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Update: Pamela Anderson at the Homeless Shelter

Written by PETA | November 14, 2007

Update: The event was a huge success! Pam dished out plate after plate of the faux turkey, which was a big hit with the guests at the homeless shelter. Check out these exclusive pics:


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  • cory haywood says:

    i understand that all of you want animals to have their rights and everything and i agree that animals should not be abused but what are we going to do with all the animals. if we let them out they could way over populate….do you really want 400 pound hogs or 2500 pound bulls to be running wild through your city and actually putting humans in danger. meat is good

  • Henry Josè Torres Po says:

    Hola Pamela recibe un saludo de tu admirador Henry de Venezuelame parece extraordinario el aporte que has hecho con esas personas sigue Amor!hacia adelante chao.

  • akhilesh goel says:

    dear pamela great job but it will be more great when you will become 100 Veg

  • LUNA says:


  • Amy Scott says:

    Great work Pammy !!!

  • Daphne says:

    Thank you Pam you are doing a great job and I am proud of you. You are an inspiration to so many. Keep it up people notice what you do and your work helps to get more people to follow the PETA way of life. After viewing horrific video’s of animal abuse I became a PETA member and a vegetarian.

  • Elaine Donovan says:

    Keep up the good work Pamela alot of ‘celebs’ just use the veggie thing to get publicity your one of the few who practises what you preach.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Michele If that made you almost vomit then you must not have a very strong stomach.

  • Kerry Bowman says:

    I became a vegetarian from seeing the horrific undercover videos and I forward them to my friends and family. Keep up the great work Pamela and Peta! You know the debate about whether or not humans have a Godgiven right to kill animals is long and heated. I am not a bible expert so I can’t really get into a debate about it. I was involved with a church for a while. And I learned many valuable teachings of Christ. The things he said really inspired us and gave us direction and answers to life’s questions. I remember one of his most wonderful teachings was ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you.’ Again I am not an expert. But it seems to me that animals are included in this teaching. It’s not hard to agree that the bible is quite outdated in many of the things it says. It would be very difficult for women nowadays to accept that they are merely possessions of their husbands. Howeverin biblical times it was quite natural. And we have seen the world renounce slavery. Yet in biblical times it was the norm. So I think we’re getting to a point where we simply need to ask ourselves ‘would I want someone to do this to me? or would I want others to respect my life and give me the kindness they’d want in return?’ That’s all. God Bless.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love pamela! she is my inspiration and to Rafael Miranda ConservativeNO.1 I hope someday you get treated like those poor innocent animals then you’ll understand. just because they are not human dosn’t mean they can’t feel pain. Cory Haywood I’ve been to one and small one actually two. one was a chicken farm where they raised chick to become fat in a crowded shed full of shit everywere u could hardly opean your mouth. the other was a dairy farm where they were standing in their feces up to their knees all day all. and both these were small family owned farms in the country part of virginia. I can only imagine what its like on bigger more “modern” ones.

  • Kelly Carson says:

    Thank you Pam for all you do! Canadian eh? Woo hoo! From another BC girl.

  • ken says:

    your all a bunch of turkeys.

  • Jenna says:

    I’m 16 and after i accidently got a PETA magazine in the mail i did some research and figured out i was going to switch my whole life completely. I have been vegetarian now for 9 months and not a day goes by that i miss meat. So thanks to people like PETA and its supporters PAM the world could change their lifestyle like i changed mine. Happy Holidays and Pam what you did was wonderful just one more thing for me to be happy about this season

  • A. Burrows says:

    Way to go Pam! I’ve toyed with the idea of going vegetarian forever. It isn’t Thanksgiving here in Canada but I plan on a totally vegetarian Christmas this year. One meal at a time. Thanks for all your work on behalf of those unable to speak for themselves and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  • Erika Lopez says:

    Hi pam I think its great that your helping people who are less fortunate. People seeing you not only being a vegetarian but also helping others is very inspiring! Happy Holidays to all Vegetarian’s and Vegan’s!

  • Janice says:

    PAM is the best. She continues to give of her time energy and money to support animal rights and to get the message out to these idiots who think this is all made up. God how stupid can a person be????? YOU ROCK PAM AND PETA!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING!!!

