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USDA Cites University of Utah for AWA Violations

Written by PETA | April 22, 2010

This just in: In response to PETA’s undercover investigation of animal experiments at the University of Utah (the U) and the complaint that we filed with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the U has been cited for nine violations of federal animal protection laws, including the following:

  • Causing a kitten to die from dehydration
  • Keeping calves restrained for days at a time without the ability to properly stand up or walk
  • Failing to provide adequate pain relief to a monkey after surgery
  • Failing to properly treat injuries in pigs
  • Allowing extreme crowding in guinea pig cages
  • Socially isolating a monkey without approval and failing to provide him with proper environmental enrichment
  • Performing surgery on a rabbit’s eyes without proper approval
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  • Morgan says:

    this is about THE worse thing i have ever seen. people who think this is right are sick! animals don’t have voices and we have to speak for them. people who do this and KNOW its wrong has to stand up. Shame on the people who continue their acts and do nothing. Who knows what happens behind closed doors. Makes me think how people can sleep at night after witnessing this during the day. SHAME ON YOU.

  • melodie says:

    its unacceptable no matter how you slice it no pun intended I always ask the question “who crawls into bed at night with these people? Shame on the U of U. Shame on those of us who sit by and do nothing. Protest or write a check but do SOMETHING!

  • Dave Bernazani says:

    Joey you sound like a public service announcement for the NIH. Who’s paying you to write stuff here anyway? You said “The Welfare Act is in place to make sure these thing don’t happen”? Um helloooo? What do you think happened in Utah? The Welfare Act didn’t do anything to save that kitten now did it? Your “strict regulations” can easily be flouted in any laboratory because they’re so damned paranoid and secretive they never let anyone in. Thus they are pretty much free to do what they like and the results are places like this Utah lab. No amount of phony baloney inspections stopped the abuse there. Where was the USDA BEFORE all this was revealed? They too failed this kitten. They whole system is a corrupt ‘goodol’boy’ web of “you scratch my back” attitudes. And please don’t spout that lame old “they need their lab animals healthy” nonsense. Labs worldwide have sick depressed injured animals stuck in crappy inadequate cages and novody in those labs cares. They just care about the funding they ocntinue to get with their cruel idiotic experiments.

  • Julie H says:

    I can’t explain how muchthis disgusts me but even if I could what good would it do as everyone here already shares my opion and understands how much I hate these sick people.

  • BrittanyLynn says:

    oh my gosh. this is just horrible how could humans do such things? this…this is just horrible. karma’s gonna bite these people in the ass one day. i can’t wait to see this day! animals deserve to be treated with respect bcos they’re so helpless. people who think its okay to harm an animal should just go die! it’d be better without them in this world. i mean imagine if this was your pet? would you let them test on your pet? i dont think so. so why let them test on someone else’s pet?

  • alissa says:

    who does that sick people they will pay for what they did either in this life or the next.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Cecilia I suggest you remember the converse of what you suggest. Scientists like all types of people come in many different flavors not all of which are good. However in my experience the majority are not as you suggest they are. Most don’t make much money. Suggesting they’re motivated by greed is pretty much ridiculous. I for one could think of plenty easier jobs that would get me much more money with much less work. Most aren’t trying to pass off something as a hoax. The point of peerreviewed science is to have experts evaluate each other to make sure that quality work is done. The only scientists generally passing hoaxes are those that are claiming to know miracle “cures” “diets” “toxins in all your foods” etc. The majority of the mistakes made at Utah were made by the animal care staffnot the scientists. You can stick to your dystopian description of scientistsbut it’s no less accurate in fact it’s even less so than the description that paints them as selfless heroes who think nothing but of how to help their fellow man. Also anyone who sits around saying you can’t use animals for human research has veeeeery little understanding of how such research works. Especially anyone who uses cancer as an example considering it can manifest in countless diverse and unpredictable ways.

  • Shelbi says:

    that is just plain horrible..

