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Vick Calls Dog Fighting “Terrible”

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007

Now we can say what we couldn’t mention before. PETA has been talking to Michael Vick’s personal representatives, legal team, and more insiders for weeks. We asked for two things over all others: We wanted Michael Vick to tell impressionable young people not to follow in his footsteps, and we wanted him to openly condemn dog fighting. Today, in his statement, he answered both those requests, calling dogfighting “terrible” and telling kids to pay attention and not go down the same road he did. Mr. Vick also said he has found Jesus. Christian or not, we can agree that if Mr. Vick now asks himself “WWJD?” he will not be led back to dogfighting.

To urge the NFL to speak out against dogfighting as well, please click here.

And you can read the comments that PETA President Ingrid Newkirk made last week on the importance of Vick speaking out against dogfighting here.

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  • Robin says:

    Hello Peta has done an excellent job of staying on Vicks trail and congrats to them for getting Vick to say anything. The point is…in just mentioning that dogfighting is terrible is the seed in kids ears that we need to plant. Do I think he means it…NO but if he will just say the words then that is a step forward for people who WON’T listen to PETA but might listen to Vick. I can’t stand Vick either BUT if we can use this creep to reach people that we haven’t been able to then that is what needs to be done. GO PETA and turn up the pressure on whomever you need to the get Vick to be a spokesman against dogfighting. Make him go to schools and talk to little children. Lets use him while we can! Robin

  • Kelly says:

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of Vick’s mouth why is it when people do the most horrible things imiginable all of a sudden they find Jesus and they think that people should forgive him for ithe is trying to take the easy way out I am sure that some will fall for it I am sure this guy knew all along what he was doing and enjoying the money that came from it like he isn’t rich enough already his greed got the best of him and now hopefully he will pay the dear price of his actions!

  • Karen says:

    Vick is full of it. How convenient that he’s found Jesus at such an opportune time. I wonder how long it would’ve taken him to find Jesus if he hadn’t been caught….

  • LC says:

    What Vick did is real bad but it’s time to leave him alone. He is paying for his crime in more way than one. But trust me Vick WILL play again in the NFL. I know this won’t get posted because thats the way you people are.

  • 007 says:


  • scott says:

    Amazing everyone screams that he needs to speak apologize admit his wrong doing. he does… and you still don’t want to ehar it… Good to know there are so many people who are so perfect that they can cast judgement… “judge not lest ye be judged”

  • silvia says:

    We all know his being a hypocrit!

  • SATINKA says:


  • tami fabian says:

    i almost became sick when i heard this liar say he found Jesus. sad thing is most people are idiots and will buy it.vick knows this. not too long ago he said he didn’t know anything about all of this. wake up people.

  • ann says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found on the internet there is a documentry about Pit Bull Dogfightingthe title is ” Off The Chain “. It took the guy a few yrs under coverun great stress to film this movie. Since I love animals i don’t hv the stomach to watch it myself but i hv ordered two copies on the internet hv it mail direct to Goodell and Blank just want to let these guys know what a cruel bloody crime DOGFIGHTING really is so they can hv a better understanding what a true monster VICK really is. Their address as follows Roger Goodell NFL COMMISSIONER 280 Park Ave. New York New York 10017 Arthur Blank The Arthur Blank Family Foundation 3223 Howell Mill Rd NW Atlanta Georgia 30327

  • ann says:

    In the Arab country if one is caught stealing they get there right hand chop off in front of the public. We are supposed to be civilized society so we don’t hv this kind of punishment but for Vick the cruel things he did to those helpless dogs i would like to see BOTH his hands chopped off in public. U can only get rid of DOGFIGHTING when animal abusers like him is severely punished. I like to see Judge Hudson ship him to ARAB for good. May be he can even find ALLAH.

