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Vick to Plead Guilty

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

Vick has admitted his guilt: Michael Vick has accepted a plea deal—with a likely prison sentence—to avoid additional federal charges related to a professional dogfighting operation, one of his attorneys says.We’re still awaiting details, but please know this: if a celebrity with Vick’s money and teams of lawyers has to serve time for dog fighting, then anyone else who fights dogs had better head for the hills. When Vicks co-defendants entered their plea agreements on Friday, yet more details came out about the dogs being hanged by the neck until death. It is chilling stuff, so kudos to the media outlets who covered it without vomiting.This article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for instance, is very good in a tough to read way. Here’s a powerful excerpt:

They were hung from trees in the woods behind Michael Vick’s house, eight dogs left there to die, kicking and screaming.The pit bulls had made the mistake of failing the test. They weren’t mean enough, quick enough, strong enough in the ring, so they were of no more use to Vick’s Bad Newz dogfighting operation.Imagine, killing a dog because it’s just too nice.Five of the dogs finally kicked their last breaths away as the ropes cut deeper and deeper into their throats. Three somehow clung to life. Vick and two of his henchmen, growing impatient, cut those three down and one by one shoved their heads into five-gallon buckets filled with water, drowning them to finish them off.Try keeping your breakfast down after hearing that report on ESPN.The inhumanity, the callousness, the abuse of these innocent, helpless animals is almost beyond comprehension.

There is something you can do PETA is pushing the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its “Personal Conduct Policy.” This case has shown that NFL fans are just as disgusted by cruelty to animals as by any of the other antisocial behaviors outlined in the policy. Click here to contact the NFL now!

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  • BullyDawg says:

    People people…it’s no use arguing with all of these Vick supporters. They don’t want to know what we know and they aren’t even reading our responses. I am wellversed on message and comments boards and these are nothing but TROLLS. They live for attention and getting posters riled up and angry. Trolls LIVE for this. The best thing you can do and it drives them NUTS is to ignore them. We aren’t going to change their vicious little minds.

  • Ana says:

    You can add another idiot to the Vick supporter sheet Stephon Marbury of the NY Knicks basketball. He is also black. I always knew he was a fool now I know he also has no compassion for animals. “Vick is a great athlete…. so..all I know it was done behind closed doors and it’s a sport”…intimating there is nothing wrong with dog fighting. He is listed by the espn as a Vick supporter and by how he spoke he finds nothing wrong with dog fighting. He is both dumb and scary. It was done behind closed doors because it is illegal violent and cruel. DUH…. It is too bad not one black athlete had the moral fiber to publicly state that dog fighting is wrong. How sad because children see this and find their stance to be acceptable. My HS students take notice of this also. If one has and I don’t know of it I would really like to know. Thank you Rania Michele and observer for your words of compassion and logic.

  • Renee says:

    I just called and left a message on the recorder for Goddell that I expect him banned from the NFL. Please call.

  • Robin says:

    This is an outrage. If I were convicted of a felony and sent to jail for just 30 days I would be hard pressed to find a stable job. Please read the last papragraph. The idiot from the NAACP likens the torture and inhumane murder of several dogs to hunting!! He insinuates Mr. Vick did nothing more than what a hunter would do. These dogs were drowned beaten with clubs and left to die slow painful deaths. I am going to write the NAACP and ask them to get this idiot out of their organization. NAACP Urges NFL to Let Vick Play Again By ERRIN HAINES Associated Press Writer 51 minutes ago ATLANTA An NAACP leader said Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL preferably the Atlanta Falcons after serving his sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation. “As a society we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football” said R.L. White president of the group’s Atlanta chapter. “We further ask the NFL Falcons and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country.” White said the Falcons quarterback made a mistake and should be allowed to prove he has learned from that mistake. On Monday Vick said through a lawyer that he will plead guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture. Three Vick associates have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge and say Vick provided nearly all the gambling and operating funds for the “Bad Newz Kennels” dogfighting enterprise. Two of them also said Vick participated in executing at least eight underperforming dogs raising the possibility of the animal cruelty charges. Last month state and local leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People urged the public not to rush to judgment in the Vick case. The civil rights organization said animal rights groups talk radio and the news media were vilifying the embattled athlete and that his team and corporate sponsors were prematurely punishing Vick. White said the Atlanta chapter supports Vick’s decision to accept a plea bargain if it’s in his best interest but he questioned the credibility of Vick’s codefendants saying an admission of guilt might be more about cutting losses than the truth. “At this point you’re not looking at guilt or innocence” White said referring to the possible harsher sentence Vick could have received had he taken his case to trial and been found guilty. “You’re thinking ‘What I better do is cut my losses and take a plea.’ But if he saw this as the best thing to do at this point for his future then I think he made the correct choice.” White said he regretted that the plea deal will mean all the facts of the case might never be known. “Some have said things to save their own necks” White said. “Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he had killed a human being.” White said he does not support dogfighting and that he considers it as bad as hunting. “His crime is it was a dog” White said.

