the information gathered by PETA. We are grateful to Madison County Animal Control, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and the Third Judicial District of Florida State Attorney’s Office for taking this case seriously and pursuing it with the seriousness that it deserves.

How You Can Help

This investigation comes at a critical time for homeless and unwanted animals in Florida. A dangerous bill is currently making its way through Florida’s legislature. Animal shelters would be forced to hand over animals to self-proclaimed, unregulated animal “rescues” like Caboodle if the misleading “Animal Rescue Act” (S.B. 818 and H.B. 597) becomes law. PETA is calling on the bill’s sponsors to withdraw the legislation without delay. Won’t you please help us? 


Written by Dan Paden

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  • Curious says:

    I just wonder, what was this guy with good intentions supposed to do when presented with sick and dying cats? Say no? I personally firmly believe that animals (and people!) who are suffering should be put down instead of having to suffer needlessly only to die anyway. But some people don’t have share that belief. Some people say, let nature take its course. After reading so much about Caboodle Ranch, I think that might be Craig Grant’s way of looking at things. That’s also why he just leaves the cat skeletons around after they die. I think that if he were ordered to put down very sick animals, and treat the treatable ones, instead of allowing them to suffer or spread disease, and monitored and regularly inspected to be sure he actually did that, he could still provide a rescue for healthy cats. With that one tweak, Caboodle Ranch could still be helpful to cats who need a home. This is not all black and white. There really are happy cats there, just as there are the sick ones you found. He has good resources to help animals. And I believe he really does have good intentions. When I first learned about Caboodle Ranch, he was my hero! He did not show good judgment in not allowing cats to be treated, but I think that when he says Caboodle Ranch is their Forever Home, he means it. I think he is probably heartbroken about this. I’m not making excuses for him; as a fellow animal lover, I am trying to get into his head and see how he could do or not do certain things that I would have done differently.

  • Nekozowa says:

    It’s just shows what happens when someone has good intentions but is taken advantage of by a lazy and slack community. Where was the community when he needed help finding homes and food and medicine for those cats so graciously dropped off by the surrounding community. It’s a sick sad tragedy with so convenient a villain to blame it all on. Take some responsibility people. Spay and neuter your pets and make sure you’re ready to take responsibility for the life of another before you do so. I don’t see people getting rid of their children just because the economy got a little rough.

  • Margit B. Tved says:

    I think that the man really tried to do his best but he didn’t have the knowledge and money for it. I love cats and have been a catowner the most of my life. I don’t plan to have cats but there are often people who have too many cats or who have unplanned cats living outside. I am careful to only have the amount of cats I can handle so that I have the money to go to the vet when necessary. I had a cat with a kind of cold which just wouldn’t go away. I went to the vet more than once with her but she never looked so bad as the cats in the video. The last time I decided to have her put to sleep as she was 12 years old and beginning to have problems with her teeth and heart also. The infection had gone to her teeth. Though sad to say goodbuy to a dear friend I had had for 12 years, I was happy to see her sleep into a quiet death made possible by the hand of the vet. To let live is not always the best decission. In the dear memory of my cat Satya. She was sweet and deserved a good death.

  • Carolyn, Toronto, Canada says:

    If you look up the Caboodle Ranch you’ll find these “happy, clean and cheery videos with the owner talking about how he “saves cats”. I am thankful PETA has uncovered the horrific realities of this so called “sanctuary”. Please close it down, fine the owner and prevent him from ever operating another place “rescue”.

  • Debra Hill says:

    Thank you PETA! I’m sure you ovens are working hard as I type!

  • Cathy Breaux says:

    I have always said “if PETA didn’t carry out these undercover investigations, these horrid places would never be shut down”. THANK YOU PETA for doing all you do for the animals. We need you out there and could not stop all this abuse without you. I already receive your updates and E-News.

  • Bridget says:

    I sent my cats to be loved by this man a few years ago after my husband and I gave birth to a little boy with special needs and thought my cats would be better off getting all the attention in the world that we were promised! I am absolutely sick to my stomach and heart broken, I can’t stop crying! I want my babies back, I can’t believe I was conned into thinking they were being loved, taken care of and kept safe! I’m sick!

  • Francesca from Amsterdam says:

    Dear PETA, Thank God for your organization!!! You save animal lives from suffering and you do whatever it takes to care and protect our beloved animals wherever you can! Please find the animal abusers and put them in jail if you can. Politicians need to ennforce laws to protect animals from criminals that abuse, neglect and kill innocent animals! New laws to protect animals need to be in place ASAP. It is urgent that (new) laws will be enforced for the protection of animals and their wellfare!!! Animal abusers need to be in jail and pay for what they have done!

  • M.Sielemann says:

    Das ist in meinen Augen kein Mensch ..das ist ein Monster !!