  • ann says:

    Vick said he is sorry to EVERYBODY except the DOGS which he killed and tortured for the past 7 yrs. U think he is sincere? NO WAY!!!!!!! He is only sorry he is caught he is only sorry he has to go to jail he is only sorry may be he can never play football for FALCON and NFL again. For Vick it is always ME I MYSELF. Sorry Vick at the end of the day u ll alway be labled as a FELON in our society.

  • tony316 says:

    you kibbles and bits fan need to pay more atention to children and the elderly which are human beings. protest against children hungry and raising medical cost. and for the record Kobe slept with a golddigger

  • Mike says:

    carl aug 28 917PM. and all others who think animals deserve the same rights as humans. NO THEY DON’T. There is no logic at all to support that they should be treated the same. Mankind in general is a reasoning animal. This alone sets us head and shoulders above all other animals. We are charged with the care and maintenance of all other animals. We try our best to see that we do not intentionally harm or abuse animals. But we do not admit them to congress nor let them sign up for library cards. When you decide to elect Fido as president. Then animals get the same rights as humans. But not before.

  • Donna says:

    Lets not forget that it was Vick’s own “black” associates that turned him in. So I don’t want to hear about how the whites are persecuting the blacks anymore. I’m tired of that old card and as someone else on this site said everytime you play that race card you set your people back 60 years because it shows your continued ignorance. You talk about forgiving Vick for his atrocities..when are you going to forgive the white people and stop crying persecution? I don’t care what color he is what he did is reprehensible. And if you think for one minute that most people out there think that he really is sorry you are sadly mistaken. Maybe when he gets out of jail he should try Hollywood because he’s obviously trying out his acting skills on the American people. Don’t be so gullible and believe a sociopath just because he says he found Jesus. Furthermore nobody is minimizing all of the other horrible things that are happening in our world but that doesn’t make this issue less important. You want to talk about God? Well these dogs are God’s creatures too. They were put here for man’s enjoyment. How can you be so egotistical to think that you are somehow above them? That attitude does not serve you well as humans. It only shows how ignorant you are. Michael Vick has sealed his own fate. He had everything and threw it all out the window. Now he is fighting for his life. And now of course he’s sorry. Too bad. Remember the Judge who heard this case has a dog and he also told Mr. Vick that he was not bound by the prosecution’s sentencing recommendations. Hopefully Judge Hudson realizes that Mr. Vick is just kissing up. I for one find Vick’s new found sorrow act pathetic and insulting at the same time. Abuse of animals is wrong. Abuse of any living creature is wrong. Don’t they teach you that in Church? “only dogs”…I think not. The dogs have more brains than any moron who condones abuse of any kind to any living creature. Michael Vick should go to prison for as long as the law will allow and furthermore he should never be allowed to play sports ever again for the simple reason that he is a CONVICTED FELON! These are the kind of people we want our children looking up too? Not to mention the fact that he does not have the moral aptitude to know right from wrong nor the brains to know that he shouldn’t be doing things that could cost him his career and his life for that matter. He threw his career down the drain nobody did it to hem. It’s not just Michael Vick…its every human out there who in some way abuses God’s creatures no matter what they are. Everyone else in this country who is participating in or condoning dog fighting needs to be found out and held accountable. Dogs are precious too in God’s eyes and those who abuse them will be punished. Michael Vick is branded for life like it or not and the kicker is he did it to himself.

  • carolyn says:

    I hope micheal vick becomes someones bitch in jail!!

  • Chancey says:

    I am thoroughly impressed how PETA bloggers defend their turf. One should expect to get POWND a metaphor used when basketball players get a vicious dunk rammed down their throats when they bring opinions contrary to those of PETAs mission. Forgive the use of the sports analogy. I know some athletes arent high on your list of favorite people right now. I have no expectations of convincing anyone to my point of view with my postings but to express my opinion as you express yours. I welcome your constructive criticism and I have learned from some of you as well. I only come into your house because of the Vick issue and I knew that your feedback would be passionate. Well done. Although I dont agree with all of your views the world needs PETAs social activism. Most people love animals but simply arent as hardcore or gungho about it as some of you are. I was a triple major in college. Of the three courses of study I pursued commercial art biology and business I chose to enter the business world. Does that mean that I crossed over to the dark side? Not hardly. I had a genuine love for all three but I chose to parlay everything into my corporate aspirations. My understanding of biology ecology in particular led me long ago to conclude that unless we make a commitment to nature like Ishi quick somebody Google that!! we certainly arent doing everything we can to aid nature and the animals. We are all out of tune with nature and lack the ability to comprehend her songs advice and warnings. We admire her beauty and partake of all that she gives to us but we greedily strip of bare of her treasures and yes we displace the animals which according to science and the BIBLE were here before us. You cant even have a discussion about animals without mentioning nature. They respect her calling and rhythms better than any of us. To understand animal rights we must understand how to take care of the environment animals humans included live in how to take care of it and to share it with our fellow creatures. Im almost done but I want to say that PETA is a civilized blog site where its refreshing to see people post their names to their comments unlike the sports blogs that are filled with anonymous borderline sociopaths who have used the opportunity to cut Michael Vick up with death threats. Because of your integrity the people here who have chosen to make comments about what I have to say and remain anonymous have no credibility. People who have something important to say have the courage to stand by their words and not hide behind some insignificant signon. Its still your home court and you reserve the right to treat visitors or enemy combatants how you see fit. I did throw a few barbs in some of my postings but I stand by them. I wont rationalize how I came to my position in life some of you have already POWND on me and thats all right. And so I make my exit of the PETA blog site. Thank you for having me as a guest. We arent enemies we all live on this earth together and we have much more in common than we do have in terms of differences. Peace unto you all.

  • A says:

    Does PETA know Ozzy Osbourne bragged about torturing animals in a slaugter house when he was younger? He is just as repulsive as Michael Vick.

  • marlon says:

    Wow…Let me start off by saying that I think Vick messed up. I also think that he should have come forward earlier saying that he was a part of it. I own a dog so lets make that clear before I say anything else. 1st. There was a teammate of Vicks who earlier this year was accused of beating his girlfriends dog to death with a hammer. i don’t recall seeing you guys It’s legal to hunt deer and ducks or other wild game don’t see ya’ll that much in the news about those issues like this one There are politicans that hunt people in high places yet I don’t see any pickets about them like Vick It amazes me and I can almost bet that over half of you ignorant people in here that say he should be banned for life and that you should take all his money are white. I can almost guarantee it!! Why is that? What makes you judge jury and executioner of the cause of Vick. He has no endorsements he’s out the league for now and on top of that he’s going to jail!! What more do you want? Would you want compassion for your mistakes if it were you? I think you would. I said that I think some of you are very let me be nice immature to say he should go to hell for this when I bet you do things that could warrant your 1st way ticket there!! But you are quick to forget about that huh!! I believe that he should do his time and then be reinstated. Why??? Well one this is the first time he has ever been in front of a judge according to the many reporters out there looking at his background. Two I believe that everyone deserves a second chance even a third. Oh three there are people in various leagues nfl nba nhl mlb that have done worse than this and i’m sorry a human life is more valuable than that of a animal. As I mentioned before i have a dog and i love him to death but if i were to say my daughter or my dog if a car was coming. Well i can always get another dog…. Not being mean but that’s how I view the life of an animal to a human. I bet some of you by how you’re speaking in here would save the dog and make another baby. All I would say to that is WOW!!! But why ban him for life. Some of the things you people have said were very disturbing almost to the point where once again you forget that someone forgave you once and gave you another chance. Now i’m open to comments about what i said and welcome them. you can email me at if you to contact me. I’ll look forward to it. until then

  • Lisa says:

    Mr. Vick How about starting with donating money to the dogs that were confiscated from your home i think they deserve the best care possible for the rest of their lives.