  • Kerry H says:

    I just was on the NFLCANADA website.. 53 of the people asked on this site agreed that “SICK VICK” should recieve a lifetime ban.. only 24 agreed on a 1 year ban.. Way to go Canada.. Iam proud to call myself a Canadian..

  • H. Nelson says:

    Observer I know what this site is and you should read my other post as it applies to you as well.

  • H. Nelson says:

    Unicorn Cappuccino It’s interesting to see how you react when someone states their opinion concerning this situation. I’m of the firm belief that if you cannot take a rebuttal or comment for what it is then you really shouldn’t comment at all. The facts of what I said are true dogfighting is wrong but at the same time it seems that a great deal of people place the lives of various animals over the lives of unborn children. Just thank your parents that they thought more about you while you were in the womb to allow you to be born into this world. It doesn’t make a difference that this isn’t an antiabortion blog it’s still my right to express my opinion just like it’s your right to express yours. I don’t have to agree with it but I will respect your right to say what you believe without trying to trash or discredit it. That action in itself just shows how narrowminded a person can be when they hear something that they don’t like. To be honest it reminds me of a kindergarten classroom. Have a Wonderful Day!

  • Kerry H says:

    NFL will wait and see?? I do not understand.. Wait for what? “SICK VICK” has pleaded guilty..admitted he broke the law and that he is a “SICK MONSTER” my kids think he is something from a horror movie and that he lied.. So what is there to wait for?? Ban him now.. unless the commish and his tough talk is a lie as well?

  • Amanda says:

    Those people who are concerned about the kids dying in Africa and who feel that it doesn’t matter what happens to animals let me explain something to you. Dogs are not able to think and rationalize like people. Those people in Africa can see that their population is dying but they CHOOSE to keep reproducing. They have the ability to say “no i shouldn’t be having children right now”. If they CHOOSE to keep doing it then there is nothing we can do for them. We can however keep people from beating a dog to death because it’s not mean enough. BTW you have to be totally ignorant to compare hunting to dogfighting. Hunters kill animals as quickly and humanely as possible. Most of them kill so they can have dinner. Dogfighters force dogs to die slow painful deaths just so they can make a little money. BIG difference.

  • observer says:


  • anthony says:

    1. Michael Vick is not a small dude that will get picked on in jail. I think some of ya’ll think he’s as small and inferior as some of ya’ll and probably myself? 2. He will be locked up with the WHITE collared none of that tossing salads or torture stuff is going to happen. 3. When he comes back out he will sign with a team if not ATLANTA get booed…but will remain one of the MOST ENTERTAING PLAYERS in the league quote me on that. 4. People deservingly so like PETA will protest and be more infuriated. 5. Vick will laugh behind closed doors but will act apologetic and show remorse on camera and interviews…..and still be rich. I know some folks who are passionate about animals will hate reading this but its basically the truth…PETA readers angry and disgusted right now…but Denial is not just a river in egypt. Now thats my dawg… 6.

  • A says:

    Donna if you are going to report a news story from the AP you should proabley share the entire story! Why did you not give us all of the story??? The owners chained the dogs and the owner of one dog wouldn’t let them play together because of another incident when they got into trouble. See the animals are not to blame its the owners. They had a history but chose to ignore that history now a woman was attacked. The police even say in the article that they have had several incidents with these animals.That is why there needs to be more laws in place so this stops happening!! Here is the rest that I found doing a simple search on the story. Zack Martin said he owns one of the pit bulls a 2yearold female named Betty and was taking care of the other a male named Tank while his owner was out of town. Martin said he had Tank CHAINED up in his backyard because of a PAST incident in which the two dogs got out and caused trouble together but he allowed Betty to run loose in the fenced backyard. On Tuesday he found the chain broken and both dogs gone. “We never saw it coming” he said. “They’re the kinds of dogs you’d let play with your babies.” It was not immediately known why the dogs entered the house or what set off the attack. Troyer said Pierce County Animal Control was investigating. Animal Control Officer Brian Boman who responded said animal control officers have had past runins with the pit bulls but couldn’t say exactly how many.

