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On the Streets With PETA!

Written by PETA | April 24, 2009

The whole world is coming out of hibernation for spring. What better time to get outdoors and get active for animals? There are all sorts of demos happening. Check ’em out!



This was a particularly moving demo in Calgary to fight the Canadian seal slaughter.
Calgary demo
This demonstration took place outside the Canadian Consulate in Seattle.
Seattle demo
These ladies are letting the world know that McDonald’s scalds chicks to death!
Cincinnati demo
Ladies taking showers to demonstrate meat’s effects on the environment always get attention—and just in time for “Meat’s Not Green” Week!
Shower demo
Did you know that the amount of water required to produce one pound of meat is the same as the amount used in six months of showers?
Shower demo2
Check out what PETA Germany’s doing. This pile of bodies doesn’t even come close to the number of animals who are murdered for their flesh every day.
Germany demo


Can’t get enough photos of demos? Well, stay tuned, because we’re only too happy to share! In the meantime, why don’t you upload a few photos of your own?

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • drew says:

    sorry that was my buddy i dont hurt aimals

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Mathahir I fight for human rights every day of my life. I fight for animal rights every day of my life. It is wrong to torture people no matter who does it to whom it is wrong to walk into crowded public areas and blow oneself up no matter who does it it is wrong to try to wipe out an entire race of people simply because you don’t believe in their religion or politics no matter who does it it is wrong to fly jets into office buildings and kill thousands of innocent people no matter who does it. It is also wrong to subject animals to what we continually subject them to. I fight against the cruelty of the world every day. I will fight for both human and animal rights until the day I die just like Miss Arthur. By the way if you would like the Western world in general and the people in the United States in particular to have a better opinion of the Palestinians I suggest you take it up with your countrymen. I may very well be wrong but I do not see any other group flying jets into buildings blowing themselves up in shopping malls public streets or buses or any of the other extremely cruel things you do. I have great sympathy for you…you seem to invite retaliation on your own people and that too is wrong.

  • Daryl says:

    I don’t understand what the previous person to post was trying to say. I have to say though I do enjoy the photos of the PETA demonstrations. Go PETA!

  • bjoank says:

    Mahathir all lifes are equal. Civilization judged by the way human treat the weaks. PeTA just carry out their jobs you do yours help the Palestine people as you like. By the way don’t you think is time for Islam to go vegetarian? or even vegan? peace.

  • Mahathir Suleiman says:

    Western peoples are always busycare about animal rights Murder King Burger King post nude modelscelebrities for PETA campaign I’m not loving it McDonalds it seems the animals life are much more valuable for western peoples. Here my message to PETA are the Palestine peoples life are more valulable than animals that you’re fight for it for thre rest of your life like the late Bea?? Think of it.

  • claudia says:

    hi mi name is claudia im form peru i really would like to help but i dont know if you have a office or something like taht here in my country!!! you guys are making a great job!!