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Tastes Like Chicken!

Written by PETA | July 23, 2008

Quick—what reason do people usually give for continuing to eat meat even after you’ve told them about all the awesome health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of going vegetarian? If you said taste (as in, people don’t want to give up meat because they like the taste), you win $1 million! Not really (sorry!), but it does mean that you’ve been doing a great job trying to get your friends and family members to take the cool vegetarian plunge—go, you!

Now, people who’ve explored veggie cuisine know that you don’t have to give up anything in the way of taste or texture to go vegetarian, but guess what massive corporation is going to help spread that message to new audiences? If you said most KFCs in Canada, you don’t win $1 million, but you are right (go, you, again!).

Most KFCs in Canada have just added a vegetarian chicken sandwich to the menu, and by all reports, the faux chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and delectably flavorful inside and out. YUM! (YUM! is actually the name of the company that owns KFC in the U.S., but they aren’t serving it, dammit).

The company that coordinates the purchase of all chickens for Canadian KFCs has also entered into an agreement with PETA, which includes landmark animal welfare reforms that will substantially improve the lives and deaths of chickens killed for Canadian KFCs. And we at PETA have been so happy about this that we sent our Lettuce Ladies on a Canadian tour to pass out KFC’s faux-chicken sandwiches to anyone eager for a taste. How’s that for winningly fabulous, eh?

Here are some photographs from Montréal!

KFC Faux Chicken Sandwich Demo
KFC Faux Chicken Sandwich Demo

Posted by Grace Friedan

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  • Brendan Peterson says:

    I think it is very good that KFC is offering a sandwich in Canada and improving their animal welfare standards but when you purchase anything from KFC you are supporting the killing of chickens regardless if they are killed humanely Its quite hypocritical because you can never kill anything humanely.The truth of the MATTER IS KFC CHICKENS ARE MURDERED AGAINST THEIR WILL.I truly wish we lived in a vegan world but saldy that will never happen but That doesn”t mean I will tolerate a resturant that murders animals. Brendan Peterson age 13 U.S.A

  • Sebastian says:

    I’m so glad to hear this!!

  • anita says:

    yeah but… it’s still chicken!

  • Bob says:

    Who the hell has ever heard of faux!?

  • Grant says:

    I’m very concerned about this idea that KFC chickens will now benefit from new “welfare” standards. The only welfare that KFC can be imparted on its chickens is not to slaughter them. I am concerned that PETA may have crossed a line here and actually diluted animal rights. Grant Smith PETA Member Washington DC

  • Karen says:

    This is just wrong.

  • donna says:

    Old dogs CAN learn new stuff… and the Colonel is an old dog for sure! Give them a chance to test the water in new territory and see that it is the “new and improved” way to go… The be kind approach doesn’t work too well with corporate giants… but $$$$ does. Even though the intent may be to shut us up… the end result is that more and more people are exposed to nonmeat fast food meals.

  • vegancoin says:

    “The problem with PETA’s KFC campaign is not that KFC doesn’t deserve ire but that there is no satisfactory endgame.” We live in a complicated and dangerous world where thinking true honesty and being openminded is a scarce commodity. On top of that making rational decisions usually is verboten and at the very least is frowned upon. It’s fun to oversimplify but any sort of progress is better than no progress at all.

  • Brad says:

    This is a step in the right direction. This will reduce suffering. If just 20 people choose to eat a faux sandwich for whatever reason instead of buying the normal sandwich then suffering has diminished. Also gassing the birds is more humane. PETA has reduced suffering and I applaud them. Obviously there is still much work to be done.

  • Carla says:

    Grace those lovely ladies shown in above pictures were taken from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!! They were at the Sherbrook location here! Just to let you know!!

  • Brian W. Lockyer says:

    The thing that I worry about is If more people start eating at KFC because of this new sandwich and because of the “better” standards of killing won’t that mean more profit for KFC? which in turn will lead to more KFC’s? Which in turn will lead to more killing of chickens? I could be wrong but I think this idea smells fowl no pun intended. Peace.

  • Teya says:

    i can’t believe it. i won’t even eat french fries from KFC. i think if you buy any products by them you are giving them more money to buy more chickens to abuse! correct me if im wrong please. Teya DeVore age 13

  • bbr says:

    I think it’s pretty sad that just because KFC is making some fried fake chicken sandwhich ya’ll are all the sudden on their side. They “said” they would improve conditions in which chickens live and die and hopefully you will get your proof. But you are now a supoporter of someone you were once against. I don’t care if KFC put 10 veggie items and no I don’t mean the side items on their menu I still would not eat there. I wasn’t even a vegetarian yet when I decided to stop eating at KFC because of their cruelty to chickens. I guess for PETA you take what you can get. I’ll wait for the next article that bashes KFC yet again. So if Anna Wintour says she’ll use the entire animal eat the meat use the bones for jewlery decorations whatever from which she takes the fur will you forgive her too?