  • donna says:

    All you people who are passing judgement on a man who participated in some form of dogfighting and killing. I challenge you to stand in front of a mirror take a look at yourself and the closet behind you to see if you don’t have any skeltons in there or to see if you are free of any spots or wrinkles. No matter how you try to horrify the situation they are still animals like the animals you eat. Horses get killed once they can’t race anymore. Come on people. Dogs are not humans. Regardless to how you feel about Michael Vick he is a human. I pray that nothing ever happens to all of you that will cuase others to past the same judgement as you are. PETA is doing this just for the advertisement and all of you followers are being use. That meat they eat it came from an animal. Be real and true. Read your bible on judging and get a life. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL VICK. WE WILL STILL WEAR FALCON 7 and we have 2 pits and 1 roc. Any dog that runs up against them I promise you mines can take.

  • Kerry H says:

    WHY..Do you people keep bringing humans into this topic??? Vick broke the law pure and simple.. We have laws for a reason and someone in his position should know better.. He tortured another living creature for money..It is against the law.. Do you people not understand that.. He lied about his involvement to everyone..What kind of message is he sending his young fans?? That it is ok to torture an animal for money..That it is ok to break the law..That it is ok to lie?? What is wrong with you people?? This guy is a CREEP.. I would not want my son or daughter to be looking to this guy as a role model.. The guy broke the law and for that he should be punished..I do not understand why you supporters of this guy keep bringing up the ” its not like he hurt another human defence”.. As for Donna and her silly story about Pitbull attacks.. remember this is CREEPS like Vick who train these dogs to be so aggressive..You can not blame the dog for something that a HUMAN did in the first place.. Just like the stupid gun lobbists defence “it is not the gun who kills is the person using the gun” It is not the dog attacking people it is the person who trains the dog who is attacking people.. Please give up this stupid human defence.. Vick is a CREEP capable of insane violence and torture.. Deal with it..

  • Pat Duval says:

    Shame on you peta people do you know that your being creul to dinosaur bones by driving your cars to protest. You people are idiots society is fed up when a dirty dog gets equal or better treatment then a black man in society. I hope your happy because there are a lot of charity’s in the city of atlanta that will suffer Mike Vick was a big charity guy and look at what you animal loving sob’s have done I know that you dont care because the kids are only human. Remember crazy people that you can spray all the perfume you want up their lil nasty butts but they are still nothing but animals. M vick should have sent them over to another country to be eaten…..

  • Pat Duval says:

    Because of people like you I hate dogs. You raise your dogs to be racist they hate blacks so why should we not hate them ‘ Free Mike Vick

  • nan mcclain says:

    If you are like meand want Judge Henry E.Hudson to refuse to let Vick cop a plea you can get your message to him thru the Judge to reject the plea and charge Vick on the RICCO indictments. If the judge accepts or rejects the plea on Monday then email him on how severe the penalty should be. Or if you prefer you can slow mail Judge Henry E. Hudson US District Court1000 E. Main St. Richmond VA 23219

  • 007 says:


  • 007 says:

    SCHUYLER How do YOU know this ungodly creature did nothing?!! Were YOU there?!!!

  • turandot says:

    i just read the new report on humane society homepage about the horrible testimonies of the guilty criminals! this is so awful and something horrible like this is happening in our modern times! their statements let us know that it was even worse that we imagined and i just vomit on the corpses here who still are supporting this vickbeast! you are the same horrendous scum! and i give a shit if you are black or white!

