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Teacher Disciplined for Talking About Meat Industry

Written by PETA | September 7, 2007

Dave Warwak, an art teacher at Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois (and, if I’m not mistaken, a regular commenter on this here blog), has been dismissed from his classroom by the school after teaching his students about factory farming and the other forms of animal abuse that made him go vegan. Apparently, the school’s principal ordered Warwak to leave the classroom after he showed his students photos of animals in factory farms and gave them the book The Food Revolution by Pulitzer Prize-nominated author John Robbins.

Let me go over that again, real quick. An Illinois principal just kicked out a teacher for talking to his students about veganism. Does that disturb anyone else as much as it does me? You can read PETA’s letter to the school here. Unbelievable.

In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight, Dave. We’re all 100 percent behind you.

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  • Gloria says:

    All I can say is let’s just keep spreading the word. If people realized how badly farm animals are treated as well as animals in countries like China that are skinned alive for their fur the better off these poor animals will be. I cried when I watched those videos of how awful these creatures are treated. Made me physically ill! But I’m glad I saw it so I can tell everyone that I know. Farm animals don’t usually live in those pretty green pastures we see on the t.v. Far from it. Thanks Dave for standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

  • LW says:

    I am also a teacher and while I often tell my students why I am a vegetarian and even give verbal detail at times I would never show them graphic pictures without parent permission. Factory farm pictures can cause great distress and I would no more show them these pictures than I would of dead or abused people. Perhaps older high school students may be able to handle these kinds of pictures but as a high school teacher I personally would not show them. I agree with Andrea on this one.

  • Sophia says:

    Vanessa me and all three of my best friends found out about Animal Cruelty in sixth grade. I have been vegan ever since Anonymous I don’t take supplements and I’m vegan I can get all the things I need from plants that grow in the ground. And Paul you’re right I wouldn’t be complaining on her about it I’d be on another forum somewhere ranting about people’s rights to share their viewswhich is the same problem here. I trust that Mr Warwack hasn’t been giving biased viewsunless you count stating facts as a biased view in which case a simple fact lik “I have four people in my imediate family” would count as a “biased” view. And are you saying that when you are upset and peeved you never use sarcams? I know loads of people who do. If my teacher were to tell me about llamas jumping off cliffs because of polution then I would be thankful that my teacher had enlightened me to such a thing then I would go home and research it to see if it was true and come to my own descision. That is what any sensible person would do. And in 8th grade you are usually a bit more mature and able to handle “scary facts” like factory farming.

  • K.A. says:

    I am a high school teacher who has had many discussions with students about factory farming and the cruelty involved. I am not judgmental I just give the facts and allow the kids to make up their own minds. When I read that Dave Warwak had been fired from his job for doing the same thing I was shocked. However it won’t deter me from speaking the truth about the meat industry.

  • Davia says:

    I think that it is great that you are trying to open eyes. It’s amazing that people still uphold the meat industry. I wonder how many of these people would like to trade places with the animals.

  • Marcela Donato says:

    Wow! So it is OK for my veg kids to be told by the school that they need milk to survive or that it is good to raise money for Cancer research that will torture animals but it is not OK to educate kids about the realities of factory farming ? Maybe I should think of suing the school for putting ideas in my kids’ heads.

  • Kathy Wheatley says:

    I just want to mention the flip side of this. My daughter is vegetarian my husband vegan I’m nearly vegan I still eat things with milk no eggs. Any way we live in a rural community. Our schools show where food comes from my daughter is subject to films of animals being slaughtered and the consensus of the adults and most students is that it’s OK. I’m so tired of the narrow minded people in the world that feel they deserve to kill other living things. I feel sorry for the children of adults that don’t give them the choice.

  • Maureen says:

    Kids need to know where their food comes from. If most people took a tour of a slaughterhouse they’d never eat meat again and probably be plagued with nightmares for the rest of their lives. At the very least children need to have some idea of what goes on behind the scenes. I applaud Dave for his educational efforts.

