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Monkey Torture Laboratory Must Pay

Written by PETA | August 22, 2012

In response to a series of significant animal welfare violations and complaints filed by PETA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has taken the rare step of fining the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) almost $12,000 for repeated violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. ONPRC imprisons, sickens, terrorizes, and mutilates thousands of monkeys each year in experiments with impunity, so it’s good to know that the facility will be punished for causing animals to suffer more by failing to uphold even minimum standards.

A Record of Recklessness

The violations, which took place in 2009, included the escape of nine monkeys from the facility as well as the deaths of five other monkeys from a variety of causes, including from dehydration, being injected with unapproved compounds, and improper procedures performed by an inadequately trained employee. Following the escape, PETA called on the USDA to investigate and issue a fine to ONPRC.

In 2007, PETA conducted a shocking undercover investigation, which exposed horrific laboratory conditions at ONPRC. The next year, the USDA issued an “official warning“—the precursor to a fine—to ONPRC. Internal documents obtained by PETA had revealed that a sick pregnant monkey died after being denied veterinary care, that a surgical sponge was left in a baboon—causing an abscess—and was discovered only after he was killed for an experiment, and that experimenters mistakenly performed surgery on the wrong monkey. After repeatedly finding negligence and callous disregard, federal investigators are finally speaking the only language that ONPRC understands: dollars and cents.

What You Can Do

Take a stand for the animals imprisoned at ONPRC. Ask the National Institutes of Health to stop funding cruel and useless nicotine experiments on animals at ONPRC and elsewhere.

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  • franco says:

    These ‘fines’ are laughable. Hit them where it hurts with fines of hundreds of thousands. We’ll see how long they remain open.

  • Manel says:

    I cannot imagine why & how on earth these so called facilities need to keep such innocent vulnerable Primates locked up in small cages abusing, harrasing, inflicting & abusing their entire lives.? Who are these uncivilized Barbarians? I wish these subhumans should suffer the same treatment before they die. This is unacceptable in a society in this era. The world has changed and the rules and regulations and the practices should change accordingly. Those subhumans who inflict and make these innocent helpless animals suffer should be given death penalty. All those evil scums that abuse such vulnerable defenceless animals should die a very painful death when their time comes.

  • Leonard says:

    The soulless people who do this to monkeys need to seriously pay for their horrible crimes. Exposing these people to their communities and the world is a good idea.

  • sunaina says:

    let us make sincere efforts to stop this horrific ,cruel torture

  • Karen says:

    Right on John who posted comment on Aug. 24, 2012. These sick people need to exposed in their communities and nationally as they inflict torture and suffering for money!!!

  • kester cockrell says:

    Still praying there’s a place of torture in hell for these “humans.”

  • David Harris says:

    For me as a person who suffers deeply with depression, I think this sort of world wide cruelty to animals only adds to my illness, and I can imagine it must do for countless others who have sensitivity to this unacceptable behaviour from human beings. People who are also cruel to other people and seem to have little compassion. It helps me to know that there are others who care about animal welfare …… ourselves and people welfare.

  • Human being says:

    Our society is so lost. Everyone knows that the use of animals in experimentation is cruel and yet no person of power has the courage to stand up for what’s right. Any person with a soul would not let this happen.

  • Jennifer Martin says:

    This so called facility should be closed down immediately and the saddists fined and jailed. Peta keep up your good work as it is dedicated people like yourselves who expose the abhorent cruelty done to these helpless animals and the lack of compassion shown to them all in the name of science.

  • jayne says:

    do unto others… and all living beings… Those who look the other way or take pleasure in the pain of other beings need to seek therapy. May all those who suffer in these conditions find peace somewhere, somehow.

  • benny says:

    This type of treatment disgusts and saddens me. It must come to an end.

  • Julie says:

    This is heartbreaking. People who are able to commit this kind of cruelty cannot be human…it is so sad that some people have no respect for living things, for life, for the animals who share our world…they deserve the same or worse in return!