  • Dana says:

    The fact still remains that the NFL has got to make a stand. BAN HIM FOR LIFE!!! I have watched many interviews by the way the media is doing a great job at pushing this toward a racial divide because there is always a black man taking up for Vick and a white man taking up for animals but in these interviews the Vick supporters say yes he should pay for his crime but once time is served he should be allowed to continue to follow his career….well let me tell you what if us as every day citizens went to jail on felony charges I can promise you this glamour job we had would not be waiting for us to come back to just because we served our time!! Chances are once we were released with a criminal record we would not have a nice high paying job because most companies do back ground checks now!!! So why on earth should the NFL take him back with this under his belt? Its almost like sending the message Yes its ok if you do wrong as long as you take your slap on the wrist punishment and you act like you are truly sorry and a changed man….letting him back into the NFL is a reward for bad behavior. By banning him it sends a much needed message to the rest of the NFL “is dogfighting in your spare time worth your career as a star football player?” Deion Sanders Emmit Smith and Clinton Portis have made it loud and clear by coming out an making comments in Vicks defence that this should be no big deal Vick is just one little pea in a whole pot full of dogfighters in the NFL!!! It running wild through the NFL so it is up to them to show consquences for actions LOUD AND CLEAR!!! Me and my husband are HUGE Carolina Panthers fans…I am constantly throwing money into Panthers stuff…that will all stop if the NFL lets this scum back on the field……..I am not just blowing smoke either!!!!!!!!

  • donna says:

    You guys are so into animal rights what about human rights. Animals are just what they are animals. We love them as our pets but they are animals. Look at your precious animals nowPit Bulls Break Into Home Maul Woman GIG HARBOR Wash. Two pit bull terriers broke into a house through a pet door Tuesday and attacked a woman in her bed mauling her badly a Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman said. The woman was able to grab a gun and try to shoot the dogs then break away from the attack and lock herself in her car where she called 911 sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. The woman who was not immediately identified was taken to a hospital in Tacoma where she was listed in serious condition. Officers planned to talk to the dogs’ owner. The pit bulls also killed a neighbor’s Jack Russell terrier which entered the house during the attack Troyer said. “The thought is that the Jack Russell heard noise in the neighbor’s house came in and was attacked by the dogs” Troyer said. Firefighters responded first locking the dogs in the house treating the woman and calling for an ambulance. Officers “had to pepper spray and fight the dogs until they were detained. We almost had to shoot them on site” Troyer said. The dogs were taken to a Humane Society and will probably be destroyed he said. It was not immediately known why the dogs entered the house whether the woman had dogs of her own or what set off the attack. August 21 2007 1127 p.m. EDT Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP Online news report may not be published broadcast or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

  • nan mcclain says:

    Everyone who wants Vick kicked out of football forever please call Rodger Goodell at his office to let your feelings be known.Please try to be as polite as you can. At least maybe we can tie up his phone system. Tele 2124502027. Let him know how you feel.

  • observer says:

    anony cats in freezer fill out a proper complaint to peta on the peta website. can’t wait to see if you do that!!!! can’t wait to know if you read what peta does about those kinds of abuse things!!!

  • observer says:

    stan jerome from dc do you try really hard to be that dumb or does it come naturally???? don the maniac terriorist. peta people are trying to stop innocent lives that are being used for illegal activities and abuses. hope jerome from dc reads that you are a terrorist. terrorists get pleasure from killing innocent people and animals alike!!!!! TERRORISTS PRACTICED SLITTING THE THROATS OF CAMELS BEFORE 911!!!!! one sorry pal. i’m not a young person. God breathed life into animals like it or not. dominion doesn’t interpret to kill. God allowed people to eat meat ‘cuz of their sins. now people have all kinds of illnesses from eating meat. more suffering. get it?????? vick was indicted for illegal gambling by torturing dogs. get it??? BETTER THE EARTH BE FLOODED WITH DECENT ANIMALS THAN ASSHOLES LIKE YOU PSYCHO VICK HIS PSYCHO SUPPORTERS STAN DON JEROME!!!!!!!!! IF ANY OF YOU LOSERS FIND A BRAIN AND USE IT COME BACK AND SAY SO AFTER READING FROM JUDITH UNICORN ANA RANIA MICHELE BLUEBIRD ANNA CAROL N VEGAN4LIFE!!!! stan jerome don one toilet paper has a better purpose than you!!!!!!!!!

