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Undead Descend on Steakhouse

Written by PETA | October 26, 2011

In a move that would have made horror film legend Vincent Price proud, PETA’s “zombies” haunted patrons at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Cincinnati yesterday, just in time for Halloween.

Our enlightened undead let everyone know that flesh is for zombies and advised them to “eat grains, not brains.” Many flesh-eaters used their brrrrraaaaaiiiiins and got information about going vegetarian or vegan.

If even zombies are urging people to bury their meat habit, you know that the stuff is gross. For meals that will bring your taste buds back to life, check out our hundreds of tasty meatless recipes.

And for more Halloween enjoyment, text “spooky” to 73822 to guide PETA’s feathered friend Nugget safely through a zombie-filled haunted house. Text message and data rates may apply (see full texting terms and conditions here).


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Angela Talarico says:

    Because meat (dead animal) putrifies or ROTS quickly, the intestines of carnivores are far shorter (3 times their body length) than those of vegetarian animals (six times their body length) so that the meat gets digested and eliminated quickly. Humans, like other vegetarian animals, have intestines six times the body length. Vegetarians have lived healthy lives for decades, clearly proving that meat-eating is not at all “mandated by nature”. In fact, meat-eating has been shown be be HARMFUL to human health. No health advisories have ever recommended that people need to eat more meat. On the contrary, health and medical advisories have always, without exception, strongly recommended that people need to eat more fruits and vegetables, and limit meat consumption. Also, apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, and so on) ALSO possess canine teeth, AND THEY ARE ALL vegetarians. Some chimps have been observed eating insects, but they do not need canine teeth to tear apart insects. Panda bears have more canine teeth than humans, yet are exclusively vegetarian, eating bamboo.

  • Carla* says:

    No actually we’re not meant to eat meat. Our small and large intestines are more of a herbivores’ not a carnivores’ which some people might think, we can not process (digest) meat like the carnivore. And I’m sorry I don’t have teeth like the lion.

  • April Silverman says:

    Some experts say that dolphins and whales might be more intelligent than humans–certainly more intelligent than many “humans.” What torture to imprison such a brilliant being in such a tiny space week after week, month after month, a space devoid of any hunting or play or normal interactions with the vastness of the sea and other orcas, friends, and family.