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Vick to Plead Guilty

Written by PETA | August 20, 2007

Vick has admitted his guilt: Michael Vick has accepted a plea deal—with a likely prison sentence—to avoid additional federal charges related to a professional dogfighting operation, one of his attorneys says.We’re still awaiting details, but please know this: if a celebrity with Vick’s money and teams of lawyers has to serve time for dog fighting, then anyone else who fights dogs had better head for the hills. When Vicks co-defendants entered their plea agreements on Friday, yet more details came out about the dogs being hanged by the neck until death. It is chilling stuff, so kudos to the media outlets who covered it without vomiting.This article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for instance, is very good in a tough to read way. Here’s a powerful excerpt:

They were hung from trees in the woods behind Michael Vick’s house, eight dogs left there to die, kicking and screaming.The pit bulls had made the mistake of failing the test. They weren’t mean enough, quick enough, strong enough in the ring, so they were of no more use to Vick’s Bad Newz dogfighting operation.Imagine, killing a dog because it’s just too nice.Five of the dogs finally kicked their last breaths away as the ropes cut deeper and deeper into their throats. Three somehow clung to life. Vick and two of his henchmen, growing impatient, cut those three down and one by one shoved their heads into five-gallon buckets filled with water, drowning them to finish them off.Try keeping your breakfast down after hearing that report on ESPN.The inhumanity, the callousness, the abuse of these innocent, helpless animals is almost beyond comprehension.

There is something you can do PETA is pushing the NFL to add cruelty to animals—in all its forms—to its “Personal Conduct Policy.” This case has shown that NFL fans are just as disgusted by cruelty to animals as by any of the other antisocial behaviors outlined in the policy. Click here to contact the NFL now!

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  • Nicole says:

    I am so relieved that Vick will go to trial for this inhumane act of cruelty. Finally someone will be an example of this problem that has gone on for too long. This kind of cruelty goes much deeper than animal abuse there is a lack of remorse and sensibility that a normal human being has and by far Vick is a sorry excuse for a human. I hope you get what you deserve Vick and that your career is forever ruined. You are a true disappointment to those who once respected you your fans.

  • Aishia says:

    michael vick should go to jail for 8 years? how absurd is that why waste taxpayers money over it. naturally someone needs to be made an example so i guess michael vick is it right? this is ridiculous i agree with bryan we hand out hunting anfd fishing licenses so rapidly and we’re persecuting a man over a dogfight? we have plenty of inhumane activity going on in the world that deserves far more attention than this. i also find it quite ironic that the organization that supposedly stands up for animals also kills animals hmmmmmmmm talk about hypocrites.

  • doglover4ever says:

    i think he needs to be in prison for 5 yrs. i think that peta and the aspca need to file a suit against him on behalf of all the dogs that he tortured electrocuted drowned and murdered

  • Lisa says:


  • April says:

    To the person named Justin that posted the comment that”if a dog dies you can just go get another one.” You may want to be more informed before you make such an uneducated statement Justin. First of all the issue is NOT replacing a dog it is about the CRUELTY and ABUSE these dogs suffered. Are you aware that people that abuse animals are MORE LIKELY to abuse humans as well? Also “replacing” a dog does NOT make that dog’s life any less valuable. Us “Peta people” have lives and thanks to us your life and the lives of others has been made better. We are just as much for the rights of humans as well as for the rights of animals. Our logic is not clouded. You see logic is supported by facts. Many facts in this case. What Michael Vick did was cruel and no living creature should have to endure this type of treatment. People are often selfish or ignorant. Somelike Vick are deliberately cruel. It is the duty of each one of us to care for all the animals who share our world and to make sure that love respect and understanding play a part in animal rights. Always remember that “for” is greater than “to”. When we do something “for” somebody they feel loved respected and appreciated. When we do something “to” somebody they feel the opposite.