  • susan says:

    There are alot of passionate comments here…. …to those who think that Vick’s actions were nothing much tell me if you would have stood next to him and done nothing when he was hanging and drowning those dogs? What would you have done would you have been disgusted watching those dogs struggle for their last breath? Do you not think there is anything immoral and wholly sadistic about such actions? If you don’t then that is exactly part of what’s wrong with this worldthat people like you brush off the most blatant of violent acts. Vick should be held accountable as well as all who were involved. And to those who wish sadistic harm or death on Vick I understand your anger and pain but shouldn’t we as animal rights advocates remember our humanity and caution against promoting violence of any kind? Wishing violence doesn’t help our cause and it distances us from our own humanity. Where is the common sense? Hopefully most of us out here have some and hold to the natural belief that what happened to these animals was cruel and horrific immoral and inhumane and those responsible should be held accountable.

  • Schuyler says:

    The problem with dog fighting will not stop if Vick goes to jail. I think there are a great deal of people who want to see an athlete finally get into trouble and thank God its a black one. Who would feel this way if it were Kyle Turley or Peyton Manning…But that would never happen because they are not that type of person. Open your eyes people yes he may have given his cousins the money to buy the dogs but he didnt do anything more. Don’t condemn the man if you didnt actually see him. Only God can judge us and non of us are God. Jail is serious so stop killing this man before it is his time to die.

  • Tami says:

    To all you Vick sympathizers Please shut up. You make yourself look and sound stupid. If I were in trouble I would not want you people speaking for me. You are clueless and sound ignorant. For some of you every other word is profanity. Vick behaved like an animal he and his cohorts. I’m sorry they behaved worse than animals. Animals kill for food shelter their pack etc not for money or greed or because they are psychotic. And black people Stop with the racist “woe is we” crap. I’m sick of hearing it every time a black person commits a crime. I’m a black woman. I’m not an idiot I don’t support or feel sorry for a personblack white asian whatever that commits brutality against anyone including animals. Don’t insult me as a black woman with your crap about slavery racism the economy mickey mouse whatever excuse you have for blacks committing heinous acts. I don’t care what happened in the past and what may still be happening. Stop belittling yourself me as a black woman and the black race with your sorry excuses for Vick. Stop with this religious dogma about man having dominion over animals. Where does your bible say cruel vicious treatment of animals is acceptable to God? Please stop it! And Justin Bryan Johnson..duhhh..with your ‘animals die in wildlife’ dribble and your other ‘friends’ on here The dogs didn’t just die. They were not only abused. They were tortured and killed in gross ways not to mention the other dogs who were for practice. The issue here is the treatment of these dogs. No one is saying that there is nothing else wrong in the world or no other crimes being committed. This is PETA’s site about ethical treatment of animals. Some of you people on here are unreal. I’m glad I don’t have friends that think as you do. Get a brain and a heart!

  • Zhanna says:

    Lisa and other dumbosI have no time or desire to educate you about animal rights pit bulls and other stuff that you really should already understand. I just feel bad that youdumbos are miserablelimited people who never recieved proper education. Remember about one thing thoughthere’s bad karma. If you support evilevil comes to you!!!

  • Kerry H says:

    You can tell alot about a person..a the way they treat the meek and mild.. Micheal Vick is a disgusting human being..There is no defence for the cruelty he laid upon these animals. He is a coward..a lying coward..who only decided to plead guilty when he knew there was no way out.. Now he has made a deal..again he is coward to accept his punishment..Anyone who can actually say that what he did was not that bad.. is also a coward..and is also capable of the same disgusting acts..No Vick did not hurt another human.. but through his actions he has proven that he is quite capable.. There is no excuse for anyone to inflict pain and suffering on any living creature.. tThere is no excuse to defend a monster like any society..

  • Nina Colschen says:

    This is for larry and b y..May you both get locked in a rapestand…hung…oh yeah and if that dosnt kill your sorry asses we should just drag you behind my 18 wheeler until we cant even care what species you were when you started!!!Sorry fucking losers

  • April says:

    Michael Vick should burn in hell and if you disagree with me then you should too.

  • A says:

    LISA HAS NO SOUL LISA HAS NO SOUL LISA HAS NO SOUL Hunting is not a sport. In a sport both sides should know they’re in the game. Paul Rodriguez Now go read some science research about animals and emotions. Would you like to be hung and drownedit wouldn’t really affect your soul.Just a test of your pain tolerance. For the black issue and people saying it’s only dogs. About 60 years ago people use to say they are only black people! “One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.” Martin Luther King Jr

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Good heartfelt comments Rania. Don you enjoy killing deer and bunnies and you’re telling us to get a life? I notice you can’t say that to the dead deer and bunnies. Why not take up a real sport where your “adversary” has an equal chance?

