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Top Ten Most Karmic Moments for Animal Abusers in 2008

Written by PETA | December 16, 2008

Ever notice how bad begets bad? Well, in the world of animal abuse, folks often have a way of getting themselves hurt and even killed when trying to do the same to other animals. Besides the obvious “eat meat and die” connection, we at The PETA Files have seen quite a few instances of folks more creatively or elaborately harming or endangering themselves over the years—including large-scale property destruction and truly ironic animal attacks.

With that in mind, I bring you our Top 10 “Payback Is Hell” moments of 2008:

10. While striking his dog with a gun to make him release a bone, a man managed to shoot himself. Granted, I don’t think there’s any safe place to point a gun, but letting the “business end” face you as you swing it like a club? Wow. Maybe he’ll think twice about hitting his dog next time—if he, ya know, survived.

9. What happens when you anger a 10-foot python who’s been stuck in a cage for a long time? An intern at a Venezuelan zoo found out when he decided to play with the snake during his night shift. Turns out that snakes are fond of strangling and swallowing their prey (someone really should put that on Wikipedia).

8. Some people shoo wasps away with their hands. Others think it’s fair play to go after them with lighted torches. One monk learned that when you play with fire, you (and your entire temple) might get burned (to the ground).

7. While tracking a deer whom he had shot and was in the process of killing, a hunter apparently misjudged a cliff’s edge and fell off.

6. A New Jersey man tried to kill insects in his apartment with bug spray, but the propellant chemicals in the spray seemed to have some unforeseen consequences. He succeeded in killing many bugs, but probably not so much because of the poison as because of the explosion, which destroyed 80 percent of his apartment.

5. Though the purpose of “sea kitten hunting” is to dig a hook painfully into another being’s skin, one guy seems to have misread the how-to manual and managed to drive the hook into his own hand.

4. Have you ever seen bears who were forced to perform in captivity and felt sorry for how helpless they look? Well, it turns out gigantic land mammals with sharp, sharp teeth aren’t always that helpless—as demonstrated by the fatal attack that a bear at Predators in Action wild animal training center made against a trainer.

3. Why don’t we allow children to drive? Because it’s dangerous. Why do we allow children to kill animals with loaded firearms? Good question. Though some folks argue that children can be trusted with firearms if trained properly, I don’t think that helps the two men who were allegedly shot by one eight-year-old boy who had reportedly been taught how to use a deadly weapon to hunt animals.

2. After being jailed on burglary charges, a man was attacked by another inmate who chewed off a part of his ear (ewww!). What are the odds that something so disgusting and awful would happen to someone? To top it off, what are the odds that it would happen to a man who had previously been charged with cutting off a dog’s ears?!

1. Proving that using a .44 Magnum to kill mice is not a good idea, a trailer park resident managed to shoot herself and a bystander while trying to fire at a rodent who was simply trying to share her space. Is anyone else stunned that two accidental injuries occurred? PETA’s humane mousetrap, on the other hand, has never hurt a living soul.

I guess it just goes to show that what goes around may actually come around, so please make wise decisions when interacting with animals—you might have to answer for your actions.

Do you have your own “payback is hell” story, in which someone’s misdeeds to an animal don’t go unpunished? If so, comment below; we’d all love to hear it!

Written by Sean Conner

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  • Joe says:

    You just gotta love it when ppl get paid back for their transgressions. I share my place with 2 cats and I would go thermal if anyone so much S blinked in their direction the wrong way.

  • Christina says:

    I really hope that animal abusers will get the same treatment like they did to the animals, i’ve always had in my minds for those abusers will be tortured alive for days, got beaten and choke till almost die..oh and dont forget to put them in a room with toxic gas. Rly hate those people!!

  • babzno1 says:

    animal abuse is the same as child abuse it’s a destruction of innocence ppl who do either should be put to death it’s time for us as a society to rid the world of these ppl by any means

  • ShawnT11 says:

    Cannot even begin to tell you how happy (although the attempts at hurting these animals are horrible) i was at reading these stories really made my night; only wish karma could come round for these people more often, in my opinion anyone who decides to hurt or kill animals merely for their own pleasure should be tortured and killed anyway the laws too soft. It’s a good job I’m not a police officer because if i was, whenever i arrested someone accused of this I’d be finding the nearest alleyway with no CCTV and breaking every bone in their body.

  • Claudia says:

    I think that anybody who would hurt an innocent defenseless animal is a complete and utter COWARD. Someone who hurts a cat, for instance, needs to be locked in a cage with a TIGER and not let out. I think anyone who is abusive to animals is possessed by wicked spirits and is mentally ill.

  • GoldenMediocrity says:

    If a spider bites me then is attacked by a cat, I will put the spider in a safe place. If the cat scratches me and then is chased by a dog, I will put myself between them so the cat can get away. If the dog attacks me and then is shot by a man, I will take the dog to the vet and have it nursed back to health. If the man strikes me and then stumbles over a cliff, I will grab his hand and pull him to safety. Why? Because we are ALL animals and a part of this universe. To wish ill of anyone will only reflect upon one’sself. So let’s mind our own actions, lest Karma teach us first. THAT is true Buddhism. BOO to all forms of cruelty to any of God’s creatures!