  • Gregory Wilson says:

    I agree with how others feel about this but jail is not the answer. The reason is that there are alot of sick people in jail and would emulate him. To some people he would be a hero and he probably would have it pretty easy in there because of his status. I feel that he should have to return every penny that he made from the nfl and all endorsement deals and banned from football for life. This whatever he is lied to the commishionerthe public and probably his own mother. mick vick has no integrety and is an embarrasment to the human race. So since all he cares about is the money and nothing else then that is where you hit him because that is all he really loves and let him walk free in shame so everyone can see him live out his pitiful existance.

  • Anonymous says:

    P.E.T.A fcing sucks. It is clear that they are looking for hype. How can an organization that cares more about animals than people cause the destruction of one of the greatest football history. We all make mistakes. I agree that there is something grossly wrong with dog fighting. But is it so wrong to cause a man to be deprived of life and income. Maybe we need to start an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans. Do we humans find it more important to save the lives of dogs and not the lives of people. Why are these people not screaming to save the lives of people in DARFUR. Now all i have to say to People with Extremely Tight Asses is to think more about human

  • Emily says:

    I’m all for this guy being brought up with charges but I’m confused by PETA’s stance on this. They’re encouraging the NFL to take a stand against “animal cruelty” as far as this case about dog fighting goes. What about the slaughtered animals being used to make leather parts on the players’ padding and shoes? Not to mention the football they’re throwing around. Does this mean PETA is taking a stance on a publicityfriendly popular issue but once again backing away from and tolerating the biggest offender of acts of cruelty against animals the “meat industry?” I’m honestly not surprised.

  • Anna says:

    One I read your comment about why we should care about this and not more about Africa. There are millions of people and celebrities that do help Africa. But you never hear about a celebrity helping abused animals especially those in dogfighting.

  • Lucy Gilbert says:

    I feel as though they should make his proceeds go to animal shelters in Richmond Va. There are plenty of animals that need our help right here. They could of made him play football and give at least half his paycheck to the shelters. I know he needs to go to prison but why make him go when they let murderers and rapist go free all the time. This would be a better solution. Are taxes would be paying for him while in jail. I think this is a better solution. Does anyone know who I can write to before Monday?

  • Sherry says:

    Did someone actually comment that jail time wasn’t necessary? If Vick thinks abusing and killing dogs is for fun then what will he do when he becomes bored with that sickning hobby??? Is anyone considering what this man and people like him are actually capable of?!

  • Lisa says:

    Justin obviously you’re a moron. I’m no dog fanatic so “keeping my breakfast down” wasn’t a challenge at all. I agree that dogfighting is cruel not inhumane doesn’t that require humans?” Do you think these dogs decided to do this themselves without humans you idiot! You are a pathetic parasite.

  • 4dhelpless says:

    To all of you sick people supporting Michael Vick and his evil acts. Dogs and other animals become a part of the family for many and are treated as such. I hope you heartless souls reap what you sew. May your family mothers daughters sons sisters brothers raped drowned hanged and tortured like those undeserving dogs. In case you didn’t know it animals breathe air feel pain and bleed red blood TOO! Ignorance continues to prevail.

  • Marilyn says:

    I think Michael Vick should be made to pay for decent care of the remaining dogs until they die a natural death along with the hopefully longlonglong prison term and extensive fine

