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U.S. Senate Wants to End the Seal Slaughter

Written by PETA | May 11, 2009

The number of people who are willing to stand by as the Canadian government allows seals to be slaughtered each year by the hundreds of thousands is decreasing fast.

Recently, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed U.S. Senate Resolution 84, calling for an immediate end to the annual seal slaughter. This vote comes less than a week after the European Union voted to ban the sale of seal fur in its member countries.

The most powerful leaders in the world have voiced outrage about this barbaric tradition, and their cabinet members are in full agreement. Even Canada’s own senators have tried to introduce bills to end the slaughter.

WAKE UP, CANADA! The rest of the world is trying to open your eyes, and you’ve hit the snooze button too many times already.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Carlos says:

    Titus You seriously need to get a good grip of yourself bud. With insane and barbaric views such as your what in Gods name are you doing on this web site in the first place? This place is for people who care about and want to end the cruelty and savagery dished out to animals by man! Not morons like you! Nothing absolutely nothing can justify this annual barbarous slaughter. Not jobs not tradition not ANYTHING! Canada must END it now and stop lying about WHY they do it. Whenever and where ever animals are commercially killed on a scale such as this there is only ever 1 thing behind it all M.O.N.E.Y!

  • Linda says:

    Don’t slaughter the seals. They are like us humans who need food to survive.

  • Jamie Rivet says:

    Perhaps the most illogical argument is the defense of killing by hunters based on the contradiction “We have to kill the animals or they might die.” Now hunters are not the sharpest tools in the shed but one would expect even them to see the absurdity in this.


    chris u r entitled 2 ur opinion but peta is an animal rights group so i missed the part of where do we suppose 2 care about wt people r doing 2 each other ??? come on man have some comun sense baby seals r doing wt God left them here 2 do wich is to live their lives free in a natural ordr of things if a whale or a shark ate them we would not be sad for that is the natural order the way God intented but for a man killer to go into his home yes we share the same world to go into his home and kill him for his fur how is that normal or fair ??? so if we dont stop this massacre than who will ? people like u?? i think if ur so worry about helping people than u should do just that and stop wastin ur time with us cause honestly U R IN THE WRONG SITE DARLING HERE WE LOVE AND CARE FOR THE animals and we FIGHT ANIMAL CRUELTY wake up already man ur dumb ha ha !!!!

  • Kristen says:

    That’s great news. I can’t believe people actually have the nerve to club poor defenseless seals to death. You have to be one coldhearted creature to even do that. I hate how humans think that just because seals are slower than us and can’t run away that we can just take advantage of that and murder them for money!

  • Jess says:

    Lauren Amen!

  • Nicky says:

    Honestly its ridiculous that people have to go to such violent tactics to kill these poor animals.. i’m glad the u.s is getting involved in animal rights.

  • bna says:

    i dont understand. the seals are being killed to controll the population? why do humans have to play god?

  • unanimous says:

    erm…. how does the US senate control canada?

  • Jackie says:

    Ok I really hate the idea that they need to be killed off because it is neccessary. In Texas we have deer season because some idiotic joebob believes that the dear will die off because of overpopulation issues. But if you see the amount of vegetation in texas you will see that this is not true. And many ppl in my town actually like to feed them and you can see them all over the place at night. In texas the issue isn’t overpopulation it’s that ppl just like to hunt. Deer hunting is not necessary due to overpopulation. So maybe you guys in Alaska can look to solutions on how to prevent their starvation without killing them have you ever thought of that? Looking at how long ya’ll have been practicing bashing these animals on the head you haven’t. I was hospitalized because of a tramatic brain injury and although I was pronounced dead I lived. How do you know the little buggers are dead and not just knocked out? Even if you see blood on the ground this does not mean that they are dead and you could be causing an inhumane slow and painful death.

  • Andrea says:

    To Chris We WOULD still care if it were a lobster. Or a fish a squid a peacock an antelope a shark a praying mantis… Animal rights and welfare isn’t just about the ones who are cute and fuzzy. It’s about the unfair treatment of these creatures defenseless or not. I’ve heard countless times comments like “They’re just pests they’re just vermin why should we care?” after I talked about rats being used for animal experiments. Like I said before we don’t just care for the cutest the smallest or the cuddliest animal. We care for all of them. Period.