  • Don says:

    I love my dog but kooks like PETA always manage to fk up a worthy cause by allowing the nuts to run the asylum. animals ARE NOT FKING PEOPLE..UNDERSTAND. But you won’t…and that’s why I deplore animal fighting yet will enjoy some orange roughie tonight. No human should have to deal with you nuts.

  • Ana says:

    To the PETA haters animal haters and Vick supporters Vick did NOT make a mistake he committed a felony. A mistake is wearing an ugly shade of lipstick. Get off of the “mistake” bandwagon Vick tortured and abused and killed dogs. He also had other dogs cats kittens and rabbits killed in their “training”!!! We all make mistakes but a felony is breaking the law. For the selfrighteous Christians You need to stop judging PETA PETA members and all animal advocates that’s the Christian way. Jesus also said “Blessed are the merciful…” but Vick showed no mercy to those dogs. “You reap what you sow”….”you live by the sword you die by the sword”. Jesus said “Give to Ceasars what is Ceasar’s”…breaking the law like Vick did is Ceasar’s so he will go to jail to pay for his crimes. So none of you can damn animal advocates with your vile words of hatred but you have damned yourselves with your hypocrisy. Jesus ridiculed the selfrighteous hypocrites in the temple so please get off the holier than thou routine it is hollow and ridiculous and a mockery to God. To all of you that cannot read THIS IS AN ANIMAL RIGHTS FORUMBLOG. OUR CONCERNS ARE FOR THE OTHER ANIMALS. THERE ARE BILLIONS OF OTHER BLOGS TO GO TO THAT HELP THE PEOPLE YOU PURPORT TO CARE ABOUT. BEING THAT YOU HATE ANIMAL ADVOCATES WOULD YOU HELP ANY OF US IN NEED? WOULD YOU RACISTS HELP ANY WHITES IN NEED? Thank you observer and Michele…so glad to read your sane and compassionate comments for the animals.

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    to kelly the badone not the goodone listen you GODforsaken filthy little BIGMOUTH before you posted here your mother should really have given you a better education you ‘godfearing’ vick arse licker! good christians and animal abusers united in the classical way as we like them! i kiss your ass!

  • Animals before humans says:

    To all of the peta bashers After reading through all of your comments it is clear to me and anyone who is involved with peta that none of you have a clue what you’re talking about you say “where’s peta when this and that happens.” Each issue you bring up peta has worked on and continues to work on. and all the crap about “what about this issue and that issue.” well if you’re so concerned about human rights issues why don’t you spend your time helping humans instead of peta bashing. the rest of your comments about this being a race issue are quite amusing. the only people making it such are you!! just because peta fights for animals doesn’t mean we are bad people or hypocrites. we are people who are doing something about animal suffering. that’s all we want to do. so why don’t you stop trying to sit there and dream up what we haven’t done. we try to do all we can whenever we can. just check out the site and each animal welfare issue is addressed in full detail along with ways to take action. have you even taken a look at our accomplishments? i highly doubt it. of course we will be wherever we can get seen.. that’s the whole point! if you know anything about fighting for a cause you should know that the whole idea is to get seen by the public and spread awareness. you say we do nothing but when we do you criticize it. doesn’t make any sense. just save your breath and do something more constructive with yourselves. WE ARE FIGHTING FOR ANIMALS. WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR? actually you’re just fighting against us fighting for animals. isn’t that against God? to fight against people who are trying to end suffering? wow. the amount of ignorance i’ve witnessed here is insane.

  • Black Man says:

    Dedrick Tucker I don’t think that he would forgive him! Didn’t Jesus say ‘The one who harms the most helpless ones it would be better for him to put a stone around his neck and drown him in the deepest part of the sea!’