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Dear God I am so ashamed to share a species with all of these animal haters. So many of them say “How can you value the life of an animal over that of a human?” Why can’t we value everything equally? Do you value your mother over your father? Your son over your daughter? Your spouse over your best friend? I believe that love comes in all different shapes and sizes but none of them are more important than any other. We the animal activists are fighting for a world in which all living beings are treated equally with love and respect. And to all of you people coming on to PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS and preaching about how we should focus all of our efforts on human problems please tell me which you think is a bigger problem rape or murder? Robbery or assault? War or child molestors? Abortion or racism? You see all problems are indeed that PROBLEMS. You can’t only focus on one problem or nothing else will get done. You may not be able to comprehend this but most of society consider animal cruelty to be a problem. You animal haters are completely outnumbered. The thing that sickens me the most is that most of you animal haters aren’t doing anything to further your socallled causes. You’re perfectly happy to sit on your asses while the world around you crumbles. You have all of these expectations of a perfect world but you’re absolutely unwilling to fight for it. I and many of my fellow animal activist devote time and effort to making our world a better place in EVERY aspect. We fight for people AND animals. We want EVERYBODY to be happy. While you’re spending your “precious time” ridiculing people for caring about animals people around you are dying. What are YOU doing about it?

  • Canaduck says:

    Very nice answer Mike Quinoa!

  • audrey says:

    Sweet Bella. I have a Bella Maria” also she’s the smartest most harmless dog ever. However she hates black people. That’s not anything that we taught her. She just decided that on her own. I think she’s quite bright. She snarles at Vick when she sees him on TV. She knows what he did. I have to say that I’m thankful that the others stepped forward. Even if it was to save their own asses. Everyone involved should step up. Kudos.

  • Paul O'Brien says:

    I don’t think anyone here is naive enough to think Michael Vick will play in the NFL again. For all intensive purposes his NFL career is over. And as an Atlanta Falcons fan I have no problem with Michael Vick being banned from the NFL. I don’t think he should be banned for life. He should serve his prison time and like any other convicted criminal once he has served his sentence he should be free to go and attempt to establish a career outside of prison. That is of little significance however. What is of much more significant importance is where does the federal government and the animal protection organizations go from here? Sure reeling in a big fish in this horrific subculture will score some points right now. But what about 6 days from now 6 months from now 6 years from now? I sure hope the federal government as well as PETA and ASPCA and HSUS will focus on apprehending those still involved in this activity even though the names might not necessarily be associated with stardom. That will be interesting to see.

  • Steve Smith says:

    TLF… don’t look to PETA to fight for Bella. THey would rather see her dead! “People have no idea that at many animal shelters across the country any “pit bull” who comes through the front door goes out the back door in a body bag…This news shocks and outrages the compassionate doglover. ..Here’s another shocker People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals the very people who are trying to get you to denounce the killing of chickens for the table foxes for fur or frogs for dissection supports the pit bull policy…” Those who argue against the euthanasia policy for pit bull dogs are naive. I have scars on my leg and arm from my own encounter with a pit. Many are loving and will kiss on sight but many are unpredictable. People who genuinely care about dogs won’t be affected by a ban on pits. They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row through no fault of their own. We can only stop killing pits if we stop creating new ones. Legislators please take note. ” Ingrid Newkirk

  • Marianne says:

    After reading that article about what he did to those animals disgusted me beyond belief…even now I don’t understand how people can hurt animals. Whats just as disgusting is some people’s comments about animals. The belief that there are more important things to worry about in this world or that animals are meant to be worked or eaten. Basically the fact that animals don’t matter…I hope that these people post such insensitive remarks simply for the shock value and do not actually believe such things. It is good to know that this football player is going to be punished for his actions. I hope he gets banned from the league this is where it will really hurt. And to all those people who want to play the race card him being black has nothing to do with it. He fought dogs he killed dogs that weren’t mean enough. What he did was wrong Whether he was black white yellow purple whatever! What he did was wrong! And its good to know that he will be punished.

  • Vincent V says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is all we got here is a bunch of dogs fighting over a bowl of “Allpo” no need for a man to go to jail.

  • Karen says:

    Seen the movie Deliverance? Vick should squeal like a pig in his jail cell with big Bubba just as his dogs cried for mercy while being executed.

