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Racehorse Saved from Slaughter

Written by PETA | May 4, 2011

Thoroughbred racehorse Coming Home, the granddaughter of Kentucky Derby winner Unbridled and the cousin of the doomed Derby entrant Eight Belles, was bought by a “meat buyer” at a livestock auction for $200 and was hours from being trucked to a slaughterhouse when a PETA investigator rescued her. Coming Home will at last come to a real—and permanent—home on a PETA member’s farm, where she will never again have to fear for her life.

Coming Home relaxes with some friends after her rescue.

Thoroughbred owners and breeders in the U.S. may be thinking about the Kentucky Derby when they bring nearly 30,000 new thoroughbreds into the world every single year. But the derby is a dream. A livestock auction and a bolt through the brain are the reality for 10,000 castoff thoroughbred racehorses this year. Owners who pay exorbitant stud fees turn their backs on horses who are too old or injured to run or who are just not fast enough.

With the Kentucky Derby taking place this weekend, PETA is asking The Jockey Club, which registers all thoroughbred foals, to protect them by setting up a retirement fund called the “Thoroughbred 360 Lifecycle Fund.” Owners and breeders would pay a $360 retirement fee for every foal, broodmare, and stallion they register and for every ownership transfer. This would generate more than $20 million every year that would go toward providing a humane retirement for the two-thirds of horses bred who are discarded by the industry.

Please e-mail the Jockey Club and ask that it adopt PETA’s retirement plan. If owners and breeders are going to continue to crank out thousands of foals—and rake in millions of dollars off the winners’ backs—the least that they can do is put some money aside for the horses who aren’t quite fast enough to outrun the butcher.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • PY says:

    how can the horses be killed like that after all the racing they did for human beings? why are human beings exploiting animals like that? i wish there can be something similar to Animal Rahat in India for these horses..

  • wicked wanda says:

    I used to work on a horse farm and I find this apalling,and the call humanbeings civilized

  • Sheri says:

    Horses are beautiful and intelligent beings. Many intelligent beings are abused; and we must always do our best to protect them! We can all do our part, even if its one little step to protect innocent lives!

  • HOT SHOT says:

    I recently returned from Illinois where I went to adopt a retired/rescued xracehorse for adoption. I found these horses to be very well cared for, they have every opportunity to go aother direction. Thanks to Gail Vacca of BIG ROCK, Ill. and her crew and Board members these beautiful/majestic animals have a chance to go on to another career. Pleas Jockey Club members support this rescue facility and others around the US who take these once thought of as “WINNERS” yet when they do not “win” they are thrown away like trash. PLEASE HELP SAVE AND RETRAIN THESE MAGNIFICENT ANIMALS.

  • Laura says:

    Thank you for saving her! And thanks to Sunrise Sanctuary ( for letting her stay with them until she was moved to her new home. It takes a village to save a horse!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    And thanks to the kind-hearted, farm-owning PETA member for his/her heartwarming compassion!

  • Fernanda Martini says:

    Thank you PETA!

  • MacKenzie Serpe says:

    I USED to be a fan of horse racing. Realizing that even if the horse “wins” eventually they lose. Especially, when the horse is the one to suffer. I WILL NOT go to any horse races again. Animals are not here for our “entertainment.” Thanks for everything your organization does to help animals!

  • mel says:

    Last year the great grand daughter of Secretariat was found at an auction house in MO, severly emaciated and purchased by a vet to be taken to the slaughterhouse. Fortunately a woman who coulndnt sllep due to the horses condition tracked down the killer buyer in time to rescue her.

  • keith says:

    T.Boone Pickens and his fantastic ( animal welfare ) inspired wife are the ones to sort all this horror out.

  • MA Moore says:

    Thank YOU PETA! May the force of the horse be with you all!

  • Rat King says:

    Thank you PETA – once more you are great! This is typical – they abuse horses in races for to make dirty money – and when they cannot anymore they are thrown away! What low dirty criminal freaks who do this to innocent creatures! Shame! Stop using animals for entertainment once and for all! Stop horse races, stop bullfights, stop whale and dolphin shows, stop using animals in circus, stop abusing animals in movies! The animal has own values and rights and has not to be abused in entertaining bored braindead human freks! They have no right to this – they take the right and steal the lives of animals! Grow up – stop it! Thank you PETA!