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Taylor Momsen Sets Her Dog’s Balls Ablaze—PETA Fired Up …

Written by PETA | September 9, 2010

… to publicly thank The Pretty Reckless vocalist and Gossip Girl star for making the compassionate, responsible decision to have her pooch neutered.

It’s no secret that we at PETA are nuts (geddit?) about the pluses of spaying and neutering—two safe, simple procedures that help to reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats.

So we at PETA would like to submit the following poem in Momsen’s honor:

Oh, Taylor Momsen!
You’re sure to see
A media spectacle
‘Cause you lit your dog’s (detached) testicles

But at PETA, we stand and applaud
The choice you made, it should be law
To neuter your friend
And help put an end
To the homelessness of millions who have paws

Written by Karin Bennett

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