  • Erin says:

    For all the comments about how vick should be left alone…. We all know you are on here to project conflict and your words are meaning les. thought i would let you know to conserve your own pathetic time. And as far as the helping children in 3rd world countries… well why dont you do something about it. I bet you havent ever even done any research on it. How can you stop people from having sex and stop producing children??? Get a life. Live in the moment. Quit running your mouth and do something about it. Oh and i forgot about those who want to make this a racial issue. You humor me. Why didnt you start a protest in you RACE neighbor hood???? Do you not care. You as well can get a grip and clue

  • Dana says:

    It saddens me to know that live in world with people that see no wrong in what Vick and his buddies have done. You do not have to be an extreme animal lover to know that a person capable of hanging an innocent animal and watching it struggle for freedom is sick! These people are monsters and I promise you they dont stop at abusing animals it carries on into the human race…ever noticed how all serial killers abused animals when they were little? Animals teach children compassion for life in general and people like vick are a threat to society when they teach children by their own actions that hurting innocent things is ok. Not only should VICK HIS BUDDIES pay for what they have done to these animals they should pay for the message they are sending to the children in this country! Some of you will never get it you will support Vick until he is dried up and no longer a NFL player but thank goodness that dog fighting is a FELONY…and people that think what Vick did is ok have no control over justice being served!! From taking polls about Michael Vick on CNN ESPN and Fox sports I have seen how ever that the supporters of Vick seem to only make up about 17 the rest of these polls show an overwhelming 86 of people that think this is wrong and the NFL should let him go….and with that I see hope that their is still love and compassion in this world!!!

  • GLENDA says:


  • BullyDawg says:

    Once Vick is banned from the NFL and I hope to God he is we and PETA need to make sure that the CFL and AFL won’t sign him on either! In addition I hope no NCAA school hires him as a trainer coach etc.! As far as all of those Vick supporters who keep writing in at least those not working for breeders the AKC or the CCF…I DO care about humanity most if not all of us do! I admit there is probably a handful here that has quite frankly given up on humanity. When soldiers die and children starve and all people care about is Lindsay’s rehab or Britney’s extensions it’s hard not to give up. But I think caring about animals is part of being a humane person and just for the record I am also prolife and antideath penalty. If you question whether we care MORE about animals than people I ask you this when is the last time you saw an animal lover become a serial killer?

  • sam says:

    i agree that dog fighting is cruel but peta is a joke. people make mistakes to say the things you people have said are silly. i hope mr. vick serves his time and comes back to the nfl and does everything in his power to make peta look like the joke it is. thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    Vick should be put in a rape stand right next to O.J!

  • Anonymous says:

    Justin Cruelty to animals is not diminished because cruelty to humans exists. Cruelty is horrible no matter which species suffers and should not be acceptable to humans with developed sensibilities. Cruelty to both nonhuman and human animals is caused by all humans. Sadistic torture and treatment of all animals should be of concern to everyone. About those “serious things going on in the world” well what are waiting for go and do something about it. This is AN ANIMAL RIGHTS BLOG BTW. Bryan Why don’t you ask your state and federal governments why hunting is legal? All animal advocates would like to know why human society guarantees idiot cowardly hunters the legal means to kill innocent animals. Hunters spend thousands of dollars to maim and kill innocent animals when that money could be put to better nonviolent use. Animal advocates oppose hunting and protest it despite its being legal. Yes innocent animals are dying in the wild but that again is due to human greed and cruelty and the destruction of the environment. Please ask those that are killing innocent animals why THEY kill with no compunction. Vick should serve more than 6 years he is a monster and an unfeeling demented idiot.