  • Michele says:

    Donna what makes you think that the PETA supporters who are posting here do not also do things to help molested children???? This is an animal rights forum so of course the discussion revolves around animal issues. That does not mean we do not also spend our time advocating for other issues such as the war effort gun crimes drugs and yes molested children. I for one am a CHILD PROTECTION WORKER I love my job and I love helping children. I also happen to think that animals around the world are being subjected to conditions like the ones experienced by those who were tortured in the Holocaust. If you actually thought about things you would not automatically assume that we do not also care about humans. I would not be reading a gardening blog demanding to know why people are “only” concerned about gardens instead of global warming! PETA supporters are very compassionate people and on this forum you will see their discussions about the treatment of the beings with whom we share this earth.

  • Black Man says:

    to lonz and matthew from which pigsty did you run off? and you are turning and turning and turning around the hot plate in order to make this a racist issue and a despiceable hateful antianimal campaign! you heartless egoists are you the rescuedogs of the next earthquake? fuck off to your ghetto!

  • Black Cat says:

    Up here there is one Anonymous talking about domestic violence! this is horrible! so i guess you are a beaten wife or a remorseful guy but this here is an animal rights page! we peta members are talking here about animals! many of us are also in human rights organizations and we are talking on their respective blogs on human rights! i don’t go to them to have a speech on animal rights! they would seriously laugh about me!

  • Nina Colschen says:

    I think that anyone can sit here and judge until hell freezes over..Mr.Vick will suffer his own pain.could be prisoncould be moneycould behis familyhis carrer or maybe some good old eye for an eye street justice.I can only hope that whatever happens that he has learned to veiw his fellow creatures in a diffrent light!!!We can all sit here and wish him dead but i think that there has been enough blood on eveyones hands! Will it bring any one of those animals back?In loving any creature we all have to learn to heal

  • alpha dog says:

    Donna here we got one more GODabuser!

  • observer says:

    donna the peta site virgin is it possible to get it through your head that this is an animal rights website?? is it possible for you to understand that there is a connection between animal abuse and child abuse molested children and other illegal crimes against humans by animal abusers??? is it possible for you to understand that peta knows this connection and that’s why we start at the grassroot level of abuse and crime?? if all of this is not possible for you to understand then start learning before you speak!!! by the way what are you doing about molested children?

  • observer says:

    time again to remind the psycho vick supporters just how freakin DUMB they are!!! look dummies YOU ARE DUMB!!! got that??? we’re convinced that YOU ARE DUMB!!! got that??? this is an ANIMAL RIGHTS website. not a website about human abuse or the war!!! GOT THAT??? ANIMAL ACTIVISTS HAVE EXPLAINED TO YOU DUMB ASSES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ABOUT WHAT ANIMAL ACTIVISM IS ABOUT!!! YOU NEVER GET THAT!!! want to know why???? ‘cuz YOU’RE SO FREAKIN DUMB!!!! your minds are possessed by evil!!! you support a vicious heartless law breaker!!! you can’t get it through your constipated shit for brains that animal abuse has been proven to lead to abusing and killing humans!!! no use explaining any further. YOU’RE TOO DUMB to read and understand the explanations and insights that have already been posted!!! but try to remember one thing YOU ARE DUMB!!!

  • kris shulfer says:

    WOW!! so many interesting comments made but this one in particular says we should hear both sides of the story there is no other side and no excuse for what Vick has done!! i cannot imagine that there is a good reason for fighting electrocuting drowning or hanging dogs. are you insane??? i saw his little press conference and all i saw was a man telling the world what he thinks we want to hear but at the time he was doing all these horrible things to his dogs why wasnt he sorry then?? the public loves to give second chances to celebs personally in my eyes he is only sorry he got caught and it is the persistance of PETA that helped contribute to Vicks’ consequences!!

