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Tigers Aren’t Windup Toys

Written by PETA | September 27, 2011

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UPDATE: The deadline has passed to weigh in on the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision about keeping tigers safe from animal abusers, but we will post an update as soon as the decision is announced. 

The following blog was originally posted September 9, 2011

One thing that you have to say about the notoriously abusive Hawthorn Corporation, which supplies animals for use in circuses and other shows, is that it has some nerve. Despite being cited more than 40 times for violations like feeding tigers moldy and inedible food, confining tigers for months on end in transport cages, denying them exercise or space to move around, and failing to provide veterinary care, Hawthorn has applied to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to force tigers to endure even more suffering by carting them around the world.

You would think that such an application, coming from a company that has accumulated $272,500 in penalties for violations of federal law, would be immediately tossed in the trash, but just to be on the safe side, PETA is appealing to the FWS to deny the application.

On a related note, a loophole in federal regulations has allowed animal abusers to harm, export, and sell endangered tigers without federal oversight if the tigers are considered “generic”—mixed breeds, in other words. The FWS is working to close that exemption.

Please ask the FWS to deny Hawthorn’s application to import and exploit more tigers and voice your support to protect all tigers, “mutts” and purebreds alike.


Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Isabella Ireland says:

    Signed your petition. Thank you for all your so important work. I love PETA.

  • Cilla Kloth says:

    Just say no to the application.

  • Christos Christophy says:

    Please do not accept Hawthorns application to import tigers, such cruelty is sickening and should be stopped

  • Mary Morel says:

    Please protect tigers !


    This is wrong to do to any animal!! I’d like to see circus” outlawed!!

  • donna says:

    We should treat our tigers as with other animals with the love and respect they deserve. In this day and age we should have learnt so please deny anymore exploitation.

  • jakilucas says:

    this breaks my heart… how can this cruelty be allowed???????????people should stop paying to watch these vile shows.

  • Diana Glaizer says:

    Did is cruel and morally work. Please put an end to this immediately! These animals deserve to be free! My heart breaks for all of them. How does your heart not! Are you not human? Have you got no soul?

  • armi runola says:

    Tigers should not be treated this way!!! Greetings from Finland

  • Dianne Harrop says:

    This cruel exploitation is despicable

  • heather freeman says:

    I would like animals to take over the world for one day and do to us what some of us do to them. Hawthorn Corporation stinks.

  • Cliff Radlauer says:

    Please deny Hawthorn’s application to import and exploit more tigers, and protect all tigers, “mutts” and purebreds alike.

  • katie says:

    Please support this

  • Kathryn Reyna says:

    It’s only a matter of a very short time that we will never see a beautiful tiger again because of the sleazy, greedy, heartless savages all over the world who care only for the all mighty dollar!

  • Katia Becker says:

    Please, don’t contribute withe animal abuse !

  • Kathy davos says:

    Hawthorne’s application to import tigers for circus use needs to be denied based on past misuse and negligent care of tigers.

  • Rick Jian says:

    Sometimes, trying to save wild tigers can bring more harm than their previous danger. Please don’t capture tigers and let them live their life in nature. A short happy life is always better than a long painful life.

  • Ericka Chamberlain says:

    PLEASE DON”T ALLOW THIS!!! We need someone to put an end to such horrific suffering for these exotic animals. Please be their voice!!! GOD give you the wisdom in all you do.

  • Angie says:

    This is just horrible 🙁 I adore all animals&&it breaks me to read such a horrific thing…Animals need a voice…before there won’t be anything left :/

  • toni harrison-kahn says:

    please don’t allow this company to continue with these beautiful animals…there are to few of this species left in the world, and therefore need to be looked after in sanctuaries, not carted around the world. Please stand up for these big cats, be a hero, be their voice.

  • Faye Cosma says:

    No wonder our children grow up to be less than good human beings. Look at the way we treat our animals. No regard for living, breathing things. I implore you to deny the Hawthorn’s application and do the right thing. They are already abusing these animals with the way the feed them and treat them only as a commodity. PLEASE!

