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Suggestion for Britney’s Parents

Written by PETA | February 13, 2008

latimes/Creative Commons

When the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the U.K. studied the relationship between mental disorders and eating meat and dairy products, they found that “a higher national dietary intake of … dairy products predicted a worse two-year outcome of schizophrenia.” It’s a testament to the wildly varied interests of the folks in our Vegan Department that this was the very first thought that popped into their minds while they were skimming through the latest tabloid gossip about Britney’s exploits in the psych ward (she’s apparently been asking for ice cream). But that’s what happened, and that’s how this friendly letter to Brit’s parents was born. The letter suggests putting the suffering star on a vegan diet to help her get her emotional and physical health back to a place where it won’t be daily fodder for Perez and The Superficial. TMZ covered the story yesterday, and I’ll let you know if we hear back from James and Lynne Spears.


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  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hello Taylor! Great to meet another conservationist! Restoration ecology is a cool new field. I’m sure that as a restoration scientist you know that cattle farming involves a huge amount of deforestation especially in South America and contributes methane to the atmosphere contributing to our old friend global warming. And of course with global droughts will come the need for fresh water which will be in short supply thanks in part to runoff from farms and into water supplies. I agree completely that PETA the media in general and all of America has led a brutal sexist and bullying campaign against another human being and I find it just as disgusting as you do. So I’m with you on that. But vegetarianism even occasionally like 4 or 5 times a week would greatly help our ecosystem! Thanks for hearing me out!!

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Chris MD Hi there! Being an informed scientist I’m sure you also know that midocean trawling netting and overfishing have potential to really damage the ocean ecosystem and even those who support fishing and eating fish will suffer in the long run. Coral reefs and mangroves dissipate 97 percent of the wave energy of tsunamis and hurricanes and shrimp farming and trawling are destroying both ecosystems. The U.N. has reported that thousands of lives are lost because of it. So larger fish populations are being taken by destructive methods. The Maldives lost their corals and were so panicked when they realized the severe loss they tried to build a concrete wall on the shore!! It didn’t work. Coastal erosion is also killing economies on islands on the Pacific Oceans and this is due to the loss of corals to overfishing and the pet store exotic fish trade. PLEASE look at this link some time great and current info on corals and mangroves!! httpwww.unep.orgpdfinfrontline06.pdf

  • rojo says:

    Mike maybe thats why I like walnuts as I don’t eat seafood often. There’s been the odd cake that hasn’t been made along the way as a result. Quite amazing that the body can know and crave what it needs unconsciously. Anyway we seem to have breads and eggs “packed” with omega fatty acids over here. I’ll have to take more notice if they’re 3 or 6.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    post scriptum vegetarian thales planned and designed it another vegetarian chares of lindos constructed it!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    Cochran chappeau you got a great philosophy gnosi seauton! know yourself! this greek aphorism is from nobody else than vegetarian giant Thales from Miletos the creator of the famous Colossos of Rhodos!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo Yeah you don’t want to buy flaxseed that’s already ground up since it may go rancid. I just buy the whole seeds and pop them as needed in a coffee grinder. If you consume the seeds intact they’ll just pass straight through you anyway and of course will be of no benefit. Walnuts are a good source of omega3 so I usually sprinkle some walnut pieces on my breakfast grains.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mabel I second rojo’s notion. Sardines and herring are one of nature’s perfect foods. Flax seed’s nutrition doesn’t compare to fish oil. If you want you can eat pond scum filamentous algae. I prefer fish. Dairy isn’t all that good for you but it doesn’t make you insane. This is a bigger stretch than the ED thread. Laney Good grummer adn speeling are always gooder for making peoples comprestand you. Keep it up!! I know that last bit was mean but being an asshole is a bit like being an alcoholic you’re never truly cured. Everyone have a great weekend as I will be out protesting absolutely nothing I couldn’t be happier being a soulless loser.

  • rojo says:

    hi Mike Q very fortunate for vegans and the percentage of vegetarians that don’t eat fish that other sources are available you just have to make sure supplement manufacturers certify low mercury and cadmium levels. Flaxseed needs to be processed properly otherwise the chemical activity is lost within 24hrs. mabel just avoid frequent servings of fish that are high up the food chain like tuna mackeral shark..

  • Sue says:

    Why don’t you suggest Britney eats some of your vegetarianvegan processed rubbish!! Protein amino acids that’s what’s needed for a healthy brain and omega 3.

  • Laney says:

    I love you negative people who claim you don’t support PETA’s beliefs yet you STILL come to the website and feel the need to pour your negativity into the website. And people do not use the excuse that you come here to laugh because you are only going to make yourself look like more of a loser that you have that much time on your hands to surf the net and make negative remarks about something you don’t believe in. But on a brighter note PETA should thank you for making them the center of your time when surfing the net..bravo PETA!!!! Regarding eating dairy and meat..I GARUNTEE that you poeple who are sticking up for your fatty foods are EXTREMLY FAT..stick up for your food people it’s all you got in life!! And as far as fur’s..I’d like people who wear them to answer this question “If you think animals are so dirty and disgusting then why do you wear their fur and think you look elegant or rich in THEIR FUR!?!?” Most people who wear fur and eat meat think that animals are gross and disgusting things yet they feel rich and fabulous in their coats? Doesn’t make really doesn’t. You people are useless and ignorant. But I have to feel sorry for you that protecting dairy and hamburgers surround your life. Haha thanks for the laugh!!