  • Soheil says:

    Shame on humanity

  • Dan Cook says:

    Treating animals inhumanely without regard for their pain or suffering is just 1 step from doing the same thing to humans.

  • kaitlyn says:

    You know animal testing sucks majorness BUT it is very effective. It’s one of those things that I’m not exactlly for but I can’t say that I’m against it. If everyone is so against animal testing then anytime your doctor suggest a procedure or medication you should turn it down. Cause chances are they tested it on a chimp or some other type of animal before giving it the ok to be consumed or down on humans. Animal testing is not a pretty or pleasent thing BUT we have learned alot. People aren’t conducting this test because they hate animals or don’t like them but because ultimatly it is for the greater good of man kind. I wish that we didn’t have to go to some of the extremes that we go to or do some of the things that are deemed necessary but there’s no way about it. The alternative testing that they do is not always accurate as it would be as if they were to of tested it on an animal. The people who conduct these test are not monsters like many of you think. Of course when we watch these videos it’s gonna look horrid but so do procedures on humans. And as for those who say oh well why don’t they put them to sleep or give them something during the test the reaserachers need to see the reaction to a medication or a procedure in some cases. Once again I’m not for or against it but I do realize that almost always it is for the greater good. And for the people who do it as a means of something pleasurable well then let them be judged by the one person in this universe that can judge them properly for mistreating his creatures with wrong intentions.

  • cecilia says:

    I am astonished at the answers of such people….funny??? And to those who keep on saying that the use of animals in research has been useful for manhoodremember that not all what scientists say or have said about research is truethey often liethey get money and have to guarantee good resultsdespite most of the times their discovery are a real hoax. And ohyes poor scientists have a sweet heartthey are so kind to the creatures they torture…. stop putting slices of cheese on eyesnot to see and corks into ears not to hear…. Use of animals is cruel itself. The case of Utah University is notthat is terribleisolated.

  • Jasmine C says:

    whoever said “this is funny” is obviously very twisted. causing endless pain and suffering to innocent animals IS NOT FUNNY! I hope the people who do this get badly and i mean BADLY tortured for the rest of their lives.

  • Jackie says:

    Disgusting just absolutely disgusting. By the way don’t pay mind to the people laughing about this they’re trolls.

  • genna says:

    this is terrable! i would never treat a animal this way..i think people are animals with fur..because they like 2play when there babies!!!!!they talk in there own way! and they know how 2love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn says:

    Joey Thinking that animal testing is effective for medicine and cosmetic products is very primitive. It has been proven that animals do not work the same as humans and therefore concluding that the effects on an animal will be the same as on a human is inconclusive. The EU has banned animal testing for their cosmetic products as of last year. I do not own a single product that has been tested on any animal from my face wash to my makeup to my cleaning supplies. You said using animals to test cures for cancer where is that cure Joey? Many years ago a new pain killer was tested on chimps and showed no signs of negative impact or birth defects. However when used on humans there were massive birth defects even though this did not show with the chimps. Just as we use aspirin without negative impacts giving aspirin to chimps causes severe birth defects. Conclusion? ANIMAL TESTING is ineffective and backwards. Monkeys rabbits mice and rats are NOT miniature humans. We are an advanced race and have multiple alternative methods. It does not matter how “healthy” the animals are kept during testing it causes discomfort pain and fear which you would not want to have happen to anyone you care about. It is unethical. Period.

  • Troy Augustine says:

    It’s sad on how they treat these animals and there needs to be improvement on the standards used. I have on question. How would you like to be used in these experiments instead of a mouse or cat who they try experiments on to make sure the deodorant you buy won’t cause burns or worse?

  • gina says:

    Money is the root of all evil.

  • Tawny says:

    Call the University of Utah lab at 8015817236 and tell them how you feel about what they are doing to their lab animals. Ask where Robert the Cat is. they will tell you he’s with in a “loving home”

  • Sheila says:

    they treat animals harbly because they can’t speak well if we need to have all these teat why not do it on people that can tell them that it hurt and is causing so much pain.. We have people setting on deathrow that iam sure would love to be a genypig for these labs!!!!