  • Dedrick Tucker says:

    and as far as all the comments are goin with the what would jesus do questions people are saying that jesus will just weep for the dogs for all you people who claim to know who jesus really was you would know good and well that jesus would forgive Vick yes he got caught and yes he is going to pay dearly and when you are caught and you are made to realzie that what you are doing is grosslyl wrong you cant help but repent because you were shown the light. stop being hateful he made a mistake he is trying to correct it. yes dogs will die but they will help many more live because of the example that is being made out of vick let us be adults and keep this thing in perspective. for all you wondering wwjd? he would forgive vick

  • Kerry H says:

    ANN!! First of all Iam canadian and do not watch American Football.. I like hockey.. I did not even know that this creature was Black..So do not try and use the race issue on me.. It makes no difference what race this vile creature is.. He tortures helpless animals and then lies about it.. He called his actions immature..I don’t know about you..but when I was an immature kid I never tortured animals..

  • Dana says:

    I think all of you that are in support of Vick that are screaming he has been unfairly treated need to visit and search the animal abuse files in refrence to dog fighting. You will find the outcome of these are a lot more harsh than anything Michael Vick is facing!!!!!!!!!

  • Dedrick Tucker says:

    Well i believe that this is a big step for vick and his fans. Yes he was very wrong for treating such beautiful animals with such brutality but he did openly condem the act and i feel that he is to be commended for doing so. Not only has he openly rejected dog fighting he has also agreed to work with the government on informing them on similar activites that he knows about. He is really putting himself on the line socially because where he comes from “snitching” is a big no no especially coming from an urban perspective. what some people are failing to realize is that not everybody views animal life the same some just view animals as simply “stock” or possesions he could have very well thought the same thing but this whole trial and the fact that his entire lively hood is on the line lets him know that animals arent just here for financial gain they are here for our utility and companionship and now he realizes that that is why he made the statements i have been reading some of the posts and they are getting pretty extreme in the “Vick Bashing if you ask me” From the perspective of a black man who deals with animals this is a sad day because the negative stereotype when it comes to black men and dogs any breed is demonized and magnified and it really concerns me. im a pre vet major at tennessee state university and my passion is dogs i train dogs in basic obedience as well as civil protection dogs and it is offensive to me that when everytime i have an animal in my possesion one of the first few questions that i am asked is “you not going to fight him are you” and its frustrating. yes vick was wrong but the way the media is going about this whole thing conserns me because it just adds a negative sterotype to black men everywhere.

  • sherri says:

    Michael Vick will never be forgiven by me nor many others. Those who think PETA is taking this too far can just bite it and deal with it. Many of us are furious and I am not a member of PETA at the treatment of these animals. They did not simply kill them they tortured them! As far as I’m concerned prison time is letting Vick off easy. I hope people remember him when he is out on the street! He can cry religion and Jesus all he wants I do not believe him. Liar hypocrite and bully is what he is!

  • Donna says:

    I am officially a PETA site virgin and must admit that I’m disappointed by the posted comments. I wish that your 1.2 million members cared that much about the children that are molested everyday. Since when is an animals life more important that a humans? Did any of you know that Mike Vick will probably get more time that a child molester or rapist? Looks like the members of PETA should be the jury for all the perverts of America after all you have already tried and hung Mr Vick. I also do not condone any of the PETA bashers but I do understand some of their frustrations. My true pet peeve with you all is the protesting outside of Falcons camp and the Georgia Dome. Why are you there Mike isn’t. Don’t condemn the athletes who are there just trying to do their job or the fans that love them so much. Don’t you think those players have a right to a moment of peace? They’ve done nothing wrong yet you cause them nothing but stress with your picketing. Leave them alone they had no control over his actions. I by no means condone what Mike Vick has done but I was very upset to see the comments bashing him for his comments on finding Jesus. Whether you believe him or not it is not your place to judge him or his ability to find salvation. I truly hope none of those comments about him finding God were made by fellow Christians….cuz you know what the good book says about judgement. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…Hmmmm any of you got stones? I do agree that he should try to use this experience as a learning one as well as the opportunity to teach children who may be exposed to the world of dog fighting as a lesson of right and wrong. Growing up in the south I can honestly say that dog fighting is still very much a popular underground sport we have to realize that children exposed to it grow up to be adults who participate in it. I don’t promote Vick’s actions but I do not persecute him for them either. As animal lovers we must remember that those same dogs he fought would forgive him faster than any human. Let’s take a note from our four legged friends and learn to forgive. You don’t have to believe in God or be an animal lover heck you don’t even have to believe in God to realize that our judicial system is completely F’d up. Did you know that there over 400000 registered sex offenders in the U.S.? These sickos have sexually abused our fellow human why are they out of jail. That is nearly half a billion believe me when I say I love my dogs but I think we have bigger fish to fry then Mr Vick.I love Mike Vick and am completely heart broken by this entire fiasco I will always be a Falcon’s blood runs Red AND Black. Well this is long and I’m sure it won’t be posted…but boy does it feel good to get that off my chest. Thanks and GOD BLESS you all.