  • jeanie says:

    This practice is vile and should not be happening in this day and age, when there are alternative methods of testing without the use of animals. The people who misstreat these animals should be made accountable for their actions. The full weight of the law should be used to make sure that outdated practices like those in the film are stopped. If goverments finally stop paying labs etc to continue these barbaric experiments,then their may be some kind of justice.Its no good turning a blind eye to what is happening,STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!

  • John says:

    You know folks, every one of these bastard employees comes to work and goe home. They perhaps come in cars. Cars have license plate numbers. Cars can be followed. These people can be given a “come to Jesus” talk and told that they either stop the abuse or they will be held accountable to the highest standards of accountability. You can protest outside their individual homes, en masse. You can protest outside the churches that these scum bags attend and have their names on protest signs. You can have signs showing the abuse. You can have a table with a laptop showing the video footage taken in the facility. In short, you can expose every single worker to their community and the world. You can then post the protest videos on YouTube for the community to see. You can have the local media run a stry about this plan to expose these abusers. DON’t let them hide!

  • Barbara says:

    Are these poor monkeys lives worth only $12,000.00? That fine is ridiculous! The penalty, in order for this to stop, should be harsher. The USDA should confiscate these monkeys and send them to a sanctuary. I’ve seen several of these videos and frankly, it’s hell on earth!

  • Pat Wheeldon says:

    Really … what sort of human being would take part in this? … so-called ‘research’ … give me a break! Disgusting, inhumane, cruel !!!

  • darla hill says:

    Ya, Research on animals should be banned,if they don’t have cures for cancer ,etc by now from the animals themselfs,they don’t hold the cure.I say the cures are in plants of some sorts and getting poisons out of our food chain,I don’t believe animal cruelity has the key and I don’t believe anyone in the field believes it is either,but instead because animals are so… available laws don’t protect the animals from the abuse of confinements ,Etc.Available testing and learning is the way to go,Set The Animals Free,Stop Hiding Behind Animal Research,Come Out Of The Closet And Start Caring!!!!Diseases/mental disabilties can lay dormatt,and come out when condictioned.Alowing animal cruelity anywhere opens the doors for jolly animal cruelity to come out and sometimes only way to cope for some.So…many cold hearted people in the world,just in your back yard,you can see how much life has taken it toll on people.Time to put end to closed doors anywhere and end all animal abuse everywhere and make stiffer laws for animal abuse,and torcher and put halt to breeding for now and look for other ways to handle problems and put killing in the ground and bury that thought of solving your problems away forever.Anyone can justify bad to good,but doesn’t mean its good,just apears to be good to a blind or cold hearted person.

  • Fariba Carter says:

    The condition of living or merely existing in tiny cages and being tortured on daily basis is Barbaric that made me throw up.. This type of needless torture, deprivation and sadistic treatment of animals is truly sick.. Watching this video makes me belive those who work in these type of work, are mentally sick, psychopaths who belong to assylums.. A normal humam being is incapable of such behaviour.. Places like these should be shut down for ever..

  • J. Lond says:

    Monkeys do NOT belong in cages!! They belong in the wild. Why can’t people leave them alone? This is ugly and horrible behavior and what gives any man the right to feel he is above one else. Disgusting treatment, they should have never been captured and shipped to any of these locations. HORRIBLE!

  • Dr Sol Myers says:

    I live in Oregon. The dump called ONPRC has been a thorn in the side of all of us for decades! The fines NEED to be high enough to put these bastards out of business! PETA, keep up your good works! Thanks, DR Sol.

  • Vivien Prince says:

    This is so abhorrent, and so wrong, it is distressing just to see it. To live it the way these monkeys do is worse than any nightmare. I support PETA fully as it seems to be all I can do for now. God, please help these animals to be oblivious of their pain and suffering. And may those wicked “researchers” prepare, for what goes around comes around. Let us stop animal testing.

  • Mimi says:

    I live in Oregon and I love all of Oregon except for this place. May all the researchers get their come-uppins…Looking for cures, what a joke! Their spokesperson Jim Newman makes over $100,000 dollars a year. So that’s why he defends this hell hole…Otherwise he would have no job, and no one else would want him!!

  • keith says:

    May all the animal abusers everywhere die miserable and lonely..and encounter financial hardships ha ha ha ha !!