  • Vanessa says:

    It appears that most of the people posting here are missing the point entirely. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this teacher talking with his students about a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. However showing pictures of what goes on in a factory farm to MIDDLE SCHOOL students is flat out wrong. We’re talking about young children. Not college students or even seniors in highschool. Being a vegan myself I am happy to hear of a teacher bringing the overall topic into the classroom. Lord knows children are bombarded with advertising and bogus information for unhealthy food. But as a mother I insist that this teacher went about it entirely the wrong way. I would no more want my daughter shown those pictures in her class than I would want her shown a picture of an aborted human fetus or white supremist propaganda. Regardless of the fact that this mans beliefs coincide with my own it is my place to teach my child when such fundamental values are concerned. Not her art teacher

  • kathy says:

    what is wrong with telling a bunch of bratty kids the truth about where their meat comes from. because the parents are ignorant and don’t want the kids to think for themselves. boo hoo to the whiney trouble making parents.

  • Diane says:

    I’d like to give heartfelt thanks to Mr Warwack. My 14 year old daughter was subjected to an inhumane slaughter of sheep in her Agriculture Class onsite during school hours. She and the other high school freshman were traumatized. We took issue with the school board and they have since complied with moving this ghastly practice to a slaughter yard the students are bussed there and their animals that they have learned to care for are trucked to the slaughter house and the kids watch it. Who should worry about your kids exposed to violence on TV when schools practice this sort of thing? The positive side is this is reality! If you’re going to eat meat then you should know where it comes from!

  • Sharon A. says:

    I live in South Florida and also know a teacher who was repremanded for talking about animal cruelty. In other words guess the concept it too ‘far out’ for kids huh? Never mind that teaching them now when they’re young is the key to prevention. I guess things like this are the reason why cruelty still exists.

  • Heather says:

    I respect that he gave his students information. How is this any different from when the school gives you information about the envirment and tells you to stop letting your parents drive you to school when its a 15min walk then parents groap about safety or something else to excuse the lazy habits they teach their kids. I do see that there is concern about the “shock factor” the photos may have had on the children however none of us commenting on this SAW the photos. The school is always compaigning for enviormental benefits isnt vegetarinism one of those benefits? why should this be an exception to the rule?

  • Veronica Soto says:

    Hooray to Dave Warwak for having the courage to discuss with his students a different point of view than what they’ve had shoved literally down their throats since early childhood yeah I’m talking about you… Dairy Council etc.. Young kids nowadays are not getting enough of the correct messages as the obesity level in U.S. children attests to. I believe the school was absolutely wrong in dismissing this teacher. I hope they get enough complaints to make they realize that they must bring him back on board.

  • Anonymous says:

    think of this some pepole think that when you have to take supplements you are not getting a complete balanced diet. therefor they are going to eat meat for the protiens and vitamins in it. at the same time if i tell all of your childen “your parents are wrong and meat is good for you and you need to eat it you would say i was wrong… remember their as more than one side of a story and i didnt appreciate being called wrong for what i feed my family. also olive oil and veggie oil are bad for you so is thier really a truly good for you diet. we can argue this all day and neither person is going to win because what scientist say you will always have someone say im sorry your wrong.

  • Anonymous says:

    oh so showing grafic photos os art so is nudity but you can get in trouble for showing that too. you preached a belief not all people find that killing an animal to eat is crue. killing an animal for fun is. that is a belief not art. you need to remember i pay taxesnot in your state which pays you to teach my child what is governed by the county school board in lesson plans. Not what ever you want to teach that day you should have sent home slips to let parents know you where going to show grafic pics. Did you NO so you did break a plan and creata a hostel enviroment i nwhicdh you pushed a belief. to you and many others it may seem wrong and to some correct. also about hunting being taught in classroons no it is not other children talk to other children about it. it is not being teached in classrooms i love the way a hunter is blamed for almot every vegan issue. start balming the goverment they allow people to hunt and control what is taught in the classrooms. basicaly what you see as “art” is also a belief and you are saying that eating meat is wrong you are a minority remeber that. dont rock the boat. im not saying im right because this is my belief as it not eating meat is your “belief” think about it people do not see it as cruelty if you kill an animal to eat it