  • PETA#1 says:

    Jeffery Roe you need to go back to school and finish your education before spurting a bunch of nonsense. If you actually took the time to read all the posts from all the stories on PETA you would see the opinions are from all sides. As for the rest of you PETA haters who feel animal cruelty is acceptable just remember the law may not get you but Karma well!

  • Angie says:

    I think that people need to stop making excuses for Vick saying that he “is going through a tough time.” A tough time is getting a disease or losing a loved one not getting caught abusing animals. They can’t speak for what is being done to them and they are the ones going through a tough time not Vick. That being said I pray he did find God and does do something good from this evil.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lonz all humans ARE ALSO animals just a different species. Michael Ball and Jeffery Roe if you could read you would see that the PETA files have postings from PETA supporters PETA haters and those that are somewhere in between. Joe doe is that the best you can come up with? I can barely even understand your ramblings. Most animal rights people are vegans who do not in fact wear leather and who do not eat any animal products. Also there are many synthetic versions of footballs soccer balls etc and PETA and its suppporters have been trying to convince the major sports organizations to switch to nonleather equipment. If you want to really get an eyeopener into the world of what animal rights people are trying to deal with I DARE YOU to watch the movie “Earthlings” in its entirety. I bet you won’t though you just want to throw out insults for the sake of putting down something you are afraid of. Anyone who supports Mike Vick now that you cannot say he is innocent yeah and you were all so SMUG thinking that PETA supporters would have to eat their words thinking that he had nothing to do with the dogfighting business we all knew the truth all along is just as psychopathic as he is.

  • Robert says:

    Wow Jeffery Roe with your totally ignorant and fucked up views a few posts up.You are the type of people we need to exterminate from this earth to make it more inhabitable place for decent people and their pets!I think you should be put in the same cell with your super star vicko sicko and you two can be best “buddies”!!!Think before you post your stupid ass comments because dirt like you does not to be heard from!!!!

  • manong says:

    I am still willing to help take the dogs in. MIKE you should be ashamed for wasting such fine animals. In my Home country the Black ones are the most reserved ones.

  • Carl says:

    I want to forgive Vick for what he did but I cannot. His killing of animals is unforgivable and he messed up my fantasy team. They should change the law so that animal abuse is the same as child abuse and murdering an animal is the same crime as murdering a person. And while they are at it they should legalize bestiality between consenting animals and humans.

  • Chancey says:

    Michael Vick lied to cover his actions which resulted in the loss of trust among many. I wish he had the courage to manup and admit his crimes when he was first confronted with the allegations. The bigger the man the bigger the mistake. I have time to reflect on the subject and although my opinion is that much of the comments directed toward Vick are racist there are other black athletes and celebrities out there accused of similar crimes who don’t have the limelight focused on them to the magnitude it has fallen on Vick. Most people don’t know or even care about the other defendants involved. I certainly can’t name them. As I said the bigger the man the bigger the mistake. That said I believe we are all hypocritical towards animal rights. Not long ago there were a few occasions that bears spotted on the streets of Newark New Jersey. At first it seemed comical to see bears in Brick City”the carjacking capital of the world” but when I really thought about it the land that became the city of Newark was a wilderness once and the habitat for many species. Animals have powerful biological imperatives flounder return to their spawning grounds to breed and other animals probably similiarly return to their land of origin by an forces of nature some of us will never understand. We in effect are invading their territory and in many states Parks Department and Wildlife officials allow people to kill animals of all kinds when their numbers increase to the point that they are deemed “pests”. These animals are merely returning to land their ancestors onced roamed freely. Most people don’t seem to have a problem with killing animals that stubbornly return to eat vegetables in their back yard wade in swimming pools and raid garbage can in search of food. What do you think out there? How many people are willing to relinguish their property for animals in search of their natural habitat? Tell me if I’m wrong. I welcome your comments.

