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Brookstone Stops Selling Frog-O-Spheres

Written by PETA | January 25, 2011

After 18 months of protests, thousands of calls and e-mails, and appearances outside Brookstone stores by our giant “frog,” Brookstone has finally decided to pull a cruel product called the “Frog-O-Sphere” from its shelves!

PETA started campaigning against the tiny plastic frog prisons after receiving complaints from Brookstone customers and after a whistleblower reported that frogs and snails housed in the tiny 4-inch-by-4-inch plastic boxes were neglected, deprived of veterinary care and adequate food, and kept in filthy water. The whistleblower told PETA that when frogs became obviously ill and “unsaleable,” they were moved to the stores’ storage rooms, where they often wasted away and died.

PETA’s undercover investigation of Wild Creations—the company that came up with the idiotic idea of throwing two frogs and some gravel into a container smaller than a shoebox and leaving them there for their entire lives—revealed filthy conditions and deadly neglect. In some cases, frogs were so hungry that that they chewed each other’s legs off.

juhansonin/cc by 2.0

Brookstone joins Magic Beans, Target, and other retailers that have stopped selling these cruel products, but Coach House Gifts is still selling frogs in “EcoAquariums” to make an easy buck. In one shipment to Coach House Gifts, 37 out of 40 frogs died after they were left in a container so long that they suffered from heat prostration. Please take a moment to urge the company to stop selling its deadly EcoAquariums.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Lauren says:

    I got the frogs as a gift for Christmas 5 years ago this Christmas… At almost 2 years old one frog died after constantly being attacked by the other one… The one thats still alive is still in the small tank and by just putting my finger up to the lid to push the pellets thru the hole the little guy tries to bite me… I know now how cruel he must think I am since he doesn’t know I am not the one that took the poor thing from its home… Tomorrow morning I’m going to be telling my parents this so we can get a larger tank (not too expensive tho) and some food… I am really close to running out of food and I googled it which brought me to this article… those poor little frogs! I feel horrible now and I am going to help out my little froggy ASAP… i still can’t wrap my mind around how sick these people r…

  • Caspian says:

    Ugh, it makes me sick that people would keep these frogs in such tiny tanks, and worst of all, how many children would think their frog was happy in it’s tank, when in fact, it would be stressed and sad. Even feeding and proper water care is not enough to make a frog happier in such a small tank.

  • mary says:

    When my son was 7 I got him a grow a frog. It was a big thing. Everyone of his friends got rid of theirs either by putting them in a pond outside to of course be eaten by something bigger or they actually put them in the toilet or the garbage desposal. I on the other hand had choppy for 13 years. Every other week we changed his spring water and gave him a huge tank. He became part of our family and when he finally died we all missed him very much.

  • April says:

    I got my frogs as a gift. One of my died after a year but still have one and he is very happy, he sings and is very well cared for. He has been with me for 3 years and has been great company. I keep his home clean nd he is feed as required. I love my frog and was disappointed that Brookstone no longer sells them.

  • Jason says:

    I dont think these are cruel at all!!! As long as they are fed and water gets changed then I dont see the problem. We got ours as a present over 4 years ago. One frog died in the first 2 weeks, but the other one is 4 years and 1 month old. 4 YEARS OLD!! He is happy and now just chills when his tank water gets changed. He is a happy camper.

  • Cindy says:

    I received a Frogosphere for Christmas almost 3 years ago and instantly noticed the frogs were stressed in the too-tiny environment, attacking and biting each other. I moved them to a two-gallon tank with a bridge to hide under, an underwater plastic ball to play with, and also provided a constant temperature of 82 degrees F and full-spectrum lighting with UVB (since I also have reptiles in the same room). I upgraded their food from the occasional large pellet provided in the kit to small daily frog pellets supplemented with dried bloodworms. The frogs have thrived and are almost 3 years old. They no longer fight, but sing and play and are just a delight to watch. They have already surpassed their expected lifespan by 50% and I hope they live for years. Please do not keep these wonderful little frogs in a tiny plastic prison! And do not release them in the wild. I know someone who put their frogs in their goldfish pond in the backyard, but something came and ate them (heron? snake? raccoon?)

  • Michael says:

    I’ve moved my Brookstone frogs from the original plastic box they came in to a glass Aquarium a little over 3x the size – and have to believe that they’re much happier without a plastic cap over their heads (living like The Truman Show). I’m sure they’d be happier in the wild, but I’m taking great care of them (feeding twice a week, more plants in their environment, change the water and waste regularly, etc…), and they’ve been great company for me in my home office. That said, I agree with PETA, that only responsible pet stores that have knowledgeable staff should be selling them.