  • Paul says:

    Yeah Art imitates life you’re right but I bet if an art teacher took students to a slaughter house to show how meat was created and explained how humans had eaten it for ages and there was nothing wrong with it not my views and got fired we would see a few less of you on here complaining about freedom of speech and those morals you hold highly. Meat is a part of life for many as well. The truth is that any teacher who says things like ‘do you really expect me to help you cover and hide your ugly obsession with Animal flesh all?’ is never going to tell both sides or explain all the facts to students after class when it should be done yet alone when he should be teaching art. And indeed any teacher that uses phrases like ‘Wow sorry not go by your rules NOT’ perhaps should not be in a teaching position. I don’t doubt your integrity and I am sure you are a good teacher i also respect anyone that stands by his views but you have expressed them in highly erroneus manner. You are there to guide nurture and instruct. It is not your job to open their eyes to the evil of meat and milk. I mean how would you feel if I taught your kids and explained to them that joining the scouts and hunting rabbits with your friends and other skills such as fishing were things everyboy should do. Sure you’d be chuffed when they said that over their dinner when they got home. Not. Trust and been broken all over the place in this instance.

  • Sophia says:

    Dear Paul I too am from a pulic schoolhave you ever looked at the posters in the lunch line? Or in the cafeteria? Just curious…I happen to see them everytime I buy lunch. Repetition is one of the best ways to learn and I see those posters EVERY DAY. I believe that qualifies as being taught. Don’t most businesses place their ads in a viewable well traversed place so people will see them over and over again? Subliminal advertising is a way to TEACH we are TAUGHT things about meat andor dairy that way. As for Mr. Warwack teaching falsehoods to test his students…what teacher doesn’t? At some point all of my teachers have said something I KNEW wasn’t true and I would simply raise my hand and speak my mind. Most of the students who are WILLING TO LEARN do that nowor don’t you pay attention in class? I agree with Mr. Warwack if you don’t like it then leave go homeschool switch teachers or just leave the classroom for that lecture and get the notes from someone else. Sometimes that is all you can do.

  • Anonymous says:

    i think we need to take guns from hunters then the polica wouldnt need them either because it seems that every violent crime is related to a hunter accoprding to peta ps dont worry about the thug down the road hes keeping his gun and he has never been hunting for animals.

  • Warwak says:

    Same questions and empty arguments. Please read. Why is it so hard to do a little research before people spout off? It is not about my beliefs although you would love to dismiss it as that and argument over however they are not my beliefs but other people’s data. I know it is easier to spout and ask questions but I prefer to make my students find the truth themselves. I do point them in the right direction from time to time. Hey Jeff check out my web and read more than one page one line how this is Art and we will welcome your apology lesson learned I noticed Vegans are researchers and love to read and Ignorance wants everything spoonfed to them and they avoid reading at all costs. Ignorance has no trouble talking unassisted Warwak

  • Elmer says:

    Way to go Jeff…

  • Jeff says:

    You are misrepresenting the story and leaving out important facts. First of all he is an art teacher. He isn’t teaching art he’s teaching kids about meat and milk. Not his job and certainly not his place. Second of all he refused to simply stop preaching his views on veganism. Kids were going home in tears because their favorite teacher was telling them that meat and milk were bad. Why would mommy and daddy try to poison me? Nice message PETA. Third it is not an art teachers place to preach about nutrition factory farms or veganism. He is there to teach kids art. What you don’t seem to grasp in your quest to change the food supply is that no one has an issue with vegans or veganism. What parents are having trouble with more and more is this generational problem of teachers imposing their views on students. Simply put eat what you want and follow the diet that makes you happy. Do not dare to contradict parents or teach young kids that your world view is superior to the one the parents want to teach. If I hear any more stories about public school teachers taking it upon themselves to teach my kids what to eat what to believe that america is evil or george bush caused 911. Simply put teachers are supposed to teach not indoctrinate. Forcing students in an art class to discuss veganism is not an example of a teacher doing their job. You want to be an activist? Fine! i’m sure PETA is more than happy to support you. But what I teach my kids at home is my business and it is not up to you to contradict that based on your own belief system. PETA you just can’t help but shoot yourself in the foot can you? Didja ever come clean about the dog incinerator you operate on your facility? Just curious….