  • nanadee says:

    I don’t understand how you people continue to drag Mike Vick’s name through the mud when your own people continue to leave their pets in autos here in GA in 100+ degree weather with windows cracked hoping to keep them cool while shopping or taking care of business. It’s amazing how so many people have so much more concern about animals and not saying I don’t but than you do about humans. None of you people never have put forth this much effort or concern to help the HOMELESS! Although he is wrong in what may have occurred in VA that still does not fix the fact that you have placed the love for animals above the love for a human. I have not seen a protest to protect humans against a rape murder or molestation as I have for the killing of these dogs.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Thanks Observer for pointing out once again that this is an animal rights website and that PETA is an animal rights organization PETA People For the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS. There seems to be a fresh shipment of dumb every halfhour. Jack please tell me all these dumb comments are coming from just one IP address. There can’t really be that many idiots out there can there? “Some scientists claim that hydrogen because it is so plentiful is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen and that is the basic building block of the universe.” Frank Zappa People who want to address other injustices in the world can Google that injustice and be directed to the appropriate site. PETA does not and can not solve every injustice in this world. Nor can ANY OTHER organization. To One Vick’s first and last mistake was engaging in criminal activity. Don’t pamper and make excuses for this miscreant.

  • Reinhard Jerabek says:

    Just saw the sick humor of Vick’s teammate talking about “Mike’s ordeal”. A real “ordeal” is being strung up and and finished off in a five gallon pail. Art Blank had over $100 million to blow on this misguided savage. How much has he contributed to the victims. Oh this is not a “race” thing. White black yellow green or purple punishment cannot be harsh enough.

  • Vegan4LIFE says:

    I think we should also talk more crap about the people that helped him along with all of this. Not just Vick. Obviously more people know of him and he paid for everything but the other monsters helped him and for that they should be punished severely as well. I get that they had nothing to begin with but lets leave them with less than that. As for Vick let him go back to the “streets” that he came from. He is 27…he’s not a little kid anymore. Yes people make mistakes but this isn’t something that can be classified under that. Murder cannot be a “mistake” unless you TRULY didn’t mean to and he meant to kill those dogs…and by horrible means. It’s bad enough to shoot a dog but to torture it? What is the point in that? I get that some people that write on here do not have souls therefore they cannot understand why most of us are extremely upset over this but I pray that one day all of you will realize that animals are loving creatures and they deserve to be loved in return. Pit bulls aren’t mean unless we make them that way. Your sweet lab can be vicious too if you neglect it beat it etc. I have a pit bull and he is super sweet. When I look at him I want to cry thinking of how people view him…the same way people used to view black people. It makes me sick. Vick should have learned from his ancestors. I highly doubt he likes that his ancestors were possibly hanged on trees and such so why do that to animals? Remember back in the 1800’s black people were looked at as dogs. Lets pray one day dogs get the rights they deserve just like the black people did.

  • Carol N says:

    Bryan Johnson…to answer your question as per hunting….hunting isn’t considered illegal unfortunately and that attitude originates from the christian bible ie. paraphrasing….MAN having dominion over every living thing. Wildlife was on Earth long before humankind domestic animals are exploited and there are people who cannot be educated enlightened if you will to the concept of animals being sentient beings.

  • Carol N says:

    Justin re Aug. 20 2007…you’re all ‘heart’. Your post reflects your callousness and indifference to an animal’s suffering. People who feel as you do….they aren’t born and grow up to think that way…they learn it…from adults or see adults abusing an animal and figure it’s ok to do the same and so they continue the legacy. My logic is crystal clear…thank you. I see cruelty to animals for what it is….barbarism no ifs…ands or buts.

  • Anna says:

    Judith Freedom Fighter Please don’t put “VOTE Bill maher for President” in your comments. Let the people choose WHO THEY want to vote for. BY You fuckin’ loser. We are making taking this serious becuase dogs and other animals can’t defend themselves. They just can’t go up to someone and ask for help. You know why? BECAUSE THEY CAN’T TALK YOU DUMBASS. Only a fuckin dumbass like you wouldn’t know that.

