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Veggie Dog Eating Contest

Written by PETA | June 2, 2007

How am I just hearing about this? Come on, the first ever veggie dog eating contest, I would have been on a plane to get there faster than the Olsen twins throw up their lunch. Seriously.


The soon to be annual event happened last Saturday in Austin, TX, and the report I got said that over 300 people attended, and 40 contestants devoured some 600+ veggie dogs in about 24 minutes. Not bad, eh? The inaugural World Veggie Hot Dog Eating Champion, at a count of 16 ½ veggie dogs, is Colin “the Tim Duncan of Competitive Eating” Kalmbacher, a vegan.


Full results and photos will be posted here soon. And of course, mad props go out to ilovemikelitt for putting this event on. Fair warning to you, Colin, I’ve already started training for next year. I’m coming for your title. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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  • Kyle says:

    well i think that this is really good and like scott said its not CRUEL there just having fun so stop bashing them guys i mean like i would bet if you guys were there you would have done it too.

  • Jonathan says:

    You guys bashing this need to lay off. It is all in fun and it is NOT cruel. They are showing that vegans and vegetarians can have just as much fun. I think it was a great idea and shows the meat eaters how we do it!!!!

  • Scott says:

    oh come on its just for fun…i like veggie sausages they are goooooood

  • Julie says:

    I don’t think this is a good direction. It’s still wasteful and disgusting when it’s vegan as well. This isn’t crueltyfree either because it’s cruel to the human body and sends the wrong message.

  • doug says:

    just because we’re vegan doesnt mean we should still gorge on food! im not a fan of this…

  • hugo pottisch says:

    ohhh.. pity. when i first read the title i thought that this was a contest to see who of all our vegan dogs could eat the most… turns out that it is merely a bunch of humans stuffing themselves with sausages can we have a sexiest vegan dog and cat contest someday? i know that nobody stands a chance against our own four contestants but the Olympic motto is what counts? PS i am also confident that one of our dogs Stripo could beat any human when it comes to eating vegan hotdogs but he calls them hothumans for some reason… is the current contest species specific or is everybody invited to give it a try?