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Stunning Pro-Seal Protesters’ Photos

Written by PETA | April 17, 2009

From Los Angeles, California, to Paducah, Kentucky and from Berlin, Germany, to Zagreb, Croatia—all around the world, caring people are taking to the streets to protest against the shameful Canadian seal slaughter. These caring activists are showing Canada that the world will not tolerate this bloody massacre.

We’ve posted many entries on this blog with photos from across the globe, but that’s just a fraction of the pictures that have flooded into our inboxes in recent weeks. We’ve just set up a gallery on Flickr, so we’re no longer limited in the number of photos we can share with you. Check out the slideshow:



Got demo photos of your own that you’d like to share? Why don’t you send ’em our way so that we can add them to our Flickr gallery?

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Mash says:

    please stop killing animal they are just you they have life

  • Wendy says:

    I live in Ottawa Canada and have been writing to the Canadian politicians for years to end this disgusting massacre of seals. No living creature should be subjected to such inhumane cruelty such as this. I as a Canadian cannot tell you all how much it means to get worldwide support to help us get this disgusting barbaric hunt ended once and for all. Do not be misled by our Government the majority of Canadians are STRONLY OPPOSED to this horrific and cruel hunt. Please continue helping us to get this ended and thankyou all for what you are doing to help animals. SHAME on the Canadian Government for not listening to the true voice of their people and for allowing such a cruel and unnecessary slaughter to continue.

  • Joanna says:

    I am a Canadian and deeply ashamed that my government continues to support the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world. Although the majority of Canadians do not support the seal hunt our Federal government continues to ignore their voices because they do not wish to further alienate and aggrevate the eastern provinces and in particular the loudmouth and arrogant Premier of Newfoundland Danny Williams.

  • Roxana says:

    I am PROUD to say i was part of one of the Demos in Los Angeles infront of the Canadian Embassy! It was awesome! and I am so glad this nightmare ended for these beautiful creatures! I wish other animals have the same faith such as circus animals etc…… my respect for PETA and all the compasionate people!

  • Valerie Bird says:


  • marlene says:

    The seal hunt only continues to exist because it is propped up by government support and taxpayers’ money. For years the vast majority of Canadians and caring people worldwide have been calling for an end to the hunt and the time to act is now. The animal welfare concerns associated with Canada’s commercial seal hunt are well documented. This hunt is unnecessary and economically unviable. The time has come to transition Canadian sealers into new and more rewarding industries that do not involve cruelty to animals. It is Great to see so many young people joining to save the Seals ! I wish I were there But all concerned citizens worldwide can help can help by not buying Products from Canada until the seal hunt is no more . The world wants this unnecessary slaughter to end The world is watching.

  • Cheryl Bullock says:

    Barrie is looking for people who will come out to the Bayfield Mall on SaturdayJune 15th around 3ish at the back to protest the circus using elephants….It will be quiet but we need to take a stance..Email to…..thanks

  • Chelsea says:

    I am a Canadian and view this horrific slaughter as a stain on the nation. I welcome and urge continued opposition it. It makes me sick.

  • Betty Covington says:

    There is no thinking compassionate person who could ever tolerate the cruelty in the Canadian seal hunt if they could see it for themselves. Mercy to animals means mercy to mankind.

  • Margarita says:

    I think that it is good to keep the momentum going until the canadian government realize that stopping the killing of seals is the right thing to do.

  • Jacki Gerdes says:

    Canada’s arrogant refusal to stop abusing and killing seals is incomprehensible. Therefore I will not support any aspect of this barbaric country.

  • Mandy says:

    Everywhere and I mean everywhere there are seal slaughter protests. Even in Barrie where I live a city in Canada about an hour from Toronto there are dozens of people in the small downtown holding signs and displaying a visual. It’s stupid how blind the government can be about this.

  • sophie says:

    i think you should do more in ottawa id love to see more

  • SHARI says:

    SHAWNA can I have permission to post these pictures on my website. Please let me know. I have already posted all the Texas Seal Protest because I was the one that took the pictures and was in the protest. I must say this flickr slideshow is the BEST ever!! The World is Fighting for these Seals!!! I am truley touched by all the protesters from all around the world for what they have done to protect these seals!

  • frances daryll strawberry farmer says:

    do one in chicago there are protests here for anything

  • elina says:

    This touched my heart I would love to be a part of it

  • concerned Canadian says:

    Great job but ‘white coat’ seals are not hunted it’s a misleading image. Believe me the older pups and adults are just as cute and just as capable of suffering.

  • Alice Fraser says:

    Hello We should ban the seal hunt no one uses seals.From Alice

  • SHARI says:

    The world has united for the SEALS Canada HAS to stop killing the Seals. THE WORLD HAS SPOKEN OUT AGAINST THE KILLING OF SEALS. Boycott Canadian Seafood let’s HIT THEM in the pocket book for HITTING THE SEALS!! THE WORLD UNITED ON MARCH 15TH 2009 AND WILL again. We will not stop until this killing stops!!! THANK YOU WORLD THANK YOU FOR HELPING THE SEALS!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The inhumane demons who are affiliated with the seal slaughter have the gumption to assert that people who oppose their evil killing are insulting their “culture”. Their bona fide sociopaths.

  • SHARI says:

    HOWDY FROM TEXAS!!! Yes That is us protesting in front of the Austin State Capital!! It was a good turn out and the tourist really loved what we were doing for the seals!! And our fellow Texans.They took our leaflets took our pictures and took videos of us!!Fur is a fashion felony that is why I am wearing the “COP” custom. One day soon it will be a crime to kill these poor little baby seals and all animals for their fur. Until them we must fight for them for they are voiceless and we will win and save them from harm.Thank you PETA for helping us out with the leaflets and the posters we made alot of our own but PETA was there with all the help we needed with the extra posters and leaflets. So what are you all waiting for …get a protest going and you can make the diffrence too!!! Best of Luck!! SAVE THE SEALS!!!

  • pepper says:

    i think you should do more in ottawa id love to see one