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Tell Your Friends to Go Vegan …

Written by PETA | February 4, 2011

… without saying a word. PETA just launched a cool new infographic that’s chock-full of interesting facts about meat—like how many animals suffer each year, how it harms the environment, and how seriously gross it is.

So check out the infographic and then let it do the talking when you share it with your friends. You can e-mail, text, post, or tweet it—however you like to tell people to love animals, not eat them.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • slustudent93 says:

    Here is my problem. I am a person who in fact does eat meat and I am sick tired of hearing it from both sides. Everyone is turning this into a modern day crusade. People are going “you are evil if you eat meat” and others are going “vegans are freaks.” Both sides want to change people for what they think is the better and this is just like the Crusades. In the Crusades Christians and Islamic peoples battle for years saying my side is better. And do you know what was the aftermath? Thousands of people died and neither side gained any ground whatsoever. Does this issue have to escalate this far? Can’t we just meet together and discuss this like rational thinking people?

  • amanda64645 says:

    @lind i saw those too, and i also cry everytime – its extremely inhumane and repolsive

  • HYOJIN says:

    I can’t understand why people keep eating meats. Please make it stop!

  • nancy says:

    There are a few posts about the bible and I want to add that when god said to eat the animals it was because he considered the people at the time to no longer be pure. It wasn’t meant as a permanent way for mankind to be. I’m not religious and I don’t take the bible literally. For people who do though, I’ve read this explanation.

  • nancy says:

    Hi tpeni1, I just want to point out that when you eat an animal, you’re eating what was fed to the animal too. Believe me, what they are fed is worse than some produce that had pesticides. Also, you’re getting the toxins from the foods in much more concentrated amounts in the tissues of the animals. So even if you ate food grown with pesticides, the quantity of toxic matter is much smaller if it’s vegan. Anyway, aside from that I don’t even eat food with pesticides. I spend extra money on organic food and cut back financially in other areas. What’s more important than what you put in your body?