  • Isabella says:

    I’m sorry to say in this instance I think you were way out of bounds. I know you meant the best but her family right now needs to deal with much much more deeper issues than this. Perhaps waiting a bit would have been more thoughtful yes? Thanks Isabella

  • kate says:

    Peta preaches about being nice to animals that should include people just leave her alone if we were under that kind of pressure i am sure we would be doing some crazy stuff too. I still Love Peta!!

  • Joanna says:

    FK Britney she wears fur. There are lots of people in the limelight maybe if she didnt keep self indulging and put her time towards others and her kids! she wouldnt be such a mentalist. anyone who gets offended here well Ive had a mental illness but cannot stand those who become selfish with it

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mabel Most salmon at the moment is generally not bad in regards to mercury pollution but tuna has to be watched much more carefully. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that Britney and her family eat more tuna. Sugar worse than dairy? All depends on your consumption levels of either. What do you think lactose in dairy is? It’s milk sugar and an animal product.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo It’s the omega3 fatty acids in fish that they found to have a beneficial effect. These fatty acids can also be obtained in a veg diet without the concerns of dioxins and mercury found in some fish.

  • Monica Smith says:

    Great work PETA! It is very much true meat dairy causes mental and health disorders. Spears must go on a vegan diet stop takin drugs alcohol she is sure to recover from this.

  • holly says:

    ahahahaa i just LOVE how Peta has a sense of humor. You have to have one in this intense world of animal rights! This definitely made me giggle. Thanks. holly!

  • Jessica says:

    Did you know that removing casien found in dairy products from an autistic child’s diet greatly improves their ability to lead a normal life? 10 of children with autism are cure and it is believe that gluten a wheat product and casien act like an opiate for children with autism increasing their sensitivities and the frequency of repetitive behaviors. Removing these items from their diet also helps in language development. It is believed that autistic children have hidden “allergies kind of” to these products…. just an interesting tidbit

  • Amber Falobas says:

    Well as much as I love the whole Spears family they need something…and this could be it. but it probably isnt.

  • Mabel says:

    Yep all of the mental and emotional health issues people face in this world would clear right up if they didn’t eat ice cream or meat! Never mind that nonvegetarian fish is linked to good healthmental and otherwiseand that sugar which is not an animal product is worse than dairy. If you are truly concerned for her health and aren’t just using her situation for your own gain why not urge her family to eat more tuna salmon etc?

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    I think this is wrong. I don’t have a problem with promoting a vegan diet as a cureprevention for various disease including mental illness. But I do have a problem with these things a assuming someone’s got a serious mental illness just because they went a a psych ward for a very short period of time b making a big deal about someone’s unconfirmed mental illness. It’s their business not yours. c the assumption that her parents should take care of her diet. She’s an adult even if she doesn’t always act like one. And her parents do not seem very interested in taking care of her or her mental wellbeing. d Britneymania. Seriously just leave her alone.

  • rojo says:

    Hi Jack i’m almost shocked that you would cherry pick the info that suits you Of all the “bad” things the report talks about it seems dairy is of the least concern. dairy and alcoholwas “associated” with “poor outcome” in 1 of the 2 studies involved. Not exactly definative especially when refined sugar has an “adverse relationship”. Britney should lay off the ice cream because of the sugar content. And eat more seafood”High national rates of depression predicted by low intake of fish and seafood”

  • William says:

    You really need to leave her alone and put her in rehab she needs to learn on her own that she needs to be an adult and not a child like her kids. She is going off getting high and cutting off her hair. This should be a sign to you that she needs help!? and that music video about her being a stripper ! oh yeah pretend to be her children and say to your self is that what my mom is like becasue i wanna be just like her and then we have a chain reaction. She has already made a impact on Jamie. I Think you need to put her in rehab and you know what keep the children to your selfs or KFed and keep them safe !!! She NEEDS HELP!

  • insecthero says:

    Well she sure needs to improve SOMEthing in her life!

  • BLUEDAY says:

    Thanks for plugging The Superficial!

  • mary says:

    Way to once again use someones tragedy and pain for your own political agenda pushing… you must be happy when a troubled young woman is globally hounded to the point that the press reports that she eats ice cream because then you can claim that her troubles are caused by ice cream and ice cream only. It is so clear that her troubles are not from ice cream but you don’t care about the facts only that you can exploit her for your agenda!

  • Medina says:

    I love PETA and MOST of the ideals and what we stand for here. However some of the things I find to be over the top. I will not stop coming to this site just because I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say and do. First of all I wonder how Jamie Lynn Spears will ever find the time to read this letter in the first place when they have 2 daughters who severely need their attention and now 2 Grandchildren with a third on the way. Also I think if Britney can manage to detox from the drugs I believe she has been on she should be fine. Think about it any type of amphetamine usage could have ’caused this same reaction. It ’caused her to be irresponsible irrational and delusional. I thought from the beginning that the only reason she would hook up with some of the scum bags she has is because they probably had good dope connections. Also why else would a female shave her beautiful hair completely bald? Maybe someone threatened her with a hair test!! That would be her way of disposing of the evidence.