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They’re (Almost) Not in Kansas Anymore–and That’s a Good Thing

Written by PETA | March 24, 2009

It’s been almost a year in the making, but three lions and two tigers in Kansas will soon be on their way to new homes after PETA pressured local authorities to act. We were first alerted to the big cats’ plight back in May 2008, when a passerby informed us that the animals were being kept in what essentially amounts to a junkyard. Behold, the “Prairie Cat Animal Refuge” in all its splendor:


Prairie Cat Animal Refuge1


Prairie Cat Animal Refuge2


In June, we sent a team of exotic-animal experts to assess the situation, and their reports were included in the local sheriff’s case, which recommended that charges be filed against the cats’ “owner” and that authorities take custody of the animals. Unfortunately, the case encountered reams of politically-charged red tape. Then, last month, a man “under the influence” who was working and staying at a so-called “hotel” on the property (it’s called the “Free Breakfast Inn”—infer what you will from that), wandered up to the cages and was promptly bitten by a lion. That incident, while not so good for the man (he was hospitalized for surgery on his arm), finally galvanized the authorities into action.

In the meantime, PETA was lining up homes for the animals to be taken to once they were given a clean bill of health: The Detroit Zoo (a progressive zoo that closed its elephant exhibit for humane reasons and has provided a home for numerous rescued exotic animals, including one of the Suarez polar bears) has agreed to take all three lions, and the tigers will go to Carnivore Preservation Trust, a sanctuary in North Carolina. The zoo is covering all expenses for testing and transporting the lions, while PETA is covering the cost of testing and transporting the tigers. That cost is estimated at $3,000. We’re hoping that the animals will be moved at the end of the month—we’ll keep you posted.

So there you have it—the latest installment of “Your PETA Dollars at Work.” Just doin’ our job, folks.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Leonidas says:


  • Roeloffzen says:

    Too much “people” on this world. As a starter if you like zoo’s stay there and donate yourself to the animals. GET OR GOT THE PICTURE !!

  • chuchundra says:

    the detroit zoo is really great. the exhibits are open and expansive. the animals have lots of privacy too. the lion’s have a huge cliffside with little “caves” where they can hide out. Usually the lions are relaxing but i’ve seen one actually take a swipe a bird that flew too close.

  • claire lloyd says:

    A clean progressive zoo is better than a tiny junk yard. The elephants are going to a good sanctuary no doubt and anything has to be better then that. I just hope the zoo gives them a good home for life and if it decides as zoos do to ship them off it will be atleast to a sanctuary hopefully. Stop moaning.

  • mlo says:

    My question is why were they kept in a junk yard and who owned them???? Whoever kept the cats there shouldn’t they be charged with cruelty to wildlife and endangering the public??? Just the weirdest things people do.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    YAY!!! I live in Kansas and I am glad they are giving them to a responsible place.

  • Marlar in Kansas says:

    This is crap…go figure but the cool thing is that the hyperlink goes to a story in my towns news paper… The Hays Daily even talked about PETA which is quite a shock to me considering this town is extremely conservative. If people in my community see what your organization has done for these unfortunate animals maybe they wont give me and my friends so much crap for loving PETA D

  • Kelley says:

    What idiots…

  • Amanda says:

    Horrivel mesmo como eles tem coragem de manter os animais num lugar assim? Bom trabalho PETA!! Horrible even as they have courage to keep the animals in a place like this? Good job PETA!

  • Carla says:

    Wait a minute a zoo?? Surely Peta could of found a sanctuary for the lions like they did the tigers. Besides the mess is putting them up in a zoo in their best interest?? No difference just a bit more hectic and cleaner. Lesser then the two evils?? Well good on them for having enough sense to close the elephant exhibit at least.

  • Canaduck says:

    What a disgusting place. Good job PETA.