  • kelly says:

    How about thatyou big ass cry babies.Vick we still loveand respect you in spite of your mistakes.These fake ass Peta folks are just trying to capitilize off of VICKS good name.You fucks claim to hate Vick so much yet everyday he’s on your fuckin minds.Don’t hate the fact that VICK will have a much better life this time around.Your poor little group should be focused on the 1000’s of homeless peopleand the children that are starving around this country.Peta cares more about their fuckin dogs than they do about their own kids.If you airheads were deserted on an island with no food or waterwhat the fuck would you do to save yourselfand your family.I know the answerthat dog would start to look good to your dumbass.Why don’t you racist bunch of mountain climbers get a lifeand leave black people the fuck alone.Vick we love youand so does GOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Christine says:

    You know if the man apologized and according to the article had done the two things PETA has asked him to say. What else do you want? His head on a stick? geez you ask for something they do it and you still aren’t happy. If the man says he found jesus who you are any of you to judge him and say he hasn’t? If you all are so into religion which you all obviously are not by the way some of you speak of others…He who has not sinned may cast the first stone and I’m pretty darn sure not a one of you can be casting any stones let alone the first stone. So I say lay off the man..get a life..move on and stop judging someone..especially don’t doubt the man has found jesus if he said he has..if he hasn’t then GOD will judge him..NOT YOU!

  • Suzanne says:

    What are all the animal and PETA haters doing on the PETA website anyway? They must have some interest in PETA or they wouldn’t spend their time on this website. They need to watch some videos of dog fighting to see what they go through but I guess it wouldn’t matter much to people who don’t care about animals suffering. To all the people who think what Vick did is nothing bad I hope you don’t have any kids. I would feel sorry for them.

  • cristy says:

    Vick has to face the music and pay the piper since he is guilty and has bloodmoney on his hands. For the NAACP to say that the media and animal groups are vilifying him or to call that persecution because Vick happens to be African American is a lie and such a clich tired excuse. Michael Vick is not an uneducated thug he is an educated one it would appear. He went to Virginia Tech an intelligent thug who made conscious choices. He did not nor was forced into a false confession. He made the conscious choice to be illegally involved with dog fighting. He made the conscious choice to cruelly abuse torture and maim and kill dogs. He made the conscious choice to become involved in gambling. When he organized and participated in a dog fight he made the choice to break state and federal laws not to mention state animal cruelty laws. Vick is not being vilified by anyone other than by his own actions. The media did not induce him to get into the dog fighting business. Even his own father admitted that he has been doing these since a boy. A BOY KILLING AND FIGHITING DOGS NICE FAMILY VAULES but that is a whole other sociopathic issue. The media nor anyone made him organize a dog fighting ring. No one made him hang or drown the losing dogs until they where dead. He did and reaped profits from this. So what is he REALLY sorry for? Has anyone heard him SAY that he is sorry for brutally torturing maiming and killing dogs? So as far as I am concerned not the NAACP or the NFL or even whats left of his fans are the ones he needs to beg forgiveness of that would be up to GOD. And even though we should forgive we should not forget and make sure he doesnt either by never allowing him to lay in the NFL. Oh one more thing funny how all those that are on their way to HELL JAIL find GOD on the way but by then its a bit ironic not to say pathetic and a bit too late.