  • Chris says:

    Lauren I do in fact care about animals. But do you honestly believeI before E except after Cright? Sorry my grammar is horrible. that PETA is the right platform for this? I read that the founder of PETA was fighting for the non human victims in a bombing in Afghanistan. She was up in arms about donkeys being killed in a bombing. My facts may be totally wrong but if they are not doesn’t that seem absurd to you? The point I was trying to make is that stances too far left or too far right hurt more than they help. Tosorry I know i started this sentence with a preposition and that’s a no nomany people PETA is an extremist group. I mean look at Marlene’s post. It literally hurt my head it was so idiotic. I’d love to write more but I need to solve those human issues I appear to be so involved in…..

  • Canada, US State apparently says:

    It’s nice to know the US is still passing up laws and resolutions that Canada is to obey.

  • Autumn says:


  • Dana says:

    Seal In your search engine type S. Res. 84 and it will come up. Yes this does pertain to the seal slaughter in Canada.

  • Wade MacAulay says:

    Some of the people on here need to understand that not all Canadians do this only dumb ones who dont consider these animals feelings i dont kill any animals not even ants. but ur right the canadian government doesnt need to wake up TODAY!!!

  • Tyler says:

    Hey everyone I’m a 20 year old university student from Newfoundland and in the summer I work on a crab boat. I know a lot of people involved in the seal hunt personally and I have seen what they do. From my experience all of these people use 22 caliber rifles to shoot the seals quickly and as humane as possible. I am not a vegetarian I’m not an animal rights activist but I DO NOT believe in cruelty towards animal or killing for sport. Many people believe that these seals are only shot for there pelt and for the most part this is a common misconception. Everyone that I have met keep all parts of the animal except for their innards. The fur and meat are both sold just like any other animal harvest. In some cases people even sell the liver for certain healthcare products. There are men who still use a club and I also believe this is cruel for the most part the seal is dead after the first blow but as i’m sure you’ve seen through the media there are cases of savage beatings and mistreatment. The whole point I’m trying to get across is YES we do kill these cute little animals and it’s a bloody mess on the ice. BUT if these wild animals are killed quickly and as humane as possible how can you distinguish it from any other kind of hunt? People all over north america shoot deer and in most cases only for the meat. why isn’t there a big article on that? This message may anger many of you but would like to get this straight the men and women who participate in the hunt are doing this for their livelihood they are no more cruel than any other hunt. Also I think PETA is a fantastic organization and although i kill animals and eat them i do so with respect and compassion for it. I believe in the ethical treatment of animals but people come first.

  • Tim Smith says:

    Now look here you proseal hunt dissenters I am sick of you people trying to put one over on me and the millions of people who hate this annual bloodbath. Titus nice try but you and your pro seal “hunting” cretin mates aren’t fooling me for a second. You see your facts were probably fed to you by the DFO’s propaganda bullst department and like a lemming you probably believed them. Especially the classic where they say ‘They’re overpopulated’ the second one ‘we use much more than just the fur’ and last but not least ‘it’s no different to what happens in a slaughterhouse’ Try “False comments Numbers 113” on YouTube it’s all very well explained in all 13 arguments how your lies count to nothing. And luke can you try and explain to us why people wouldn’t want to go and see baby seals I mean they love seeing whales so I imagine seal watching tours would be quite profitable.

  • c says:

    OMG finally!! I am a canadian and I have been disgusted w the seal slaughter since first learning about the controversy and protests as a young child in the 1970’s. If the US put pressure on Canada our prime minister harper will have to defer He already has had Bush and now Obama’s $! up his $ and will never risk annoying the US. Bravo.

  • George says:

    How does the US passing a bill affect Canada in any way

  • pia says:

    how to do this are living beings As we let them alone!

  • pia arias says:

    I do think this is bad because they kill living things for just remove the skin and then pull your body wing garbage porfevor prohibit these killings!

  • Richard says:

    Great news one day eventually we will see the whole world condeming the abuse of all living things.

  • Jack says:

    in a world of war and poverty and a failing economy and all you narrow minded people can think of are seals. give me a break. maybe we should think about stopping the killing of humans first instead of the killing of seals. and you explain to the mother of a dead national guardsmen why your time and effort went towards saving a seal while her son or daughter stuck his or her neck out for YOU. put your heads on straight people this is not our top priority. hell it doesn’t even make top ten.

