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U.K. Style Writer Slams Kanye Over Fur and Skins

Written by PETA | March 9, 2012

Writing for the website of the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Liz Jones brilliantly eviscerated bloated bag of ego “musician” Kanye West for his use of animal fur and skins in his Paris Fashion Week show.

Jones reminds readers that astrakhan, West’s material of choice, “is the fur of an unborn lamb. Yes, a foetus. The sheep is slaughtered, and the unborn lamb is ripped from her womb, its coat still curly and unformed.” Other designs featured crocodile skin and fox fur.

But the best part is when Jones speculates on West’s motivation:

Well, for one, he was undoubtedly sponsored, probably by Saga furs, the body that governs and promotes the fur trade in North America.

Second, he has no ideas, or anything new to give us. He doesn’t know how to cut a pattern, or construct a seam, or even sew a buttonhole.

But he wants us to think his collection is luxurious, elitist and covetable, so he falls back on the thing that all designers with no imagination or morals fall back on: electrocuting small animals via their vagina or rectum, and often skinning them alive.


This is the worst that Kanye has looked since his disastrous Auto-Tune–free appearance on Saturday Night Live. Or since his charity was caught giving nothing to, well, charity. Or since he gracelessly crashed Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards. Or since … well, you get the idea.

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  • kate says:

    stop it please!!!!

  • Elle says:

    I am shocked to see one of my favourite artists Kayne West to be wearing fur!! I, along with my friends are totally against this cruelty and i think it’s about time to delete your music off my ipod!!

  • Christine says:

    This man was horrid even before he started this BS! I’ve never, and will never, listen to his tacky/crappy music ever! What a rotten human. Karma police will catch up to him hopefully sooner than later!

  • claudio says:

    wearing furs sucks and anybody who’s doing it is definitely a douchebag!

  • teona says:

    Although my hatred for Kanye West cannot be described in words for more reasons than his lack of talent in any field, I completely agree with jshnkr. He is not the only ‘designer’ using fur, so why only target him? But I guess this may stop other amatures from using such inhumane techniques.

  • Sasha says:

    Kanye West disgusts me. He is not a respectable person let alone celebrity/rapper in any way, shape or form. He has sat next to animal activists at fashion shows and has even said to them “There’s not enough fur in this show.” It is such a shame that someone who can make a positive impact chooses not to. 90% of his DW line is fox fur. I can’t look. Anyone see the oversized fox fur backpack? Made me sick to my stomach. I will never, ever support Kanye West.

  • carla lesh says:

    He’s a male hag as is Jho and the rest of these losers in hollywood. Maybe someday they will be skinned alive!!!!!

  • jshnkr says:

    Though I tentatively applaud the author’s condemnation of Kanye West’s excessive use of furs, particularly the cruel practice of astrakhan, I do feel she jumped on a particular bandwagon, namely bash Kanye West. As an outsider breaking into the world of fashion he has, rightly or wrongly, had a particular rough time of it. His show was at the end of the fashion weeks in the four major fashion capitals where the fur was flying left right and centre. What about a designer such as Miuccia Prada taking her bow at Miu Miu in an astrakhan pantsuit or younger hip designers such Peter Pilotto, Gareth Pugh and Hakaan using fur as well…what I’m trying to say “why single out one?” On surveying the fashion week coverage, I use the vote down button on on any look using fur…

  • Koukla says:

    Kanye what a loser, yeah he’s a real man. I am gonna throw his cd away now I know the kind of perspn he is. I will not by any of his music again. Coward!

  • Cherub says:

    shame on u …. u call ur self designer… clothes or colors went less … so u opted for helpless speechless animals… loser ur !!!

  • leanne marie poundall says:

    nothing glam about having a dead animal on you for show… no reason at all the hurt or kill innocent anmimals… it does not make you look better.. inface the opposite… get a life..and save the animals lifes…. !! shame on any one that harms animals…

  • Lexx says:

    Shame on you Kanye. You wearing FUR= tacky. No real talent piecing dead animals together. Your name should be Kanye Lame.

