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Urban Decay Restored to Cruelty-Free List

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 6, 2012


Great news! Following thousands of your e-mails and talks with PETA, Urban Decay has announced that it won’t sell its products in China until non-animal testing methods are accepted there. We are delighted that Urban Decay is staying true to its ethic of producing top-quality products without harming animals—even though it means giving up a market share in China—and we’re pleased to return the company to our list of cruelty-free companies! 

The following was originally published on June 7:

After years of touting its “no animal testing” policy, Urban Decay has let down caring consumers everywhere. The company opted to start selling its products in China even though Chinese law requires that cosmetics companies pay for many of their products to be tested on animals in Chinese laboratories before they can be marketed in that country.

For each test required by the Chinese government, superior non-animal methods are available. PETA has jump-started the effort for acceptance of non-animal tests by awarding a grant to the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, which is working with scientists and regulatory bodies to replace animal tests in China. Thanks to the work of these PETA-funded scientists, the Chinese government is now poised to accept its first-ever non-animal test for cosmetics ingredients.

Urban Decay has long held a spot on PETA’s list of cruelty-free companies and offers an extensive line of vegan makeup, but it has turned its back on animals. Urban Decay could delay its entry into China, but the company is putting profits over principles.  

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  • aogima1 says:

    soo excited!

  • nathalie says:

    Parce qu’il faut que ca cesse une bonne fois pour toute, soyons leur voix!

  • nathalie says:

    just stop please

  • F. Rinaldi says:

    È inaudita una simile scelta da una simile azienda!

  • barbara cuzzupoli says:

    voglio un mondo civile e un mondo civile non sfutta nessun essere vivente a suo vantaggio

  • cuzzupoli barbara says:


  • ORNELLA says:






  • Martine says:

    They only did a u-turn becasue of massive pressure from the public. Then they lie and say they decided not to go to China because of their animal testing. NEVER will I touch UD products.

  • Mermaid says:

    They didn’t stop because of PETA. 2 weeks after they pulled out of china, LUSH launched a 34-piece cosmetics line WORLDWIDE. You probably have heard of their “FIGHTING AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING” campaign from this past spring. Yeah. They launched make-up and it’s more than 50% natural and containing only 1-2 parabens and the safest synthetics. After MAC hitting up China earlier this year, it’s no wonder UD got a little scared of the new competition.

  • Paula says:

    STOP LEGALISED ANIMAL TORTURE NOW!!!!!! For heavens sake, ANIMALS are not on this earth to be tortured. STOP IT NOW!!!

  • vivianne viscione says:

    am shocked to learn that Urban Decay has made the unfortunate decision to begin marketing its products in China, despite China’s animal testing requirement, and despite Urban Decay’s longstanding policy against animal testing. If you do not withdraw your decision, I will not be your customer anymore and I will invite to do the same my family, friends, colleagues, and members of online communities as well. Please, make both the ethical and financially-responsible decision to discontinue your plan to market your products in China: You can wait for some years, until the requirement of testing cosmetics on animals will be dropped. Anti-vivisection non-profit organizations and companies as well are working in this direction: Please, be part of this effort, do not step out of this important initiative for profit’s sake, only because you want to start selling in China immediately! None of your statements and explanations will have any influence on my decision: Only revoking your plan to enter in the China market can change the situation. Best regards, Vivianne Viscione

  • Rowena Sheppard says:

    I am glad to hear you won’t be joining the cruelty wagon in China. I for one will never buy products produced in China for the same reason

  • ME says:

    PEOPLE, RE-READ the article. Urban Decay has decided to STOP selling products in China. They made the right decision and are still cruelty free.

  • Doris says:

    “Urban Decay has announced that it won’t sell its products in China until non-animal testing methods are accepted there.” This is great news! But Estee Lauder, Mary Kay and Avon are still testing on animals so they can sell in China?

  • Silvia Casali says:

    So? It’s affordable urban decay now? Are you sure for stop testing animals?

  • anastasya kataeva says:

    stop offering our friends!!!

  • erickag says:

    I am SO happy to hear they’re not giving in! Such a good example for other companies. Hopefully there will be more to follow that example

  • Marina K. says:

    Stop valuing profit over animals

  • Judy Boone says:

    Stop the horrific abuse caused by your company

  • Ир says:

    I am fir non-animal testing methods !

  • Kaoria says:

    Well then there’s no more eyeshadow primer for me in as far as UD is concerned; no more lip primers, eye shadows or any of the other products I loved and felt so good using, knowing they did not entail a poor animal suffering for my vanity. Sad day, really.

  • Kristen dean says:

    Disgusted by this news.

  • Melanie says:

    I feel so sick and heartbroken. The picture of the poor rat makes me wanna cry. I am so sad. Shame on you urban decay! I was a faithful customer but now, you’ve lost me and many others.

  • carol says:

    How many times must we tell these people that we already know that if you put anything, even water, in a delicate eye, it will become inflamed. This is so sad and sickening to see. I will never buy their products and I try not to buy anything from China at all – they don’t have what it takes yet to make me change my mind on their animal rights or human rights. They are no friends to animals YET!

  • E says:

    If a humam was used in this poor creatures place people would be up in arms, the owners put in jail for a long time…just imagine the pain this little animal must go thru. Horrific! Certainly not worth doing this for a product. Never will buy from you. Will tell all my friends…your company should really think long term, for people with values, not short term.

  • Puglvr says:

    SOOO very sad!! Great products we can no longer buy. Morals over Money!!!!

  • Tazamatic says:

    Animal testing in labs for drugs and other medical advances could become things of the past if the EU and the religious right would let the Human Embryonic Stem Cells be developed without all their political might used to halt those programs. There are enough HESCs in a lab of a company in California to produce all the cells needed to conduct all preclinical drug screening in the world without using a single animal for that purpose. They do not have to take any new embryo’s for any of their programs yet the religious right have created a climate that is forcing this company to shut down their programs. The Greenpeace action in the EU voiding all patent protection on any HESC derived product in the EU has done huge amounts of harm. It takes billions of dollars to devolop these programs to improve the quality of life and who would invest Billions in creating technology if Joe down the street can sit back let you do all the work then take what you did for nothing? HESC’s offer the best avenue in the Drug screening and regenerative medicine feild and it eliminates the needs for animals in those areas.

  • A says:

    Please do not market your goods in China. Stop valuing profit over animals. I thought you were better than this. Your values don’t stop being important, just because you can make a quick buck (er..yuan). Please reconsider. I don’t think the Chinese market will accept your high end products, and most Chinese don’t care about non-animal tested products. Your foray into their country won’t change that. There will always be cheaper alternatives of lower quality. Don’t waste your time and money, and stay out of China until they change their ancient laws.

  • Michelle Nordon says:

    So very saddened and disgusted by this news. Urban Decay, please turn this terrible decision around if you want any hope of regaining the trust, and business, of so many of us who have been your customers for years but who are now turning resolutely away from your company.