  • Christopher Bird says:

    When I was in high school my class’s favourite art teacher had a rather longlived affair with one of my classmates. Everyone knew about it but nobody talked about it. I strongly believe that the administration knew about it as well. While many of us will always remember that she actually did have an affair with her student we’re more likely to think of her fondly because of what she taught us. She taught us appreciation of culture of life art music politics philosophy. Art imitates life people. An artist should be encouraged to see different sides and students are already being “proselytized” word of the day thursday january 4 2001 grizzlybear… into believing industry propaganda without Mr. Warwak’s help. Teaching has become a watered down struggle to create humans but instead creates robots meant to join the daily grind. Most teachers don’t even get to choose what subjects they teach any longer they’re given a curriculum a class room and 30 or so students and forced to go through the motions. That’s not teaching! What Mr. Warwak has reminded of us is that teaching isn’t just 2 + 2 4 or that the British wore red coats. It’s molding minds it’s facilitating growth it’s encouraging freethought. Mr. Warwak has been dismissed for doing what a teacher should do! He presented students with material that doesn’t aim to “proselytize” them but rather make them think about what the rest of the world is telling them. I can’t think of anything more poetic or artistic. Here’s a list of things teachers I’ve known should’ve been fired for but weren’t making a student spit in a bucket in a closet for two hours until they were dehydrated and had to visit the ER. having an affair with a student. using foul language in the classroom. showing cancer scars… on her breasts. knowingly passing out answers to SOL tests so that he can get a bonus. There was a time when human beings weren’t allowed to learn to read or write because it encouraged dissent from the monarchy the plantation the prison. Do we wish to return to those dark ages?

  • rojo says:

    lisa only marginally less pointless than devoting a post to it.

  • paul says:

    I am also a little insulted at this idea that a less ‘violent diet’ would lead somehow to less shootings and crime within schools. I live in England we eat me over here and also have some vegetarians as well and we all get along quite well. We don’t have such instances. Not like over your way anyway. Crime yes even terrible shootings but we don’t blame the meat eaters. We tend to blame the criminals and the detachment from the world they seem to suffer from. Similarly I have also lived in Shanghai very few vegetarians out there and also very little violence in schools mainly down to respect from the students and a willingness to learn. Perhaps you should look at how easy it is to get hold of a gun and address youth social issues and opposed to a burger.

  • paul says:

    Russell those are the ramblings of a fool. Did you just compare what has happened in this instance with child abuse?? That I believe was an advertising slogan once for PETA. Classy. If a student had an interest in becoming a vegan and approached Mr Warwak for his UNBIASED thoughts on the matter after a class had ended no one would have a problem. Ramming it down their throats in a lecture when you teaching art is not only unrelated to his employment but is disgusting. But not to worry Mr. Warwak informs us that his students know not to trust him ‘because many times I tell them falsehoods as a test to see if they can be fooled.’ So presumbly we are worrying over nothing cos the students were told before the lecture it was biased and untruthful. I mean what on earth was this guy teaching. His prose is ambiguous and nonsensical and the article totally confused. They deserve to know the truth but they know I lie to trick them and see if the can be fooled. I am from a public school and we were never taught anything about meat or vegetarianism. It was a personal choice and some made it and some didn’t.

