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Vegan Fashion on the Today Show

Written by PETA | April 24, 2007

So I’ve been vegetarian for kind of a long time, and back in the day, my choices for nonleather shoes and belts and so forth were pretty much nonexistent. If I found a decent pair of vegan shoes in my size, I’d snap up a couple of pairs at a time. Honestly, it was a little tough. But that was back in the dark ages, and today it couldn’t be easier. I don’t have to look hard at all to find cruelty-free clothes anymore, and as you can see from the picture, the results are positively devastating.


But I digress. The point is that I was really excited to see this Today Show piece about modern cruelty-free fashions. It makes it clear how easy it is nowadays to be cruelty-free and super fashionable at the same time, if that’s your thing. Check it out:


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  • Melanie says:

    Try They are all vegan made of polyeurathane sp? which is so much better on the environment. canadian company. awesome designs I have several bags from them

  • Sam says:

    I don’t understand why no one talks about how harmful are the materials used for the so called “vegan fashion” products. PVCs Plastics Petroleum Rubbers etc. Most of the “vegan” products are made in CHINA under sweatshop labor. If we are trying to make a positive change in our lives and the rest of the world let’s demand safer materials and better conditions for those who manufacture our products. I personally love NY ARTIFICIAL. They make their products in NYC not in CHINA and use only the best and only safe materials in their products. THAT’S A POSITIVE CHANGE !

  • Joan says:

    I know the “NY ARTIFICIAL” store I love what they sell there. Their “vegan bags” are trully beautiful and everytime I go there I get a free “vegan makeover” isn’t it fun? The most amazing thing is that most of their bags are made right there. I have a custom made bag that took less than a week to be made. It’s so beautiful and practical. I love this place very ZEN and balance. Good Kharma.

  • Jess says:

    Check out for sweatshopfurleather or PVC free products. They are the coolest guys in the vegan world they don’t like to be called vegan or activists . They have an amazing array of products that are totally ecofriendly. My girlfriend went to their store in New York and spent a little fortune in bags makeup and accessories. She is not even vegan and loves her purchases. I ordered a beautiful bag and a recycled glass belt on line. Check out their site. J

  • Jessica says:

    Yes i did get the article and it was good. I was thrilled as well to see it on the Today show but was appauled by her lack of understanding of “why” people would want Vegan things. Clueless

  • kelly says:

    The piece was done by Lucky magazine and apparently there is an article about vegan fashion in the May issue Anyone read it?

  • doug says:

    Such a great interview but I wish the host did a little more research about what the word Vegan meant. She was oblivious about anything. Matt and Natt are great and Canadian EH!!!!!! GO VEGAN!!!!