  • caylea says:

    “like omg like this mouse doesnt have like any water” .. so give him some! peta should look into not only legal ways to screw people over for this but also better treatment for places they’ve already been.

  • sara says:

    its horid what their doin to themand you dont know if their not doin that in other places like that one.personly if i was under cover i would mistaenly let them gothen put the people in the tiny cages to see what they would saythey probaly say thats mean ur what does that make them?.they wouldnt like to do anything for a few drops of water so why make the animals? thats just not right in my eyes.they should be punished for what they a very big animal rights person and love every animal so im very mad about this. and most certenly will never be ok with eatin animls or watchin videos like this one

  • Megan says:

    This is soo sad and cruel!!!!!

  • kaul says:

    ugh! How could anyone inflict such torture on to these defenseless animals!

  • Breanna says:

    This… This is just wrong… The fact that a human being could just do something like any of this to a defenseless animal is beyond belief in my eyes… The fact that more than one human being is doing this is even more mindboggling…

  • Samantha White says:

    What the world has come to today is Miserable disgusting opposite of god’s perspectives utterly intolerable. I believe animals have hearts and emotions just as well as me. I love animalsany kind. To see them poor animals in that pain sickens me especially the cats thing considering they are my favorite animal. I love PETA for their protesting keep it strong guys.

  • Kayla says:

    If I had a monkey I would care for it like a child Even the dogs and everything. Even rats! Ugh. So awful. Just heartbreaking

  • Katie says:

    Whoever wrote “that was funny” is a moron. Nothing is funny about this. The people who are doing these horrible things to the animals deserve to have the same things done to them. I bet they wouldn’t be saying that these are “relatively minor offenses” if they were being done to any of their loved ones.

  • Liz says:

    Yes some breakthroughs have resulted due to animal research but many misleading and dangerous results have occurred. You only have to remember all the birth defects caused by the drug thalidomide which was given to pregnant women. This drug had been tested on guinea pigs and ‘proved’ to be safe! Only it wasn’t safe for humans for the simple reason that animal physiology is not identical to ours. Many psychological experiments are totally unethical for example in an experiment to see if rodents can empathise with each other mice were injected with acid so they writhed in agony. The experimentors watched the reaction of other mice to determine whether they would empathise with the suffering these mice endured. Now I call that sadistic! You would think that supposedly intelligent people would be able to devise an experiment that didn’t involve such suffering. Thank you PETA for all the work you do.

  • jagu says:

    It’s a shame!

  • Sherri k says:

    Joey does make a good point though. I do not believe any living creature should suffer. But not all research labs are like this one. Without the ferret we would have no flu vaccine. They get every single kind of flu out there. As long as they aren’t being treated badly then it is ok. As for testing cosmetics that is wrong. Strapping a poor chimp with f up head gear and thrusting him forward. Well the people will get what they deserve. You get everything back 3 times worse.

  • Lacey says:

    Why is it so easy for a lot of people to desensitise themselves when it comes to animal cruelty. These people don’t have to have a high level of intelligence to comprehend that what they are doing is inflicting pain on innocent beings. If only they thought about how the pain and torture would actually feel and demonstrate some compassion. All through history animals have had ghastly things done to them and in our modern most developed society the standards are the best they’ve ever been. However humans are always going to be top of the food chain we need animals to survive we will always have intense farming of animals and these agricultural sectors have a duty of care for the animals whilst they are in these facilities and if it is neglected the people responsible are prosecuted. In our modern day society animal cruelty is not tolerated and just because in this instance it is a research center proposed to save human lives the humane treatment of animals should not be neglected. Research centers like any other animal involved industry should have a duty of care and expect tough penalties where it is neglected. I am from Australia and more developed countries such as ourselves and the USA should be abiding by the toughest of standards to pave the way in animal rights for other less developed countries. Animals don’t have a voice so thank you PETA for giving them one.