  • Warwak says:

    Ignorance hates to read at all costs. Worst is nonfiction and pictures of reality. Why would I want to answer the same questions over and over? Do some reading about the reality of the situation at my web then comment. And if you are too lazy to do a little research than it is probably a lost cause anyway. You can find out why it is art and why education is messed up. Or you can remain in the dark never do a little research and spend your time spouting about stuff you know little of. Only makes you look unlearned and hurtful. Ask yourself this do you really expect me to help you cover and hide your ugly obsession with Animal flesh all? How about we never tell them? And they will live and die never knowing that you could care less for them and that the people they trusted lied to them. I will not be a part of your sick game. Stop. You hope that by the time if ever your child finds the truth they will be hopelessly hooked. Wow sorry not go by your rules NOT HEY KIDS ACROSS AMERICA TYPE IN A SEARCH FACTORY FARMING and VEGAN and HUMANE EDUCATION If what you are doing is so shameful and you try desperately to hide it and you never want your kids to find the truth HOME SCHOOL. Why would you resist so much something that is all good?

  • pam says:

    Whatever happened to “Freedom of Speech”? I was constantly being told in school where my veggies came from so why should meat be any different? Could the meat and dairy industries have something to do with it? I would have to say yes. The truth hurts but knowledge is power. Mr. Warwak was passing on knowledge. It is still entirely up to the students to decide what to do with it.

  • Lisa Byrne says:

    Joe Do you get your cliches from a CrackerJack box? “Why was he not teaching art? Do you even know what art is? “It seems the principal was only doing his job”? What job is that? And the best for last “Showing a meat factory during art class doesn’t cut it”? Cut what the meat? Could such utterances get any more pointless?

  • GrizzlyBear says:

    Mr. Warwak You do nothing to answer any of the arguments raised against you in your rambling borderline incoherent little screed. You offer nothing but strawman arguments and red herrings intended to distract from the real issues that were raised. Instead of continuing to ramble like a fool would you care to actually address the issues of parental consent and the insubordination with which you are charged sir? You claim you are not proselytizing. That just doesn’t wash and that statement is disingenuous at best. Your little screed is indicative of true zealot and ideologue. If these aren’t your personal beliefs as you claim you wouldn’t rambling on and on about the supposed “evilness” of meat and dairy and those that consume it. You are clearly biased and nonobjective. Stop insulting peoples’ intelligence by trying to infer otherwise. You talk about “humane education” and how that is supposed to be taught in the schools. Please tells us were you officially charged by your supervisors or administrators with the task of teaching an official course in humane education? If so were you using the proper curricula as approved by the school district or the state or teaching your own personal version of it? If not why do you assume to take the liberty of doing so without school approval? You are out of line sir as I think most rational people can judge for themselves. Your selfserving hyperemotional little diatribe only serves to cement that.

  • Anonymous says:

    russell hello moral ethics not beliefs you belive hunting is cruel others as part of life eating and not eating meat is a belief abuse is a serious legal issue. if a child comes to you and says there abused and you do nothing your guilty. if i go to a classroom and preach of christ or demonolgy i have overstepped my boundry the same is with vegans it is a belief and i am sorry to hear he lost his job but at the same time you cant force a belief on others in a public classroom!!!

  • JOE says:


  • Ana says:

    therese As a mother I understand your position and concern for your childrens’ health. But it is the responsibility of the education system to provide alternative fleshfree meals for all students. The fact that your children have decided to become vegan for ethical reasons is honorable. But there are religious reasons why students eat vegetarian also. The school system where I work as a HS teacher provides veggie options daily. Please notify your concerns to the education system. Schools are attempting to introduce “more” healthy options to kids in school. Fried flesh and hamburgers and dairy products are not healthy they contribute to restlessness diabetes and obesity. The late Dr. Spock advised parents to give children a plantbased diet because it is a healthy one. Spock also wrote about the horrors of drinking milk. The meat dairy industry is only concerned with making $$$ money it is not concerned with healthy food choices for anyone. WARWAK As a HS teacher I really applaud your efforts and integrity. Also eating a nonviolent diet may help to eliminate much of the violence that goes on in public schools daily both to students and teachers.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Therese people don’t become anorexic because they are vegan. They become anorexic due to mental illnesseating disorders but may cite veganism to mask their real problem. There is a ton of vegan information on the net or the book “Becoming Vegan” is an excellent primer to healthy veganism.