  • Kalika Stern says:

    Where is the protection these animals have been promised?

  • Paulina says:

    Let’s free tigers!

  • Marianne Widmalm says:

    Outrageous!! STOP treating animals in this despicable way and set them FREE, NOW.

  • Kaitlin Grady says:

    Animals are not ours for entertainment! Please deny Hawthorn’s application to import/exploit tigers. These creatures should be living in the wild.

  • sandra lenart says:

    Please deny this company the right to take these tigers around the world,they’re lives are bad enough.

  • Stefanie Herrick says:

    Please deny Hawthorn’s application to import and exploit more tigers and voice your support to protect all tigers, “mutts” and purebreds alike.

  • Bev says:

    It should not matter if an animal is a purebred or a ‘mutt’ breed, they deserve to be free. Not couped up and fed harmful food, not given proper room to exercise. They need to be left in the wild. Say NO to these zoos and circuses that want to take such animals on the road with no compassion for the animals needs or feeling. YES!! They do have feelings. Please deny any such request for importing and exploiting any animal. We are the voice for these tigers!!

  • Shawn says:

    Tigers are not toys and should be left in the wild, although the greedy humans are taking over the wildlifes habitat.

  • Akira says:

    Please deny Hawthorn’s application. Tigers are animals with feelings just like everything else. They don’t deserve to be exposed and abused for the pleasure of morbid entertainment and riches for the uncaring. Thank you.

  • Jennifer C. says:

    Stop the cruelty. Enough is enough!

  • isabella nogueira says:


  • Donna Mansfield says:

    PLEASE do not do this. Those people who would harm animals would just as soon harm humans – and if you put a rubber stamp on this, you are just as guilty as they are. Please Please Please do NOT do this, I beg of you.

  • Jeanie Coolahan says:

    Close the loophole and stop this corporation for harming these beautiful creatures…..this is uncalled for and there is no sane reason for doing this.

  • Manal El Sanadi says:

    Protect tigers if not for their sake, then for our planet’s sake

  • Jean Lawson Saint Hill says:

    Pleasd do not allow this inhumane travesty to happen. These animals do not deserve that treatment.

  • amy says:

    comments submitted!

  • Noelle says:

    Please deny Hawthorn’s application to import and exploit tigers–mutts, and purebreds alike!! There are so few left in the wild–WE NEED TO PROTECT AND TREAT THEM WITH GREAT RESPECT!

  • marnie hendrickson says:

    These beautiful animals are among the most endangered of species, it is so cruel to allow them to be subjected to these inhumane acts. Circuses are barbaric and should be outlawed all over the world.

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    This cruelty needs to be stopped but can be possible only og authorities and concerned organisations come forward and take a note of.

  • jo wiest says:

    Stop expoiting tigers.

  • Carrie Knight says:

    A tiger is a Tiger and I doesn’t matter who the parents are….they have every right to be free and roam their territory as God intended them….Please stop the exploiting of these beautiful creatures..

  • Sheri says:

    I simply cannot believe that they are still allowed to do business. I’ts appalling. What must be done to get them stopped?

  • Jan says:

    Just so wrong!

  • Shiloh says:

    Tigers belong in the wild! Carting them around in tiny cages as personal pets, for “entertainment” or whatever is unacceptable. Prohibit Hawthorn from getting its ways to exploit and harm these endangered and beautiful animals.

  • Jeri Bly says:

    All effort should be put forth to help these gorgeous animals live a healthy and peaceful existence. Stop all action of this sort before it’s too late.

  • bunnylove says:

    Please take better care of the tigers it breaks alot of hearts to see this going on <3

  • Brittany274 says:

    There is no reason for this to be going on unless it is for their own safety. And even if they are ‘safer’ being in a cage, it is still unfair to them to have to endure this suffering, having done nothing wrong.

  • K.McKee says:

    PLEASE protect this beautiful creature!

  • Siobhan Keleher says:

    Any organization with such an extensive history of animal welfare violations should not be permitted to expand their operations.