  • Brian says:


  • Cedar says:

    I live in Salt Lake City and I haven’t heard anything about this… and that makes me sick to know that this is going on and no one even in our city has heard about it. I’m not trying to defend the U or even Utah but please don’t think that everyone in Utah is like this… there are people like that everywhere but we just have to work together to stop this. I promise to start here and make a change in our University for the rights of animals.

  • sharon says:

    with people like winboat aboutfirst commentis it any surprise what these poor animals suffer. what is funny about this? perhaps if the same was done to him would he find it so funny then?

  • briana says:

    that is sick what they do to those poor animals!!! why would people do that. animals share our earth and we the persons are going to experiment on them?!?

  • joey says:

    Yes. This is horrible. But not every single research center and school treats their animals like this. Animal welfare acts are in place to make sure these things don’t happen. Researchers test animals to find cures for cancer new medications and even the cosmetics that probably the majority of you use. Don’t want to come out with a rash do you? Researchers are not cruel inhumane people who WANT to hurt animals. They have dozens of people looking over the animals to make sure they are not sick or in pain. Research projects gain NOTHING from working with sick and stressed out animals. They need them healthy. There are extremely strict regulations that are in place for these things. Computers and simulations can reduce the number of animals being used but in the end you need a real live body to test out how actual living cells will react with what ever you are testing. In 1912 surgical advances in the suture and grafting of blood vessels were discovered with the dog. 1923 the discovery of insulin and mechanism of diabetes with the research of dogs rabbits and fish. In 1996 the research of the mouse helped discover the recognition of virusinfected cells by the immune system. Research is saving lives.

  • kaitlyn says:

    that is horrible how can people do that

  • Sniperwolf says:

    OMG i can’t belive it i’m just beginning as a vegan and i used to eat so much meat and now this is why i can’t even think about hurting or eating such a defensless animal my word how could you hurt a poor kitten or monkey or mouse or anything and who ever says that was funny needs to go get some help because it’s never funny when something or someone gets hurt!

  • lisa says:

    Right so they think the pain and suffering they cause to these animals is just a minor offense??? their attitude is well its just an animal they dont have feelingsthey dont feel pain feel sad or happy enjoy human contact feel love or want a cuddle???? They are sic individuals who do this and have no heart.

  • Rachael says:

    There are so many sick people out there I cant believe how many people get away with this for how long?? who knows.

  • jamie says:

    please speak up.we all need to join as one and help protect out animals of the world.speak up! for all who cant speak for themselves.these animals are as innocent as human babies .the time is now.

  • Sierra Hipwell says:

    I do not understand why they dot this it is completely and utterly absurd. I tmakes no sense at all. They could learn alot with plants. PLants won’t feel aanything either.

  • sarah says:

    funny? what the hell is wrong with you? that’s sick and awful!

  • Caroline Kropka says:

    Wow. That is all I can say on the cruelness of human beings. I believe that for $10mil 9 out of 10 Americans would inflict such pain on an animal. The 10th person? That’s a PETA supporter.

  • jessica says:

    For one I do not think they have gotten away with just a slap on their wrist. Since they have not only failed to apply with the conditions that the Agriculture Department but the ones who failed to take care of the animals will most likely not be working with any type of animals again. And as far as mice rats and chickens they are not covered but within a University the researchers have to have permission to do things to any kind of living things. What Utah failed at was basic ethics.

  • Bright Spark says:

    that is sick! i hate the fact that this is not a top news story! is it only easy for most humans to sympathize with our own species and not with the animals who share our planet with? It is amazing that PETA is showing the world that animals are real creatures with feelings. Thanks PETA for shedding the light on animal testing.

  • Kathy says:

    What’s funny about it?

  • WinBoat says:

    That was funny.