  • Russell says:

    Therese it’s not teachers’ job to handle child abuse cases either… so to all you teachers out there if a student approaches you and wants to talk about the abuse they’re enduring at home please avoid the fate of Mr. Warwak and simply say “this isn’t part of my job” and close the door. I think this lack of concern is just what we need in our education system. Thanks therese for the words of wisdom…. NOT you and your kids would benfit GREATLY if you would just shut up and listen to what Warwak had to say you just like being in the dark. YOu may not know it but it’s true watch Meet Your Meat…think about it show your kids. Tell your children the truth. THAT’S YOUR JOB AS A PARENT

  • Darkwater says:

    The truth is the teacher had no right to preach about his beliefs to a captured audience who did not have any choice about whether they wanted to listen to him or not. Where is freedom of choice. Oh yes I forgot you and your kind don’t believe in choice if it means going against what you believe in.

  • therese says:

    My children both attend that school where he teaches ART . Have you ever seen a kid who wants to be a vegan yet is starving themselves bcause they dont know what to eat or use it as a excuse to be anorexic???? Obviosly you dont have the story right. theres more here than you seem to know about im not saying anthing bad about Peta but they arent getting the big picture here !! Its not his JOB period !!!

  • Paul says:

    Sorry I just read that he is an Art teacher perhaps he got sacked for not doing his job.

  • Paul says:

    Well we don’t know how he went about his teachings. If it was thrust upon his students instead of giving an unbiased balanced view that has no place in a classroom. Teaching about things that might have changed your life is one thing showing disturbing visuals likely to upset young students unable to rationalise or take a view point is another. Otherwise it’s not teaching. I wouldn’t expect a certain teacher to try and get me to convert to a different lifestyle. If he was expressing a viewpoint though he can feel very let down by the education system that has got him the sack. What class was he teaching that enabled him to lecture about animal abuse and factory farming?

  • Warwak says:

    The world’s longest rantparagraph When someone says What Mr. Warwak is doing is evangelism and indoctrination I think what weird stuff pure and simple why do we even entertain such thoughts? Were you in the room? I told them not to believe me. I just wanted to show them a different way. How come these same people are not smearing the real indoctrinators like the meat and dairy and our evil towtheline administrations in Public Schools blowing off their duties. A lot of people accusing me of brainwashing or what ever are going to feel real gullible when they find the truth the teachers do everything they can and still walk the tight line. I went outside their line to see how far I could go. Not very far as you can see. However now the truth has set us free even though I no longer teach there it was never about me. It was them. And if you care to see how evil and widespread this bust is go to my web Schools in Illinois must start enforcing teachers to teach Humane Education as a foundation to link give meaning and worth to all disciplines so the student gets it. No more why do we need to know this? Everything relates to their world here and now and believe me it matters to them. In addition there is no earthly reason to cry about any aspect of Humane Education These are not my personal beliefs and all my students know first hand not to believe anything I say because many times I tell them falsehoods as a test to see if they can be fooled. My students appreciate learning how to seeview I teach art the real world and how to disseminate meaning and intent. You are moaning so loudly at me for indoctrination Cant you see the Milk Mustache posters hanging in every generations face all because administrators are afraid of change i.e. Humane Education Veganism look it up you tell me why Admins are purposefully blowing off Illinois State Code and then going out of their way to impose their religious views on policies that stress conformity at such great lengths to suppress and smear to them changework Apathy and ignorance in charge all over the state of Illinois and most likely the country Ignoring Illinois directives just leads to more school shootings and of course more daily servings of sleuth remnants covered in sugary glaze slapped on a plastic tray and sent on their way. Then we wonder why the lowincome child is disrespectful after lunch. In addition ignorance and apathy cannot handle any sort of work so they recommend meds score more money for Pharm Doc Meat and Dairy. What a beautiful machine they have devised. And so it goes young Stephan who weighs 300 lbs sets his plastic lunch tray down loaded with three thousand different animal parts and other misc nasties all shaped into three glossy sweet smelling ribbwiches looks over his shoulder and pulls out a gun and starts shooting and everyone is mad at me just for mentioning something that is different. I say the more kids that know the faster this world will change. Wherever you are go tell a kid to go look up factory farming on the web. As soon as they are able to pick up a fork after all what are you hiding and why would you want to continue hiding it that is pure evil. Oh I forgot you wanted me to accept your rational to respect their decision even though it is wrong and then that same doofus claims the child is too young to make the correct decision and how dare you show those things. Stop all the whining. Schools all across Illinois and the country for that matter are snuggling up real nice and tight with meat and dairy and will resist change as I just showed. This is the thing I am fighting. Hereditary Ignorance stop playing by their rules it is not their game do not buy into it. Just imagine what a beautiful world it would be if we told all the kids. I have to go cry now back They deserve what we deserved. I am mad that I am a product of Illinois Schools and I never had any Humane Education in my 44 years and when I found it on my own and I wonder why I did not see it. Now I see why and I get even more mad and then I see this killing machine in motion with all its systems in place and I fight it to find it is a weak and lazy opponent in reality the truth is out and now I am going to press it how can this go on? Warwak ps I LOVE PETA