  • SUSANNA says:

    FREEDOM TO ALL ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elena Heydari says:

    Kayne West i hate you know and i hope you get the worst from Life for all that pain you give this Poor Little animals.

  • BB in CA says:

    And he’ll keep wearing fur until we stop supporting his habit. Also Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, etc. STOP supporting their careers in any way & search “20 Celebrities Who Wear Fur”

  • Stefano Sgreccia says:

    People who comes from poorness becoming rich is the worst example of human life. I really wish Maya was right and the world ends this year.

  • Caro says:

    shame on Kanye!

  • Myh Gail Mars says:

    SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU ARE A LOW LIFE KANYE WEST!!! Why dont you sit down and read about the truth with furs!!!! if u can even read!

  • Oanh says:


  • Regina says:

    How come this is not all over the TV????? Why only stupid news are on????? Can we make this more popular so more people will help prevent this type of cruelty?

  • mary says:

    This guy has no respect for women and now animals. Take a hard look Kanye– many careers have been badly damaged by a celebrity making stupid moves.You’re now an official member of the stupids.Enjoy while you can. P.S you can be a comedian if your current profession fails because only a few sadistic fans take you seriously. Wake UP!

  • 30stmFantasy says:

    And he’ll keep wearing fur until we stop supporting his habit. Also Rihanna, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, etc. STOP supporting their careers in any way & search “20 Asshole Celebrities Who Wear Fur”

  • Grayham Cane says:

    “SHAME on anyone who wears fur,suede,leather…anything related to dead animals…” – like Liz Jones, the author of the article in question ? In her UK fashion columns, she’s always praising ‘buttery-soft leather jackets’ and was very recently photographed wearing a suede skirt: I think you’ll agree that this somewhat dilutes the impact of her words.

  • annie says:

    Shame on him.FUR ON ANIMALS ONLY.

  • Inger Davidsen says:

    SHAME ON YOU!! Fur is murder and that means you are a murder,,, How small minded are you that can’t take information what you put on your body.

  • Sarah Cottin says:

    The shame

  • Jonon Dadali says:

    As Janet once said, “George bush hates black people” well, I think it’s apparent that kanye hates animals and has no respect for life.

  • A says:

    For Crying out loud that dude is completely out of his mind , I trough he was just a ass when he did that to Taylor Swift but this is going to far, arrogant, and now a killer

  • Zenna, Freddy, and Joey says:

    Kanye is an ignorant fool and so is his fur loving sidekick, Kim Kardashian.

  • Reiko Scharf says:

    Es ist das letzte immer noch Pelz zu verwenden.

  • Shelia says:

    Stop!!!!!!!!!!! The abuse and murder of these animals for there fur.

  • samantha says:

    What a pathetic excuse of a person!! He should be ASHAMED-what a jerk!!!! TAKE A STAND AND STOP CRUELTY TO HARMLESS ANIMALS!!

  • Iris Pfister says:

    Can`t believe it… There`s no emphaty in her. She should go and see what she`s talking about or do it herself once.

  • Karenanne Gerriror says:

    SHAME on anyone who wears fur,suede,leather…anything related to dead animals. Kanye…you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Aman says:

    i would never touch ur clothes ever! they r bloodied!

  • Sam says:

    no animal should be on your body. why should they die for you to have a fashion statement!! cruel and so not necessary.!! i dont buy or support any place or person that contributes to the suffering of any innocent being for the please of ones designs or fashions. shame on anyone who feels it needs to be part of thier lives.

  • Eli B. says:

    This is an example of what happens when a person like West is given too much power and money; he is unable to know what to do with his money. Does he not know that there are thousands of people all over the world dying of hunger and cold?



  • Julien Thibault says:

    simply unbereable

  • carlo says:

    vergognatevi siete orribili

  • Alessandra says:

    siete orrendi

  • sasha says:

    fai schifo, vergognati

  • Lisa says:

    well said Liz jones

  • Tuula Vilppu says:

    STOP! Fur is wearing by beautiful animals and ugly people.

  • Tanja Rieger says:

    Stop this cruelty NOW!

  • Treena Livesley says:

    This is human depravity scraping new lows.