  • Paul Kersey says:

    All animal abusers need to be killed, one way or another. Either private citizens should do this or the government should put the scum in gas chambers, along with street thugs, gang members, rapists, all violent offenders, burglars, and anyone else who abuses or takes advantage of weaker and more vulnerable beings.

  • Samantha says:

    I am a firm believer in “an eye for an eye” concept. Who needs to keep the abusers alive for long? Make these scuzzy people endure what they did to the animals, until their lives are snuffed out as well.

  • bill says:

    I break to run over animal abusers, and back over them to do it again! yeah i’m that person that causes animal abusers to be housed in “un-disclosed” locations.

  • Lynne says:

    Years ago, there was a photo on our local newspaper’s sports page of a man proudly holding up a bobcat he had killed. I wrote a scathing letter to the Editor, which drew response from both sides for weeks. A few months later, in the same paper, I read his obituary. Hunting accident. 🙂

  • Gir says:

    I Believe whole hearted in animal writes. in 90% of the time i’d pick an animal’s life over a humans. humans are smart and their for can defend them self. animals can not. but i am not against hunting at all in fact i hunt all the time but i use the animals remains. it controls the population preventing over population and starvation. if you go hunting and kill just for laughs thats wrong.

    • Sara Allen says:

      Just the fact that you are able to kill a breathing, living creature and end his or her life, makes you no different than a murder. There are also killers who use the remains of humans..

  • Jacque says:

    I’m beginning to love the PETA more and more! They respect animals alot And these humans DID deserve all they got.

  • Roy says:

    I dissagreeI do not think it is right to put people who kill animals in prison because the amount of money we pay as a united nation could go on better things such as natural resources we must HAVE! I understand that killing an animal is wrong but I agree most with the fact it can be a cleaner safer environment and we in everyday life will not have to suffer when it comes to goods and services trying to provide for our familys! That’s my truth

  • MARIELA says:

    I think this is so sad and at the same time funny. And we think we are the intelligent ones? Lets think again

  • Dianne says:

    Too bad there isn’t instant karma in every case of animal abuse! Unfortunately in many cases when an animal fights back they are the ones who become victimized again. Humans need to stand up and speak up for the animals…like the saying goes “By doing nothing you are showing your support.” More power to the animal crusaders!

  • jodi says:

    Lucy you do not think hunting is a problem. There is a difference between being humane and in humane…..Look it up

  • Kyra Adley says:

    I dont like the idear of hunting but i dont think its a problemtill people stop respecting the animal like if the indians kill a buffolow they use every bit only kill what they need and are forever gratefull to the animal for sacrificing there body. In these 10 cases and sadly many more the animal itself was not respected and yer I think karma was deffinatly a part of this the world works in a circle and if you brake it theres got to be a back lash

  • lucy wordsworth says:

    it never ceases to amaze and horrify me how cruel we humans can be killing animals for ‘sport’ ha thats a laugh what sport is it stalking innocent creatures with state of the art guns ? the cruelty some so called owners subject their animals to the fur industry the meat industry and the list goes on . I would love for all the people who participate in subjecting any animal to cruelty to stop for a moment and think how miraculous it was to bring that beautiful being into the world and that deer in the scope was loved and cared for by its mother and how pointless it is to snuff out its life . yes i believe in karma and indeed celebrate it what goes around certainly does come around and thank goodness for that .

  • Dana Barakat says:

    Yes I believe that what goes around ALWAYS comes around.

  • Erlyn says:

    Cause and effect. This world is more organized than most people realize. It is not possible to commit a violent act without experiencing an equivalent form of that violence. Likewise it is not possible to create positive peaceful experiences without enjoying the effects of those acts. The world is thankfully a wise being.

  • Ski Makepeace says:

    Why worry about catching the poor mouse all you have to do is make a nice safe little environment outside your home and leave a mix of peanut butter and rolled oats a liittle water together with some bedding and no mouse could resist? And you have your own out door pet!

  • sana says:

    yes !!! i love it i swear god teaches u in ur life if u do something wrong i realllyyy want this to happen to every person who disrespects animals in india bangaloresum teenagers dropped a puppy from a high building !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after that he also fell dats wat was in d newspaper……..

  • Savannah says:

    how about the hunters who were clubbing baby seals ended up drowning themselves….what goes around comes around

  • Amelia says:

    In February 2007 a South African man called Phillip Matthysen cut off his husky puppy’s head with a chainsaw apparently because the puppy had killed his macaw parrot. Matthysen was sentenced to a R10 000 fine about US$1000 but karma it seems had a more appropriate sentence in mind. In Aug 2007 Matthysen died in a car crash.