  • Brandon Harris says:

    People who eat meat regularly at risk of obesity heart disease stroke diabetes and other health problems. A vegetarian diet is better because you do not suffer from high cholesterol obesity diabetes or any other health problems. I think more teachers should speak up about the meat industry. Schools do not provide healthy meals to their students to begin with and they have junk food and soda machines throughout the school. The schools should provide more nutritious and healthy meals to students and do away with the junk food and soda machines.

  • Anonymous says:

    and if i go to a classroom and preach about god or satan i would be fired. you cannot show grafic photos and preach your beliefs without punishment he could have caused pyscilogical damages to a child and if it where one of your kids that got scared from it you would sew him for monies for damages and you all know it. if it where my child i would sew!!!

  • Russell says:

    I sent Mr. Mahaffy an email stating my concern of his decision. Here’s the address if you want to do the same!

  • josey says:

    Although I do not agree with showing children violent photos of animals being slaughtered I am in favor of vegetarian education. I wish someone would have educated me earlier about vegetarianism. I believe we need to stop obesity and heart disease among other diseases early on. I once had a college professor for anatomy and physiology who told us that vegetarians were crazy due to their lack of protein and B12. Everyone laughed but me. This type of slander is acceptable but when the tables are turned and meat eaters are mocked it isn’t very funny. Nothing was said to the professor and he later apologized to me while smirking. This was the only time I ever heard the word vegetarian used in a college classroom and it was in negative context. My dogs are both vegetarians and my children will be vegetarians if I ever have any and I can only hope that they have a vegetarian teacher to look up to like Mr. Warwak as I never did. Keep fighting!

  • Pamia says:

    I think it is very sad what happened to Mr. Dave Warwak. This is just a prime example of not only ignorance but facism. I’m sure anyone who is a crusader for truth and justice in this world is behind this man and what he stands for. When I was a freshman in college i did a speech on the meat and fur industry. I also had a video component thanks PETA. Even though I received an A on my speech I was verbally reprimanded by my professor who by the way is a REVEREND for my topic choice. Not only did I find it ridiculous but it just goes to show that for most people IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

  • EAS says:

    There is so much more to this than whats being discussed. I will do my best to keep this short. Back in the early 20th century a teacher took advantage of his position to teach Darwins Theory of Evolution where the God Created Man version of history was the norm. Most everybody accepted this view and didnt know any better. Not until this teacher came along. What happened to this teacher? He was fired and taken to court for punishment. Since then many other teachers have taken a stand against the school agenda in order to teach the truth to students. It took a while for teachers to come out and teach the students about the Holocaust. My point is that this is nothing new. Its been going on for a long time and its been because of forward thinkers that we now know more about life. So much is still not taught in school. Facts are distorted and important lessons are left out. I lived in Canada for awhile and many of my friends thought Americans were stupid. Why? I told them that Americans do not get the full spectrum of education. These administrators are contributing to the ignorance to this country by having the teachers stick to a tight agenda. They are denying our youth of a full education. They need to create more programs to teach more than just the basics. They need to take the state of this world into consideration environment animal rights human rights etc. We live in a democratic dictatorship not a democracy. We need to move towards a true democracy and its up to the forward thinkers like Dave Warwak to break through the wall. If we cant break through the wall than our youth will be without a future. Keep the truth alive!

  • mike says:

    Why is it ok for a teacher to push his views on the meat industry in a PUBLIC school but it is not ok for a teacher to lead the class in prayer or discuss their religous views? It is NOT ok for a teacher to use his class room as a medium to further his or your organizations agenda. I have nothing against veganshowever I do have a problem with the methods PETA uses to obtain publicity to further their left wing agenda.

  • Loriel says:

    I hate to play the devil’s advocate on this one but as a middle school teacher I can understand what the school is going through. You have no idea whatsoever what parents are like when “controversial” subject matter is discussed. In our school all hell broke loose over one teacher having their students do an essay over whether or not elephants should be used in circuses. The superintendant was called lawyers etc. The parent said we were shoving “our liberal ideology down his daughter’s throat.” It is not so easy for a school to “defend” teachers when they express personal opinions. I personally use opportunites to express my views to students as often as I can but I cannot make it part of my curriculum. The only way that can be done is if it is a social problems class or something that is open to debate and discussion. You have to remember most of the world’s population still eats meat and they do not want to hear or see the ugliness of the meat industry. Some are just not ready and then the parents feel like their kids have been traumatized. It is like walking on thin ice. However on a positive note more and more young teenagers are converting to vegetarianism and veganism on their own without any adult help. Meat eating is on the way out. It will take a while but it will be gone. “The time will come when men such as I look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” Leonardi Di Vinci.

  • Marisela says:

    That is stupid why would you “fire” a teacher for that when a student can’t get suspended for doing the same thing. I showed my class in senior year on how animals are used for entertainment clothing experiments and food. They all paid attention but of course there’s always an ignorant.

  • Dana says:

    I am currently reading this book by John Robbins and would recommend everyone read it!!! I became a vegetarian only 3 months ago and now am working toward becoming a vegan. my main incentive at first was the cruelty to animals as I began to read books such as Howard Lymans “Mad Cowboy” and Gail Eisnitz’s “Slaughterhouse” I came to see things in a much different light. I found out that the conditions in slaughterhouses are far worse than the mind can imagine the USDA is a joke The FDA is not much better I found out that The meat and dairy industries have more laws to protect them than we ever will just ask Oprah.. I found out that the majority of the problems in this world are meat and dairy caused. I found out that the meat and dairy industries will go to no end to stop bad press about meat and dairy. If you are still a meat eater and consume dairy on a daily basis you are just playing Russian roulette!! It is not about if you will get sick from meat and dairy products anymore it is a simple matter of when you will. It is sad when other countries take more time and money to protect their citizens and our county spends billions to contaminate us. Other countries work hard to enforce a humane treatment of animals we on the other hand have a humane treatment of farm animals act that is never enforced it is only on paper to make the American people feel better about eating meat or consuming dairy. It is sick when our laws go more to protect the greedy at the United States citizens expense. Most people do not want to think that their could be anything wrong with the meat the consume and would rather not hear any doubt that it may. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to meat and dairy anymore what you dont know can kill you!!! I think that most of comfortable living in their little world where on TV the commercials of the Cows are always running free… Have you ever noticed that most commercials now use cartoons to get their points across…why not show the real thing why not show how Cows Pigs and Poultry are really kept I promise you people would thing twice about the meat they eat……….