  • Erin says:

    First of all Jason that was the moat idiotic thing I have ever heard!!!! Its not inhumane because humans werent involved Who caused all this b S!!! A HUMAN!!!! IF that what you want to call him. And if you hate PETA so much than why are you on this website you moron. Anyway Vick sucks and should be tought a good and hard lesson. We should make him a warning and example to everyone else who fights dogs or is thinking about it!!! WE HAVE NO TOLERENCE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!! oops I meant Justin. See no one cares to much about your stupid comments! HAAA

  • Erin says:

    First of all Jason that was the moat idiotic thing I have ever heard!!!! Its not inhumane because humans werent involved Who caused all this b S!!! A HUMAN!!!! IF that what you want to call him. And if you hate PETA so much than why are you on this website you moron. Anyway Vick sucks and should be tought a good and hard lesson. We should make him a warning and example to everyone else who fights dogs or is thinking about it!!! WE HAVE NO TOLERENCE FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!

  • Tina Lee Ferrusquia says:

    I have a 1 12 year old pit Bella whom I love more than anything in the world. It more than pisses me off that a person can be so inconsiderate to another living being than to fight a dog. If he wanted to see a fight he should have put his ass in one. A pit bull does not automatically fight. I am tiered of people raising dogs to fight and kill. It is not right. I have to put a muzzle on my beautiful baby because of dumb ass people like this football player. I have a 2 year old son who looks up to people like this sports people I don’t think the NFL should let him be in the position he is in. I don’t think he is sorry for what he has done. He is sorry he got caught. I don’t think he should get any special treatment if anything he should be made an example of. He should be charged with anything they can. This is not one dog one fight or one bad decision. It was done over and over again.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    One PETA is an acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The mandate of their focus is on animal protection and animal rights and that’s why all the topics here are animal related. There are many injustices in the world starvation being one of them. And there are many groups that address that issue. Since meat animals consume the bulk of our grain production going vegetarian if you’re not already one would free up food resources which could be used to help feed the world’s hungry. Bryan I think you answered your own questions. If Vick had been hunting legally and that’s all he had been doing he wouldn’t be going to prison. But he was committing an illegal action and is therefore liable to punishment and jail time. Since you think dogfighting is immoral the hypocrisy rests with the law itself. Many PETA members do protest hunting but at the moment and based on certain parameters it is still a legal activity.

  • keith says:

    What is wrong with these Cretins. what possible use are they to the world. All animal abusers everywhere should be blown somewhere beyond Mars.

  • Anna says:

    He should get 8 years in prison one year for each innocent dog he killed. And who cares if his career ends. He should have never particpated in dogfighting in the first place.

  • Eyleen says:

    As role models NFL players should act in a way that is honorable.The biggest punishment we can give to Vick is taking what he loves the most his NFL jersey. He should be banned for life from the NFL and any other football league. Jail time is not enough!!! The dogs that he killed demand everything…only his career will do!

  • furious says:

    His actions are a disgrace! He has no business being among humans when his actions have been inhumane to the prevention and cruelty to animals. He ought to be banned from professional sports. His earnings thus far from both pro sports his “sick” side show of dog fighting will have to carry him through the remainder of his life. Yes there may be other serious issues in our world today yet this is still among them. Again he’s a disgrace!!!!!

  • gretchen says:

    I hope he likes tossed salads!!

  • kelly says:

    All the things that were done to dogs described in that article….are going on NOW! In the back woods of Georgia in an abandoned house in Detroit at that “pulling dog breeder’s” in suburbia. It goes on and on and on every day. UNTIL THE LAWS CHANGE. We all need to call write email our legislators to demand stricter laws and stronger punishments against dog fighting. But we also need to demand breeder licensing inspections rules regulations. Because most dog fighting businesses are operating behind the false fronts of being “reputable” breeders or “show dog” breeders. It’s a con. And the AKC and assorted similar groups will lobby FOR the interests of dog fighters and puppy millers too! Just as an example the AKC is in FAVOR of chaining dogs 247 which is the preferred kennel method of dog fighter breeders. The AKC actually opposes antichaining laws. Sick but true! The AKC will coach its ranting hordes on how to defeat ACCOUNTABILITY for breeders. They want to keep the status quo in other words ZERO regulation for breeders who torture kill abuse and make lots of money. Often UNTAXED. It’s all about the money!