  • Danielle says:

    I’ve had 2 frogs for over two years. They are well taken care of and have brought lots of enjoyment to everyone in my office. We love watching them swim and and fight over their food. They are not neglected and as long as the water in the tank is changed occasionally, they are not living in bad conditions at all!

  • Natalie says:

    I had two of these frogs, but one died. I am running out of food. It says “They will only live two years” , but they give you just a bag full of food. My food is almost gone. I am going to upgrade him soon.

  • thomas099 says:

    i purchesed one of these frogs 2 years ago and one ate the otehr one when it died so therfore the one i have is still living but this is sick and even i had my one frog for 2 years i am upgrading him to either a nice fish tank. they should stop destroying the frogs natural habitat and put all of thier frogs back to thier original home

  • Rachel says:

    I looked these up on the internet because i had no idea what these things were, as i dont live in America. My first thought was, how do the frogs get air? as i didnt see any oxygen tank or anything. Its sick to see what people would do for a quick buck

  • Ali says:

    Green Earth, a store that is supposed to be so wonderful, is selling these now. I saw this today and was disgusted. Poor frogs 🙁

  • Adam says:

    @Kim (owner of Captain and Tenille) I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wouldn’t release your little frogs into the wild. They’re not used to it and wouldn’t survive long. Get a bigger aquarium for them. It sounds like you’re a very caring person and they will thrive in a more open environment with your kindness and attention to their needs.

  • Adam says:

    A person should only keep an aquarium if they have time to properly clean and care for it, which I don’t right now, thus I don’t have one. I used to have a nice fresh water aquarium which included a couple of little frogs like the ones shown above. They had plenty of room to swim, adequate food, and their environment was kept clean. I can’t imagine placing them in a horrific environment such as this. They seemed quite happy, swimming about most of the time, resting on the bottom occasionally. I don’t imagine they’re the longest-lived creatures but they lived for three years. I can’t imagine these poor frogs trapped in this enclosed environment living for more than a couple of months. Awful!

  • Christina says:

    I recently recieved 2 dwarf african frogs in an eco aquarium as a gift for my 2 children. I had never heard of these and was told that they came in the mail after being ordered off of the internet. I was very disturbed by this and started doing research. I have been horrified by what I have found out. Our little frogs had become very aggressive with each other in this tiny box. I bought a large aquarium and all the necessities to maintain one and now they have room to swim and do their froggy things. They are not aggressive with each other like they were and have been doing great. If you want to teach your kids about eco systems take them out into nature and show them a real working one.

  • natasja says:

    thats great xD

  • storm-e says:

    i remember walking by brookestone in the mall shouting out “FROG KILLERS!!!!!” at the very top of my lungs.i remember telling customers what they do when they were about to be tricked into it and handing out flyers to try to get that product canceled. PETA’s members together did it.because once I almost fell pray to this horrific scam.

  • Andsta! says:

    Hey why do these poor frogs have to suffer because these people weren’t raised right! Just because they feel bad about thier worthless life now they take it out on animals? Yea God’s real proud of you.

  • Kate says:

    Wow, the idiocy of human amusements never ceases to astound me.  Who would buy such a thing?  Maybe they should be put into little glass boxes so they can amuse some sadistic loser as well.

  • Shannon says:

    We all need to boycott Hallmark and Coachhouse. I do not want to spend my money in stores that care only about makeing a quick buck and care nothing about our planet!!

  • Maria says:

    It must be an idiot who sells live animals as toys, let them slowly die in its own filth without oxygien and care. They are real crazy people out there

  • Katie says:

    I’m so happy this issue has finally been fixed! I saw a frog’s leg get pinned between the wall and the stone and pulled off about a year ago and was scarred. I took action and wrote to Brookstone, but I’m so glad this has been changed!

  • Artemis says:

    I bought these frogs.  Here’s the thing.  The ecosystem does work as they claim, however the real problem with these is the frogs are “supposed” to be fed 2 pellets a week which is a load of bollocks. The frogs need to be fed three pellets a day each and if this is the case they will grow twice the size as their current emaciated form. Then they will need to switch tanks.  They don’t need a spectacularly large tank, but an upgrade to a larger beta fish tank made them so happy that they mated and laid eggs!

    As far as Hallmark goes.  It’s a corporate business.  I work for an independent Hallmark chain and we did have someone request we take them off our shelves, as did I and a couple employees request, however it is not up to our manager, it is up to the corporate head. Our manager cannot choose what we sell and don’t sell.

  • xochilili says:

    I have a green tree frog that is 9 years old – she has the run of the house at night and swims in my indoor pond. She only goes to a large enclosure when she sleeps. she is a darling. How people can do this and not even consider it, I do not know. Please spread the word -all animals/sea creatures are sentient beings and deserve our love and respect.