  • Ariel says:

    Cory Haywood You might not be back to read this but all is not lost if other people read it Please allow me to explain it is a common misconception by nonar’s activists of what ar’s activism is about. Animal rights’ activism is about justice rights and freedom…for those who cannot speak for themselves the animals. The animals who are captured enslaved tortured abused exploited mercilessly slaughtered and used for barbaric archaic fruitlessmeaningless experimentation. It is a movement that is VERY parallel to so many other movements in the past that had made GREAT progress for society such as antislavery antisegregationdiscrimination movements women’s right to vote child labor laws etc. Animal Rights’ is the grassroots movement about educating the public concerning SO many numerous aspects in which ultimately it proves that ALL life is interrelated and therefore ALL life should be respected and that ALL life sentinent beings have a right to live free from enslavement abuse torture exploitation and killing. These evils or negative forces are the expressions and actions et al the direct results of mankind’s greed vanity indifference lack of conscience lack of sympathyempathy and unjust superiority for sentinent beings that they consider to be inferior and are worthless except for their selfish gain of the almighty dollar.seems like the slaves women child laborers being inferior and segregation doesn’t it? ALL of us human animals and animals only have this one world. And it is not until we realize that ALL life including our fragile environment should be respected and very very carefully monitored for responsible stewardship… Contrarily we have hate murders destruction and wars. It is not until mankind respects and values ALL life can we ever be at peace. Yes it can get quite heated due to deeply passionate realizations and convictions by ara’s. However just with the true examples mentioned above that made great strides for humanity there was NOT one movement in history that did not have to deal with hostile adversities towards them which was inclusive of any or all of imprisonment beatings killing hate crimes verbal abuse etc. which in turn the progressive activists did NOT retreat but remained relentless for their causes. Therefore we as ara’s cannot be submissive or apathetic towards our cause. We must FIRMLY speak out quite often pertinent to each person which unfortunately in turn is misconstrued as “insults” “abrasive” and “forcing” people telling them how they should live their lives. No not at all. We either profoundly educate so that people can have the opportunity to make openminded justifiable educated decisions.

  • domenic ruffolo says:

    i love u

  • Janet Nilsen says:

    Pam I pray for you and your family every day. You are a special angle. Please don’t take to heart any negative remarks from some people. They are not fully informed or just don’t care enough. I have so much respect for your hard work. I know how much time and effort goes into what you do but know that you are changing minds and giving people like me encouragement to do my part. God bless you Janet

  • Michele says:

    Laura Lord that is so wonderful that your eyes have been opened to what really happens to nonhuman animals on this earth. I stopped eating meat a few years ago and joined PETA at the same time. It has completely changed my life and I feel so good that I am now able to spare the lives of animals. It is too bad that many people still think that most farm operations have happy cows and chickens wandering around. Unfortunately most animals used for meat are in factoryfarm operations where the animals are just horribly treated. BILLIONS of animals are slaughtered every year just for humans to use for their food. Now that I am aware of the horrific treatment suffered by these animals I can’t believe that I ever enjoyed eating meat. Just looking at it on the grocery store shelves makes me want to vomit now. Pamela Anderson is a wonderful kind person who does so much for the animals. Just because she has big breasts does not mean that she can’t speak up for animals! Honestly some of the people commenting on this topic seem like complete idiots!

  • Amy says:

    Amazing woman!! Thanks Pamela!

  • Fakirchand J. Dalal says:

    I and my Family are Originally from India Now Naturalized Citizens of U.S.a. We are now Vegan and Do Not Consume Any Animal Products Including Meat Fish Fowl Eggs etc. and Eat All Plant Based Food for Good Health Environment and Compassion. We save Our Planet from Global Warming One Person At A Time. We Are Practicing NONVIOLENCE. Real Thanks on a Thanks Giving and Healthy and Happy Holiday Season.

  • holly says:

    heey pam that was really nice what you did for the homeless people and i think thaat you are really nice but what i was meanning to ask you was that i am doing a speach on animal abuse and about k.f.c if you could could you pleaseemail me abck thankyou holly

  • Jo says:

    To Rafael Miranda ConservativeNO.1. Wish I believed in Buddhism so that one day you will become what you eat.

  • Joseph Cruz says:

    Hey Pamela this is Joseph Cruz have been one of your fans for a very long time you filmed Barbed Wire with my ex boyfriend. Just wanted to commend you on the stance you have taken to protect animals from being slaughtered. it would be great if there could be a movie made where us humans are the guiny pigs kind of like Planet Of The Apes. All animals that are being killed can play different roles like rabbit people can be scientists dogs can be security etc. Its a way out there idea but people need to open their eyes and get involved and be empathic. I hope other celebrities get inspired by your work and use their fame to be bring light to this horrible problem. I have faith that this problem will one day be part of our history and not our future thanks to people like you. Your heart is just as beautiful as you are truly. Thank you for making a difference more power to you girl. God Bless. Regards Joseph Cruz

  • guadalupe says:

    Pamela its fantastic to have people like u helping people and animals during thanksgiving.. thanks for doing it and for having a good heart..

  • Hollie says:

    Your the Best Pam. Keep up the good work because your doing a great job for the animals.Your a Great Person!

  • Laura Lord says:

    Last night’s documentary film on HBO by PETA really opened my eyes to the horrible treatment of animals in slaughter houses. I fully support this organization and have decided to become a Vegetarian myself.