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Sperm Counts

Written by PETA | June 12, 2009
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According to a UPI story from earlier this week, researchers at Spain’s University of Murcia announced that they had found that “men who eat large amounts of meat and full fat dairy products have lower seminal quality” than those who eat more fruits and vegetables.

Yep, the trick to improving erectile projectile apparently has to do with consuming plant foods rich in anti-oxidants.

And, while I’m not quite sure what constitutes “high quality” semen, my guess is that it has something to do with men’s lil’ guys’ being strong swimmers. So, fellas, think of it this way: Would you rather eat your veggies and have sperm that swims like Michael Phelps or chow down on burgers and have sperm that flails like a toddler in his floaties?

The choice is yours, boys.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Tom says:

    the reason sperm count quality and motility is tested is to ascertain fertility. The implication of the article is that meat and dairy consumers are less fertile than those that don’t consume meat. I merely pointed out that the study appeared flawed due to the abundance of omnivorous people having children

  • Sandy says:

    Just eat your veggies and lay off the meat and you will be more healthy all around! Not eating meat helps with all bodily functions so I imagine sperm would be part of this! They’re probably happier when they get their veggies too!

  • Brittany says:

    Just because you have kids doesn’t mean that the study isn’t true. No one said it made you sterile the study said that your sperm won’t be as good. Read carefully and don’t make up your own studies and facts.

  • Meech! says:

    Brien best comment ever!!!!!

  • mel says:

    Note while this story is accurate there is a bit of misleading here. The actual quote says capitalization my emphasis “men who eat LARGE amounts of meat and full fat dairy products have lower seminal quality.” This means that if the diet is heavy in meats then it’s a problem. There is no research listed here about moderation or smaller amounts of meat consumed. Please if you’re going to tout the virtues of vegetarianism have ALL the facts. You’ll look better for it.

  • rojo oz says:

    they said lower quality but didn’t quantify. Is it 2 lower 5? I’m guessing brien isn’t catholic.

  • Jody says:

    Nowhere in this article did it say anything about no sperm count. It said low and weak sperm hell it only takes one to make a baby. And even a paraplegic can swim the length of a pool it’s talking about the quality of sperm. Heck if a no veggie diet meant 0 sperm count then there would be no fat people. sorry had to say it Jody

  • Tom says:

    Coming from a meat and ice cream lover I can assure you the study is flawed. My wife will concur and my newborn is evidence

  • Allen says:

    Denise your babydaddy doesn’t eat any vegetables? How true is that? And 4 kids? Wow. See also Briens comment.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Accutally I think the amount of sperm is more important to break down all the defenses in the uterus or something. Also floaties on toddlers is illegal in the county I live in so I’d apprecaite it if parents would stop bringing their kids to the big boy pool only to yell at me when I tell them they can’t go in the pool.

  • Denise says:

    How true is this? I am 38 weeks pregnant by a man who doesn’t have vegetables as part of his diet. We have three kids together the oldest is 4 and the youngest is due on the 19th of this month. I guess this would only be important to those men who actually want to have children.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Human overpopulation is a major reason why so many animals and their habitats are endangered. I’m all for quality sperm counts but maybe contraceptives in the water supply would be a good idea too.