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Why We’re Urging ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star to Give Up Her Dogs

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post | August 8, 2014

PETA is urging Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans to do the right thing and allow her dogs to be placed in a better home, following a barrage of complaints about disturbing scenes of abuse and neglect in the show’s latest episode.

Jenelle is shown screaming and swearing at dogs Jax and Moogan, who are apparently kept locked in small cages in a garage most of the time, deprived of the exercise and attention that they desperately need. After Moogan escapes from his cage and relieves himself on the floor, Jenelle screams and swears at him, drags him across the floor by his collar, threatens to get rid of him, and locks him back in the cage. Later, both dogs are shown cowering in fear, crammed into the same tiny cage—which is so small that they can’t even stand up or turn around. After trying unsuccessfully to force Jax into a different tiny crate, Jenelle screams at the dogs and turns both of them loose outdoors, apparently hoping that they won’t come back.

peta2 Dog Abuse Posterdog photo ©

PETA’s letter to Jenelle points out that dogs suffer immensely when they’re caged for hours at a time just because it’s “convenient” for their guardians. As we explain in the letter, “[D]ogs are not toys or amusements or possessions just to have around. They are highly social pack animals, who crave the company of people and other dogs. They deserve to be taken for long walks, allowed to play in the park, and treated as valued family members, not inconveniences in a busy life.”

Let’s all commit to giving our own canine family members the best life possible by keeping them indoors, taking them for lots of long walks, always speaking to them gently, and never chaining or crating them.

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  • Jolanda HM says:

    She doesn’t deserve these dogs, how sad how se neglect them
    And even worse is that the camera crew film this all and do nothing to help the dogs it’s disgusting that this came on TV.
    Of course they not listing to her, if she is nice and have more patience with her dogs, they are bored sitting in a small crate for a long time, its cruelty these dogs need attention and love.
    And how can you expect if your not walking with your dogs for a long time, that they pie and poo everywhere.. It’s So sad.
    If I was living there in the neighborhood I would do something about it, with the community together….( and where is the animal welfare?)
    I have watch this much later then in the USA hope they haven already taken some action for there poor dogs …

  • I was horrified when i watched Teen Mom tonight. Please give them To a better home!! I am from Holland and i don’t know if this is still the same sittuation there? If it is cant the producers from Teen Mom do something here? Greetings from a dog lover.

  • Melissa Littlewood says:

    I completely agree. I feel devastated for those doggies every time I see them on teen mom

  • Megan says:

    I can’t believe mtv even aired it!!! I’m so sick of the mistreatment. She should have her dogs taken away or she should do the right thing by giving them to PETA

  • Lucy says:

    simple. take the dogs off her she clearly doesn’t deserve them!!

  • Ashley says:

    It is so sad to see how these dogs are being treated. She is a horrible person and what is even more sad that she gets all this fame for being such a terrible person! Who gets treated worse? Her dogs or her son Chase?

  • Allison says:

    I don’t even watch this show or any other trashy reality show, but when I was flipping through the channels last night, the dogs caught my attention. These dogs should be taken away from this girl, family or whatever they are IMMEDIATELY! Not only was she screaming and terrifying these poor dogs, but they live in cages in a dirty garage. Are you kidding me, and this is being televised as if all is okay. Dogs are sensitive, emotional, domesticated, companion animals and should NEVER live chained or in a cage in a backyard or in a garage EVER! They should live inside a HOME with their human family pack and be loved and cared for OR DON’T HAVE PETS! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! What the hell is wrong with our society and why are these trashy people on reality television being glorified. Just unbelievable. Millions of dogs, puppies and pure bred dogs are being killed in shelters each year due to this country having NO laws pertaining to overbreeding and then people can legally keep their dogs in crates and chained up outside 24/7? They are freezing to death in the winter, dying of heat stroke in the summer and nothing is done. What the hell is wrong with people in this country. Why is this animal abuse and neglect widely accepted and legal?

  • JC says:

    I was shocked at Janelle’s treatment of these dogs. It made me sick. These dogs should be taken away from her. I feel so sorry for the unborn child who totally lost in the parent lottery.

  • Tiff says:

    She can’t take care of her own kid! Mtv should had done something those poor dogs. If my home was big enough I would take them in a heart beat. I am done watching that show. They need to take her off. And report her dor animal cruelty. If you love dogs and all animals and think its wrong to treat them that way Boycott MTV and Teen Mom 2 .

  • I will not watch this show any longer. This girl & boyfriend need to be educated! The law needs to get involved! Dr Drew get involved. Where is the compassion for animals. Take the dogs away from her! Boycotting MTV. Why are producers not intervening? ???

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