  • keenpetite says:

    Appearances are deceiving, Reader’s Digest article mentioned that Grant @ first didn’t like cats but after his son left with a pregnant one, his mind was changed; why this was allowed to occur for so long inclusive after many complaints regarding CR, glad that PETA did undercover investigation & an extensive EXPOSE was done. So many cats suffered because of someone with a criminal mind. Appreciate the time & effort utilized to finally close this cat concentration camp.

  • Lena Bajraktari says:

    I was just informed about the “bad news”of Caboodle Ranch and the recent arrest. I was appalled, heartbroken, and disgusted when I viewed the video footage of the so called “sick ward” where the sick cats were to be coaxed back to health, loved, and well taken care of. Heartbroken, because I had taken my beloved Cici, Sammi, Louie, and their mom Chloe, who I love and miss so very much and wish I could keep, had brought them over in March 2010, knowing they would be safe from abuse and neglect. I had thoroughly researced all shelters including Caboodle Ranch and thought this was immaculate and a safehaven compared to the other overcrowded shelters, where cats and dogs would soon be euthanised. I admit, I was sceptical at first. How can one elderly individual with no paid staff, hardly any volunteers, can take care of 700+ cats? true. I couldn’t bear to see them locked up in cages for days, months, and even years, they wondering when they would be free. Caboodle Ranch really was too good to be true. Kids, where ever you are, I hope you’re in a better place, I’ll never forget you, and my love for all of you is never ending. XXXOOO

  • WarmFuzzy's Shelter & Sanctuary says:

    Updated information on this situation is here:

  • Lois says:

    THANK YOU PETA !! Thank You God for ending this for those babies. I’ve been keeping up with Caboodles Angels and asking God to help their voice and work be heard to help the cats.

  • Dixie says:

    I’m willing to bet nearly all those sick cats were euthanized. The cost of vet care for so many would probably be great, and many may have died anyway. But how many of the ranch cats were healthy and adoptable and how many were actually adopted?

  • Darcy says:

    Thank you PETA for ending the suffering of these beautiful cats… I work in an ER and everyday i see the suffering caused by humans. When will it end????

  • Alyssa says:

    That is terrible. That anyone would do this to these poor animals is horrible. My question is this: what will happen to the cats who were removed? Are they being rehomed?

  • Virgie See says:


  • Brandy says:

    Not to piss anyone off, but didn’t you check out the place before you left cats there?

  • jude mignacca says:

    Dear God in heaven, thank you PETA, for ending the suffering of these poor cats! I actually contributed money online once to this place! My heart bleeds for these creatures kept in this concentration camp…how many suffered and died before liberation? Thank God it’s over…

  • Nancy Buffington says:

    I lost a number of cats to Caboodle Ranch when I foolishly brought them there on 2/1/11. I, as many others who lost cats to CR, was mislead, fooled by their well edited website and videos. You don’t know how we’ve waited for this day!! No more suffering for the kitties! Thank you so very, very much, PETA!

  • greg says:

    I wish we could see a picture of Grant…with is eye hanging out of his head…and coated with snot! What a… words to describe.

  • Rick says:

    I am so happy you guys finally saved these cats! No one person should be allowed to have this many animals. I know what a big task you have ahead of you as I assisted with the Haven Acres cats and if help is needed for these cats please contact me via email.

  • Sabine B. Tucker-Seip says:


  • Elaine Decker says:

    PS Caboodle’s Angels has a Facebook page in case anyone is interested-and several folks have links to their own websites regarding CR.

  • Elaine Decker says:

    THANK YOU PETA!!!! I am originally from Tallahassee, and became aware of CR several years ago when a friend sent me the link to their site-thinking that there was FINALLY an alternative to nearby kill shelters. After digging just a bit, I came across Caboodles Angels, a group who have been working for several years to get the word out about the mistreatment, negligence, and what we all saw, as a severe case of hoarding!! I saw pictures, videos, and personal accounts of the horror there, that literally made me SICK!! I HOPE these wonderful people at Caboodles Angels have heard about this, and that HOPEFULLY, the Nightmare of Caboodle Range & Craig Grant is OVER!!!!

  • cdearle says:

    I live about 3/4 miles from this place. My wife and I had no idea the conditions these animals were living in. This HORRIFIES me that this was happening less than a minle from my home. My wife and I have spoken to him numerous times while we walked our dog and he always seemed genuinely concerend for the cats. I had no idea that he was so out of his element when it came to taking care of these cats

  • sanjuro says:

    Oh. My. God. This is revolting! How was this guy even allow to operate? And what is going to happen to all these poor cats?

  • Ruth from Barcelona says:

    Pls share on FB to get more people clicking to take action to stop the bill that could make this even more common

  • Gary Conley says:

    I have been to Caboodle Ranch and have been involved in a 15 month legal battle to close this place down. THANK YOU PETA, THANK YOU !!

  • Allison says:

    How can people do this to anny animal! That is terrible!