  • lynda downie says:

    I don’t think there’s any more fitting justice than cruelty backfiring on the perpetrator.

  • tiffany says:

    Very imminent and direct karma to them. Buddhism talks about Karma that comes in various form at various timings. Sometimes the karma goes to the person the abuser loves most because that may be the way that punishes him most. That’s why some Chinese refrain from doing bad things because they don’t want the bad karma falls on their beloved ones.

  • Lisa says:

    Reading this made my day. I wish everyone who tortureskillsabuses animals would die violently!

  • michelle Woods says:

    totally believe in karma. All of the people who eat animal food dairy etc are developing more disease such as cancer diabetes. allergies etc. It has been researched that a veagan diet and plant protein can reverse these diseases. read china study the author T collins was a researcher for the national cancer institute and received many research grants. He proves these findings. Also this is one of my favorite books as well as Heather Mills. So people who eat animals do suffer in the end with many horrible health conditions that can be reversed through a vegan diet.

  • Rachel says:

    If you are arrogant enough to challenge nature take what’s coming to you. My major gripe is against horrific cruelty disguised as tradition sport or entertainment bullfighting rodeos horse racing. Sensible people should not support these abominations not only refuse to eat fried chicken.

  • Angela says:

    5 reminded me of a story I saw on Animal Planet. A group of men were out fishing for sharks. They caught a very angry shark who drug the man off of the boat and yanked him under the water. The rest of the men on the boat went into a panic thinking their friend was going to be killed by the shark either from drowning or being attacked. I guess the idiots thought the shark should have been happy to have been hooked and killed. Anyway his friends did manage to save him and he let the shark go after that.

  • Nancy says:

    Awesome!! I Love It!!!

  • bethany mills says:

    good the sick evil people do not deserve to breath causing pain and suffering to an animal is in my eyes the worst unforgivable thing ever i have a dog she is beautiful miniture jack russel who was abandoned at 7 weeks old if it wasnt for a friend finding her and releasing the wire from round her neck and bringing her to me i know she wouldnt be here i would never hurt my dog she is my best friend i consider every animal equal to me we should respect animals what rights do some people think they have to cause any kind of suffering to any living thing ? im glad karma comes round

  • bbr says:

    10 was a bit funny to me. what an idiot.

  • Broadway Baby says:

    Pal Joey’s long awaited return to Broadway thirty years featuring a fur draped Stockard Channing and fur trimmed Martha Plimpton and I don’t know what else I left before the first act was over during the “tailor shop” scene hit a speedbump on the first night of previews. It seems the lead actor Christian Hoff Tony Award Winner for Jersey Boys “hurt his foot” more like broke his foot can we here a resounding BOOOOOO HOOOOO that Boo Hoo being for the thousands of animals who had their foots broken in traps doing what they love to do scurring about in the woods. What a disgrace to Broadway. What an awful vulgar horrific godless display of greed and poor taste. I hope that show never comes back to Broadway.

  • viv says:

    My daughter moved into a new apt and the ‘condo assoc. prez’ was causing problems with her pets one small dog and one cat.while pets are allowed he hates them! He would come knocking on her door and asked to move because pets were not allowed and caused bigger problems.Well he was fired from his job condo went into foreclosure he was arrested for aggravated battery on his girlfriend and finally the condo board told him he had to get out for having the cops come for him! KARMA!!!!

  • payton says:

    Omg! I love number 1 and 7. Absolutly amazing

  • Tania says:

    I hope someone learns something with these stories!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Speaking of Top Ten though not particularly AR stuff Wired has their Top 10 Incredible Animal Videos here httpblog.wired.comwiredscience200812top10incredib.html Thanks to the Vegan Outreach eNewsletter for that link

  • Kelley says:

    Its like Dennis Leary used to sayif fish had guns we’d be dodging bullets!

  • Denise says:

    I believe what you give you get back. It is just how our world works. I believe in God and how we are supposed to treat our animals. If we harm them then we will get it back one day. It says in the bible that even the best intentions of a human being are wicked towards one of God’s creatures. I believe it totally. What goes around comes around.

  • vegancoin says:

    Most of these are just careless people with guns stories for whom safety was not a primary consideration. There is no such thing as karma only having a basic respect for mother nature and her creatures. What these hunters and other pc types did bordered on disrespect and basic idiotic behavior that’s all.

  • Lianne says:

    Hahaha hilarious. I love karma!…most of the time.

  • Aneliese says:

    Yep payback is hell. It’s sad how in the end no matter if it’s an animal or a human there is still suffering or death.

  • EAS says:

    I heard about this guy who shot a deer went to check up on him only to find out he was still alive. The deer jumped up and attacked him using his antlers to enter the mans chest. Unfortunately the deer did not survive as he was shot once again by this hunter but not without leaving that unfriendly reminder in his chest that all living beings want to live and deserve to live as much as all of us humans. Life Life BTW Hunting is NOT a “sport”. It’s only a sport if the animals get to have guns too!

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