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Victory! Abused Dog Will Be Owner’s Last

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 10, 2013

Left out in the cold with no food, water, or shelter, Noel likely wouldn’t have survived more than another two or three days. But thanks to PETA, the Virginia Beach SPCA, and a local judge, all her days now feel like Christmas.

A compassionate neighbor called us last December when she spotted bone-thin Noel, who had been left outside to suffer in the frigid winter weather. We raced to the residence and found the young dog under a thorn bush, tethered, tangled, and shivering violently. Not only had Noel’s owner failed to take her inside or even provide her with a doghouse, it appeared that she had also been denying the dog food and water. The few pieces of stale kibble that had been tossed her way were scattered across the ground beyond her reach

When a vet examined Noel, he confirmed that she had been starved and, at 25 pounds, was barely over half her healthy weight of 40 pounds. Our friends at the wonderful open-admission Virginia Beach SPCA found an experienced foster guardian who could nurse Noel back to health, and she thrived in her new home, quickly gaining 17 pounds and starting to trust people again. Shortly after Christmas, Noel’s new adoptive guardians described her as the “sweetest, sloppiest kiss-giving, bedtime snuggler.”

This week, a judge heard our case against Noel’s former owner and sentenced the woman to 40 hours of community service and one year of supervised probation, but most importantly, she has been banned for life from ever owning animals again.

You don’t have to have the magic of Santa Claus to help a chained dog. PETA offers a list of lifesaving actions that anyone can take.

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  • Marcia J. Bowman says:

    My question is why? Why have an animal if this how you’re going to treat it? Why just not have one? This makes no sense to me. Do they get them to intentionally abuse them?? I don’t get it.

  • Denise says:

    I don’t understand people, how can you starve an animal? I have organic food for my dwarf hamsters. I have to be careful not to over feed them because they can get diabetes! How could you starve a baby animal? I wish I could have a dog! The hubby says no but we’re working on him lol thank god this dog is doing well and being loved!

  • Micky says:

    Hi I have a question …when are all the petitions against the animal skinned alive in china will be given to the gouvernement I sign every day even many times a day and send it on face book every day ….what ‘s up now a days about this cruelty >>> thank you to give me some up date

  • Janet says:

    Thank you, PETA, for your wonderful work and thanks also to all who came to the rescue of this beautiful girl. To the previous owner, I hope you get a cramp where you can’t make it go away and that it gets worse just so you can get an idea of what suffering really is. And yes, you should be in jail for the rest of your life, with your daily job tending to rescued abused animals.

  • N E says:

    The former owner should be evaluated for any and all mental illnessese capable of such cruelty will do it again. The judge’s penalty is a slap on a wrist, a joke, not a serious warning to her or to any current or to-be pet owners with similar tendencies to serious neglect and abuse. I wonder how she treats humans or children, if she has any. This is a victory, but people like her need to know that, while pets are not legall. recognized in our society, any harm done to them should carry tougher penalties

  • Space-UK says:

    from the most depraved and disgusting specimen of humankind to the lovliest! If ony we could eradicate from this beautiful planet ALL of the former! Wonderful compassinate people – Fabulous, Fab-u-lous,organisation <3 PETA

  • miriam says:

    I m so impressed to see how beautiful this dog became. The people who own this doggie look like brilliant people to me. Thanks

  • Kathy Trombini says:

    Thanks to the person who took the time to rescue Noel. The punishment she received is not nearly severe enough, but I’m so glad that she will NEVER be able to own another animal. What goes around, comes around.

  • LINKY says:

    thank you peta,and well done. bless your souls.

  • Eva Gruber says:

    Dear little Noel, congratulations! I’m so happy, that you’ve found a loving family. I wish you a happy life full of respect and love 🙂

  • Violet Cameron says:

    Its sad that after the abuse this lady put this poor animal through 40 hrs of community service and 1 yr probation is all she got. The punishment does not fit the crime. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Because she will own more animals….this is sick!!!

  • TERESA ECHEVERR&#205;A says:


  • antonette louis-snyder says:

    I am SO happy this story had a happy ending, but I am disappointed that this women did NOT get any real jail time for this act of total cruelty to this poor animal!The laws for animal cruelty, need to be changed, and people need to FEAR doing time in jail, for acts of cruelty like this! To me this was a slap on the wrist, and unless this women is monitored, which is highly unlikely, she will probably have a pet again! I say let her spend time in jail to think about her crime, and if people face jail time for animal cruelty, it will be a definite deterrent! Slap on the wrists, create no fear of consequences, and people continue to harm and mistreat animals! If it were up to me, she’d get a year behind bars, 100 hours community service, AND be banned from ever owning a pet! Just my opinion, but I am sick of people doing this and getting NO JAIL TIME!UGH!!!

  • SANDRA says:

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR NOEL GOD BLESS HER and her new parents. But I dont think the punishment for Noels previous owner is enough I think she should be starved too and put in jail forever. I hate people that abuse innocent animals.

  • patricia schmidt says:

    What EVIL is in the mind of a human when they knowingly torture and starve an animal…aware of its hunger,thirst and pain. GOD may forgive them….I dont.

  • Tripawed Mom says:

    Congrats! And many happy, healthy years ahead for darling Noel.

  • Patricia Renata Pereira says:

    What a happy end! Makes me believe in some people…..I have (my son) a beautiful dog called Solo which i found under my car dying ….. he must have been around 40 days when i found him under my car and was dying…now he is a happy 30 kilos boy full of life and trusts and loves everything! I am so lucky to have found him!!

  • Toni Pakay says:

    I’m happy to see a happy ending for this dog, but how do you enforce a person that is banned for life from ever owning another animal. She needs to spend sometime in jail for her crime, these judges need to get tougher with animal abuser’s.

  • Jmckerry says:

    She should be jailed, or starved and mistreated. Why does a slap on the hand seem like a victory. A victory would be when people are held responsible for their disgusting actions. Anyone who hurts a poor defenseless living animal has something severely wrong with them. Shame on her and the rest who do the same!!!

  • Dee Dee Loynd says:

    Thank God she has a loving family and hope she old owner goes to jail for the rest of there lives.

  • Sherri Lysohirka says:

    Punishment for these ruthless criminals (owners) should be a lot more harsh then that – these lil guys are like our children.

  • Tish Rourke says:

    This is why I donate to PETA and ASPCA !!! Love our dogs!!!

  • Debz Jones says:


  • Mark says:

    Why don’t we find this person and starve her to death… that SOB..may God deliver her to the devil Himself…I will not say my mind here but damn it people if you can’t love an animal don’t get one…Bastards