  • Dana says:

    I really would have like to see this go to court! The animals that he took part in killing will never have a day in court or a plea bargin so why should he? The only thing that this will settle is the supporters can no longer scream “innocent until proven quilty”!!! Now it is time for the NFL to stand up and do what it right “SACK VICK”…. I do not think that after time served a nice paying job should be waiting in the wings. The NFL claims to have a certain code ethics that you must uphold to play for them.. VICK no longer meets the standards needed to be a pro football player…So now the NFL needs to act!!! LETS PUSH THE NFL HARDER TO SACK VICK!!!!!!

  • one says:

    Why do you care so much about an animal and don’t protest or standup for all the human suffering that goes on in the world? Before sticking your neck out for the 4 legged creatures of the world try sticking out for the child that 7 dying in Africa.

  • Ron says:

    It’s ashamed that your website is one sided and bias. I don’t believe your protests would be so vigorous in the afroamerican neighborhoods. Which is why you arrange protests on Park Ave Rodeo Drive and other upscale white establishments

  • Rachel Palmer says:

    Anyone who still supports Vick is sick and inhumane. He had better be in jail for the maximum. No mercy for him…there was no mercy for the dogs!

  • Mike Vick says:

    why does my comment have to be approved so you can only post comments that supports your view……spend your time defending children who cares about animals they are made for eating and working…..

  • Angel Nelaridi says:

    This story is so upsetting and infuriating. You didn’t mention the rape rooms for the dogs which were set up for Michael Vick’s pleasure to watch. He is a devil a sick man and had everything which shows that everything does not bring happiness. Having everything made him want more power which he could only get from a helpless dog and watching it suffer. I hate this man.

  • Bryan Johnson says:

    I do think that dogfighting is immoral. Is jail time really necessary for this? Michael Vick is not a menace to society. If Michael Vick is going to jail then anyone who has a hunting license should go as well. The media is persecuting him so badly for this but look at how many animals die each year and nobody says anything about it. Look at the large mount of wildlife that dies each year for no reason the endangered animals list grows every year. It does not matter whether the wildlife dies a quick deathor a torturous one as depicted in the charges. The bottom line is that innocent animals die each and every year but why does Michael Vick go to jail for it while every hunter and poacher gets away with it? Hunting is legal but dogfighting isn’t. hmmmmm……sounds like we are a bunch of hypocrites. Michael Vick is wrong. No doubt about it however if hunting licenses are given then why should Vick serve jail time?

  • Julie Donovan says:

    I hope he serves time in prison . I am thrilled the pressure was turned up on him forcing him to acknowledge his guilt. No he should never play again. Guess what he disappointed many and nobody is going to drown or electrocute him. Wish the dogs had the same treatment.

  • Shane says:

    Unreal….Vick should not be allowed to plead guilty to easy. He shouldn’t even make it out of the courtroom. They ought to take him out to the woods and do to the piece of garbage no longer should be classified as a human being and have done to him what he did to those dogs. It turns my stomach what he did and the fact he will get his wrist slapped….he should be promptly executed. By the way to those of you who prtest the death penalty…it wouldn’t really be an execution…just taking out the trash.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I’m glad that he finally admitted what a coldhearted bastard he is but it’s still a shame that he won’t face the maximum penalty. It’s odd how the world seems to fight hardest for the criminals… I’m really disappointed in the justice system. All of the animals that he tortured and killed and he’ll likely face less than 1 year in jail and a sissy little fine.

  • Justin says:

    I’m no dog fanatic so “keeping my breakfast down” wasn’t a challenge at all. I agree that dogfighting is cruel not inhumane doesn’t that require humans? and wrong but I’m not going to sit here and overreact like these PETA people. There are more serious things going on in the world. So those who want to condemn Vick and his defendants to death you really need to reexamine your logic because it’s being clouded. Not to sound unsympathetic but when your dog dies you can always buy another.