  • Marlene=D says:

    WOW!! This is unbelievable how can people do this to poor innocent animals the …. I thik the Lord should end human life and continue animal life becaue they have no sins and we just had our time

  • Lauren says:

    To Titus for someone who claims to be involved in sealing you appear to actually know very little about the topic. Firstly the EU trade ban exclues Inuit hunters the only people who can actually claim to kill seals for “sustainable living”. The sealers who partake in the hunt are commercial fishermen who make a tiny percentage of their annual income from sealing. Secondly whether the seal is a whitecoat or brown is of no concern to those who oppose this hunt we care about all seals. But since you raised the whitecoat issue under current rules sealers can kill a creature that is only beginning to shed its whitecoat and therefore seals as young as 12 days old could be killed. As regards overpopulation and starvation the Candian govt refuse to deal with the scientifically proven problem of human overfishing and slaughtering seals is a much easier option for them than dealing with this issue. Chris “Natural order” has nothing whatsoever to do with the seal hunt and I would seriously question your definition of natural order in the first place. Yes humans are faced with many problems and they also create countless problems for nonhumans that must be given importance. There is a very realistic chance of ending the slaughter now and I think your dismissal of this issue as getting “worked up about seals” clearly illustrates your views on animal rights. I am confused as to why you have even taken the time to come and comment on this website when you obviously have no regard for animal rights issues…perhaps your time would be better spent solving those human issues you appear to be so involved in…..

  • Chris says:

    Dear Tressa I’d like to first point out that it’s admirable to condemn your country for an act committed by a fraction of the population. That’s a very very mature and rational response. It’s the same as me saying I hate America because a small percentage of us are racist. Secondly the natural order of the world revolves around the food chain. I’m sure you’ve watched a gazelle be run down by a lion on an animal program. It’s uncomfortable to watch but it is the nature of the beast. If a seal looked like a lobster would you care so much? Would there be videos of it being killed. The answer is no. Seals resemble our close family pets and therefore attract sympathy. They are a common animal. What makes you uncomfortable is that you have no experience with killing an animal. Therefore you condemn the action. This is completely understandable. The first time anyone sees death whether it be human or animal it is hard. All I’m asking is that you think about that. There are so many horrible things that people are doing to each other in this world. Don’t you think we should take care of that and not get so worked up about seals?

  • Yoslin says:

    Very happy to hear this new. Horrible the killing of innocents animals just for stupid fashion.

  • Amy says:

    i think that it is discusting what they do to animals and someone should have done something about it by now. i do not agree with animal cruelty 1 bit and i would really like to do something about it because when you watch a video of animals getting hurt like that it is disturbing. Amy from Rhyl.

  • Tressa says:

    I live in Canada and the fact that people are doing this here sickens me. I’m ashamed to say that I live in a country that slaughters seals annually.

  • pepper says:

    so why are defenders of murder here anyways i mean this is poeple FOR ethical treatment of animals not against them and we never said we don’t care about poeple we care so much we even believe in animals!the seal hunt is awful the young seals also feel pain and have lives they know how to survive and as a Canadian am proud of what the us senates doing

  • Kristi says:

    FINALLY!!!! Someone is looking out for these little guys!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • c&a says:

    we have to stop noncence before it gets out of hand!no one can stop this but the people of the cuontry it happens in.i as a canadien have started a club at the local elementery school for grades35.pleasewill anyone reading this please do the same.

  • Tim says:

    I can’t believe there is actually someone defending this. Who gives any human the right to decide what animals need to be killed off. How is it more merciful to get your head bashed in to the point where you aren’t totally killed and skinned while still half alive! Wow there are some sick individuals if you think that is more merciful than a normal death by nature. Who gave anyone the right to say a living thing is worth killing because of how it looks? I don’t care how it looks the point is we have no right treating the seals they way they are.

  • luke says:

    Robert whoother than peta folks would pay large amounts of money to see just seals? maybe toss in a wolf eating a musk ox or polar bear eating a seal that is why most people go to africa. they want to see death. africa can teach canada something my foot!!! hello darfur!?!? you all should listen to titus. we may not have to club seals but if we do not there will be a great die off but i guess you do not care as long as they are dead by the works or nature and not the hand of man?