  • Ryan says:

    Tracy You wrote “It will also be harmful to birds if the new sandwich doesn’t sell well.” It will be far more harmful to birds if the new sandwich DOES sell well. Why? Basic high school economics. Proft investment expansion more dead birds. Always. How can PETA ever pressure KFC to stop harming animals in the future while shilling their products? The problem with PETA’s KFC campaign is not that KFC doesn’t deserve ire but that there is no satisfactory endgame. Why promote a mostly vegan product at an abhorrent company when you could spend the same time and resources promoting fully vegan products from actual vegans? You say it’s about giving potential vegans “options” but how encouraging is it for someone who is beginning to care about animals to learn that their most convenient option involves patronizing an establishment that directly exploits and kills animals? You’re telling them to not eat animals while telling them it is OK to support people who kill them. You’re telling them being vegan is so hard you have to patronize a chicken joint to do it! Look I live in the real world. Although I try not to do it often from time to time I have to eat a nonvegan company’s vegan products. But there is a world of difference between accepting the inevitable and PROMOTING it. I urge you to think about strategy yourselves and message. We can concoct any number of strategies that will “win” bit what are we winning? What helps chickens more more vegans or more KFCs? The two need not go hand in hand.

  • Judith says:

    Ryan sure has a point!!!!! Give me an Avocado and cucumber sandwich any day. I LOVE them! I ADORE them! I just have no desire what so ever for this kind of food. KFC no way! Most of my heroes wear masks! Peace for all animals!

  • Phyllis says:

    I’m glad for all progress. Personally I don’t want to eat it while it’s fried with real meat but I would buy it for a treat for my dogs if it were available here in Atlanta.

  • Carla says:

    I have to agree with you Tracy But my only concern right now is not the faux chicken this hideous company serves up it’s about the way the birds’ living and dying conditions are right now!! I have boycotted KFC and even stood in the rain to protest and make people aware of how these birds are treated. Two KFC’s closed their doors and did not relocate in the city where I’m from. I just want them to at the very least the ones that are still in business here in Canada and elsewhere to start using the least cruel method of killing like THEY promised CAK. Then I’ll be just a little happier and so will Peta!! We’ll never know unless Peta does some of their wonderful undercover investigative work. Right? And peace!

  • Tracy says:

    PETA understands that consuming even trace amounts of animal products is distasteful but are sure you will concur that even more upsetting is failing to help animals when we have the chance. In this case PETA’s focus is on preventing harm to animals. Eating a sandwich that has been cooked in the same oil in which chicken has also been cooked doesn’t cause any harm to animals but ordering the sandwich will spare suffering. Deciding not to get that sandwich won’t prevent chicken from being ordered cooked and eaten ordering the sandwich will keep it on the menu and let people who were about to order real chicken choose the faux. By boycotting the faux chicken sandwiches because they are “not 100 pure vegan” or insisting that they be cooked separately we run the risk of making serving faux chicken too difficult unpleasant or outright annoying to bother with. That is likely to dissuade others from even considering adopting a plantbased diet and that does harm animals. It will also be harmful to birds if the new sandwich doesn’t sell well. When a vegetarianvegan product fails in the marketplace it not only reduces the options available to vegetarians and vegans making it harderand therefore more unlikelyfor people to adopt a crueltyfree diet but also provides companies like KFC with an excuse to avoid adding such foods to their menus. Of course each of us must decide for ourselves what to do in a world full of difficult choices. We urge you to please think strategically for the animals’ sake and to promote the faux chicken with all your might. For more thoughts on this subject please see httpwww.CaringConsumer.comresourcesingredients.asp and httpwww.GoVeg.comeffectiveAdvocacypersonal.asp.

  • Ronald Hopkins says:

    I give a hand to peta and the way they help animals.I can’t help to think that you guys are trying to fource your views on people. To each is own. If people want to eat meat who are you to tell them that there wrong. Please don’t bring god into this lets let him do his job and do the judging on his own.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I had veggie chicken nuggets and they tasted just like chicken. Delicious!!

  • Alicia says:

    How could you pull a complete 180 to support and promote! such a horrible company that was until yesterday one of your biggest boycotts. All because they “claim” to have a meat free sandwich. Canadian victory? Or could it just be that KFC has found a way to successfully silence all your efforts to expose what they do to animals and the enviroment……. I am appauled that you can be silenced by a deep fried chunk of mystery which is probably made on the same conveyor belt as all the bloody brutally murdered animals they will continue to kill and continue to think is acceptable. I will never EVER support such a horrible company and am definitely questioning my support for peta. sincerily an animal and enviromental defender Alicia .L. Clark

  • Ryan says:

    Bravo for encouraging people to give more money to one of the largest fastfood animal exploiters around! That’ll sure show ’em…

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    The Lettuce Ladies are gorgeous and educational! That young woman has stunning hair and a killer bod. I’m straight honestly! It’s nice that her outfit can be enjoyed by the whole family LOL not just those over 18. Interesting pics maybe they can just stand outside places like KFC and satisfy people’s appetites before they ever enter the establishment. And no I don’t mean those kind of appetites get your mind out of the gutter. LOL

  • Carla says:

    It’s cooked in the same fat as the “chicken”!?? No thanks! But I have to applaud the lettuce ladies who came out to spread the word about Peta and the fauxchicken. Which brings me to my next question since KFC has these sandwiches now on the menu did they stick to there guns and start using suppliers that use CAK?? Or did they just bring the sandwhiches in to makes us happy and go away for their own profit making??