  • Anonymous says:

    okay peta gonna let you know what’s going on in georgia. a lady in warner robinsga put 20 cats in the freezer cannt wait to see how many of you show up to protest this crime or is it not high profile enough

  • tammy Schillinger says:

    Thank You PETA for everything that you do for all the animals! I hope that Michael Vick rots in hell. I guarantee you that Michael Vick will become some guys Bitch while he is in prison. So he’ll better get use to grabbing his ankles because he will be doing a whole lot of it! From Tammye in Riverside CA

  • bluebird says:

    answering to one anonymous person up here concerning cockfighting there are issues against cockfighting in the petafiles and also about bullfighting! we petamembers condemn all these practices in the same way also hunting and any kind of animal abuse!

  • observer says:


  • Michele says:

    For all of you morons saying that PETA is just going after Vick because he is a celebrity or because he is a rich black man etc etc please take just a few minutes out of your philanthropyfilled days to read PETA’s many “Action Alerts” you will see that they frequently involve noncelebrities around the world. I REALLY wonder if any of you would even be reading this blog if the headline said “John Smith average citizen pleads guilty to dogfighting charges”. NO!!!! You are only reading this because Vick is a celebrity and you are just assuming that this is the only person PETA has ever identified as an animal abuser. If you actually read other areas of this site and watched PETA’s videos yeah I bet none of you has the heart to watch every one of the videos I DARE YOU! Never mind you will never follow through because you are all deep down a bunch of cowards! you would know that the Vick situation is but one of PETA’s campaigns. You antianimal people give humans a bad name with your utterly unbelievable arrogance to suggest that the human species is above all others. How pathetic! Nonhuman animals can live productive lives building nests raising their young and hopefully fending off predators it is HUMANS who are messing up this world with global wars horrible pollution murder and just incredible callousness and selfishness. You complain that the PETA supporters here are “violent” because we have expressed thoughts of aggression toward Vick and others of his ilk. The true animal lovers here are not violent people they are merely expressing their frustration about a justice system that seems to be about anything but justice and about murderers like Vick Taylor etc who will get nothing more than a relative slap on the wrist for their vicious evil smallminded behaviour toward animals who could not choose for themselves. Take your apparently boundless energy and channel it toward activities that you enjoy instead of making pointless statements to those who are truly compassionate. Why don’t you create an organization that defends people like Vick? Oh right because all you are capable of doing is making nonsensical remarks without the ability to actually be productive compassionate people in society.

  • one says:

    I notice there is a considerable amount of people bashing on this blog and lot of people that are not saying anything of importance or to enlighting the situation. To the one young person that stated GOD breathed life into animals etc.. . GOD also gave us dominion over the animals to use some for our nourishment clothing etc. . . Animals are not equal to us they do not invent etc. . . Vick’s first mistake was allowing people to use his home. His second mistake was opening that home to people who were not loyal and did not have the sense to keep down the activities they were doing from getting noticed by others. Lastly for not operating his business in a professional manner. Everyday across this country a animal shelter vet hospital farm etc . . . puts animals to sleep is PETA protesting this? If an animal never died the earth would be flooded with them. I have nothing against animals have had some as a pets but I don’t believe the taxpayers money should go to the prosecuting of a man due negligence in the caring of an animal. We have bigger fish to fry in this nation than that.

  • Stan says:

    First off the whole world is over reacting about this story. Is dog fighting wrong? Yes its very wrong but to send a man to jail for any amount of time for a crime you can’t prove he did is inhumane because you got thugs who wanna speak up now for they want serve long jail sentences. So Mike Vick did the right thing taking the plea because i wouldn’t wanted to go to trial with almost the whole world thinking i’m already guilty. He was only wrong for who he hung out with. A black man in America will get treated worse more often than good. Our country lets some child molesters get 6months of jail time for hurting kids but because Mike Vick is rich black and a role model everyone wants to make big deal of this dog fighting has been going on before Mike Vick and you better believe you’re still gonna have people out there doing it. Our country needs so much help.

  • Sonny says:

    Yesterday on CNN Nancy ripped him apart again but this time she really went work on him.

  • Don says:

    What is sick is putting animals ahead of humans if he beat up his wife or girlfriend PETA wouldn’t say anything. Members get a life. I have deer and bunnies running all over my place…time to thin the heards….bamm..bamm