  • Chasidy says:

    Im sick of people not doing anything about these poor animals getting hurt 247! I’m only 14 and i think i care more about this then the ex president Bush did and im sick of this happening and im glad PETA is trying to stop it!! 3333333 Chasidy

  • ashrose says:

    Titus you’re a moron. Slaughtering seals has nothing to do with sustaining human life. Furthermore I don’t care if YOU think the seals are UGLY that’s not our point! We don’t just defend animals because we think they’re cute. We defend animals because they are living creatures that deserve to thrive on the food chain like the rest of us. And slaughtering seals isn’t something that’s natural to our food chain. Lastly if I dropped you in the middle of the ocean and asked you to try to remain on top of the food chain you’d laugh at the prospect because you’d know your chances for survival are zero. You’d say this scenario isn’t fair oh well it’s just as unfair as humans with clubs hunting seals that are as slow as snails on land. It’s called unfair advantage and it’s called advanced civilization we no longer have to do these things to animals in order to obtain food and live a healthy comfortable lifestyle. What you describe is called an affluent lifestyleget off your high horse!

  • Kaitlin H. says:

    I’m SO glad to hear this! The U.S should have tried to put a stop to this from the beginning but better late than never! Let the seals live in peace dammit!!!!

  • Oliver says:

    Come on… get over it Canada we dont live in the stoneage enymore… Good job…..

  • Robert says:

    Finally something our government leaders put forth that we can be proud of and get behind. Calling Canada several nations of Africa have much to teach you in the areas of working WITH the environment to solve financial issues. Rather than hunt their animals they now hunt those who hunt their animals because its the animals who bring in the tourists and thus a steady stream tourist dollars. And given that your entire seal hunt amounts to $16 Million is pathetic on an national scale. Eco tourism could muster that paltry sum in no time flat. However in order to make it happen you need to step out of the dark ages of obsolete policy.

  • Titus says:

    gods people. Have any of you looked at the economic or ecological implications of the seal hunt? Rather than doctored data released by your almight brainwashing PETA? These creatures are more than a bit overpopulated folks. They are starving to death. Now you consider the slow process of death through starvation vs having your skull cracked open. Neither ones pretty but ones a heck of a lot more merciful. The animals are used not merely slaughtered skinned and left to rot as they would have you believe. They die so that we may live and I respect these creatures for that. The shame is in our forefathers errors that led to these creatures becoming overpopulated and putting a further strain on their own food supplies. Much as youd prefer to believe it was all fault of the evil humans. We are all just animals folks and in the natural order of things animals kill one another to survive. Ive done it my ancestors have done it and no matter how cute or cuddly the critted may be im afraid I’ll continue to do it. I take no perverse pleasure from killing another living thing. Its merely something I do to practice a form of sustainable living. Nevertheless i am off topic. I highly reccomend you all take the time to LOOk at the seal hunt to see what it is what it accomplishes. And take a close look at some of the kind hard working folks who will begin starving with their families when you fools stop this hunt. Last but not least those lovely pics of the cute lil white furred seals you PETA folks are so fond of posting are a sham. Those seals haven’t been hunted or slaughtered for their furs since around the 70s. We hunt the lil mud brown buggers that hiss and have the nastiest bite you ever saw. Open your eyes make up your own minds based off of ALL the data not just what you are fed from one side or the other.

  • Jessica Donner says:

    It’s about bloody time!!! Those poor seals. Hell no to fur!!!!!

  • Carsorox :) says:

    poor seals… those canadians are usually awesome eh?

  • carla says:

    Wake up Canadian Government… Do you not get it yet?????????????????????

  • Heleene says:

    You know what im only 13 years old and I AM FRIGGIN discusted with the way that these poor defenseless animals are being treated. It is absolutlely HORRIBLE. And i am soo glad that somebody is actually coming to their friggin senses and stopping this!! This has gotta stop!

  • Seal says:

    Are you sure is US senate resolution 84? I have searched it and it has to do something with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Neil Warne says:

    I don’t VeganKy. And while I’m at it perhaps we should consider the inquiries and investigations that should be opened into the massacre once it concludes. On the plus side we can start considering Canada an “ally” in the fight against whaling bullfighting chicken slaughtering at McDonalds have not eaten there or at KFC for years etc.

  • VeganKy says:

    I’m glad that they are taking action to stop the seal hunt. I am Canadian and I hate the fact that people think it is the Canadian citizens that approve of the hunt. Harper is an idiot. I didn’t vote for him. Thank you U.S Senate!

  • Curtis says:

    Good job Senators!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    If all the diehard carnivores in the United States Senate are condemning the seal hunt it irrefutably verifies that even detached people consider the seal hunt an abomination.