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Spanish TV Bans Bullfights

Written by PETA | August 24, 2007

Sometimes in this line of work it’s the small things that really hit home the strongest. Of course it’s great to win major campaigns, but it’s also great to see progress happening because people are starting to question archaic cruel practices on their own. Case in point: State-run Spanish television has quietly yanked live coverage of bullfighting from its programming, ending a decades-old tradition of showcasing the “national pastime” out of concern that cruel spectacle is just too violent for children.


Should they have taken it a step further and banned the bloodsport from national TV altogether? Of course. And do I wish they’d recognize that it’s more than a little odd to even have a “national pastime” that is too violent for children to even witness on TV? Yep. But the reality is that progress usually comes in itsy bitsy baby steps, and this is most definitely a step in the right direction. It sends a clear message to the citizens of Spain and to the rest of the world that there is something very wrong with bullfighting. Of course, some people will whine about it, since some people just can’t deal with change of any kind, and there’s not doubt that it will take many more years to rid the world of this hideous bloodsport, but it will happen, and this move by Spanish TV moves us that much closer. If they’re looking for something to replace the bullfights with, maybe some footage of the annual Running of the Nudes in Pamplona would do the trick. Actually, maybe not, as the lawyers are screaming at me to warn you that if you’re under 18 and you watch the video on, very bad things will happen to you.

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  • susan says:

    Thank goodness that the horrific cruelty of bull fighting in Spain Mexico and elsewhere is being questioned and fought against. It is unbelievable that countries which purport to be ‘civilized’ continue such practices of blatant sadistic rituals.

  • Sally says:

    What a load of tosh posted by “Spanishboy”. Culture is and never can be an excuse for mindless cruelty. It was culture in Roman times for gladiators to fight to the death and slavery was once culture too in many parts of the world. Should we respect them too? Anyone who enjoys watching animals being tortured for entertainment is not worthy to call themselves a human being. How about showing some respect for the animnal?

  • Spanishboy says:

    perhaps You must respect the spanish culture. I dont support the bullfighting but i understand the cultural tradition what is associated. A little of respect for my country

  • bob says:

    i think it is very cruel and it should be baned all togethor.

  • connie kennie says:

    I cannot forget the beautiful white horse who was shown in a Spanish bull fight ring. It was blindfolded and could not see the bull as the bull attacked it. How anyone could watch such crueltyand the suffering of the bulls is terrifying to me. Could you still condone “bull fights” if your pet dog or cat were subjected to such abuse? If so let me have a go at torturing your kids this way!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Bulls can live up to 25 years so are we not denying the right of the bull to live when we kill him at 4 or 5 years? Also it does not speak well of the human race when we derive pleasure from the torture of another creature. There has to be a more humane solution. Bulls will not disappear from Spain if bullfighting is banned. Even though most cows these days are artificially inseminated you still need bull semen.

  • Don says:

    Its nice to see some good looking people run around naked to save animals from pointless bloodshed but mabey if we foucused more on the pointless extermination of endangered animals i think we might get somewere.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Bulls can live up to 25 years so are we not denying the right of the bull to live when we kill him at 4 or 5 years? Also it does not speak well of the human race when we derive pleasure from the torture of another creature. There has to be a more humane solution. Bulls will not disappear from Spain if bullfighting is banned. Even though most cows these days are artificially inseminated you still need bull semen.

  • Maya says:

    How can anyone kill such a beautiful animal? I think with a little ingenutiy Spain could have some excitement in the streets without involving bulls. That way children could watch it too and no animals would be killed. There is no limit to the ways in which Spain could celebrate its nationality in more compassionate but still exciting ways.

  • Susannah says:

    Something that struck home to me today Amid the justificable uproar about Michael Vick and the banning of bullfighting long overdue there was an article in my paper today about more humane treatment of dogs and how the Vick case has raised awareness yay! Meanwhile on the sports page the lead article talked about a horse that died of a heart attack on the race track in Saratoga and “no one knew why” even though it was 92 degrees that day! I am SO disgusted with the way people use animals as if they’re nothing more than commodities accessories entertainment and of course food. There is no good reason why that 2 year old filly had to die except for someone’s greed and someone else’s socalled pleasure at the races!

  • Grant says:

    Bulls have 4 or 5 years in open pastures. Beef animals have much less and have no better death than bulls. Like the the extinction of millions of horses after the invention of the car Spanish bulls will not exist after the ban of bullfights. Very few of us die pleasantly yet we are pleased to have lived. Are you going to deny the right of the bull to live ? If you let him live he will have to die. as we all do

  • Jonathan says:

    Eliminating bullfighting in SPain is like banning alcohol in the UK so to speak hahahahaa

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Ana… For the poster who was giving you a hard time about trying to instill a little compassion in your students “To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Theodore Roosevelt American president 18581919

  • animalfriend says:

    we are faraway from a victory! i just visited the site there is an enormous effort from animal protectors and you can see the list of signing celebrities more from 500 but the problem is that we have already in france 60 arenas and the number is growing! we need an urgent help from peta france and all the international peta members! it’s really bad because also the new french president sarkozy is an admirer of this horrible animal abuse! HELP! HELP! HELP!

  • kris shulfer says:

    culture is not an excuse for cruelty and ignorance!! a great step!!

  • little big woman says:

    the problem is now that these butchers are getting aware of the fact that they are loosing ground in spain and they try to install this cruel horror elsewhere! in lachauxdefonds switzerland they tried already years ago but we were there and an official telegram came in the last minute from the swiss government in berne! the horses were already saddled! but we could stop it and we didn’t put anything into the newspapers because this could even encourage some ugly characters to insist! then they tried in italy germany and russia where president putin told them that bullfighting has nothing to do with russian culture and i think they also stopped trying there! but now they are infiltrating china and france on a large scale because there we got many dumbasses with criminal hearts and bribing etc. so here i ask peta and all the great animal protection societies to keep a very sharp eye open to this case night and day! thank you for posting!

  • Shaun says:

    “Spain frightened you. Spain… So we sat as tourists at the bullfight Watching bewildered bulls awkwardly butchered Seeing the greyfaced matador at the barrier Just below us straightening his bent sword And vomiting with fear…” “You Hated Spain” Ted Hughes. This is definitely five steps in the right direction. I’ve spent some time in Spain and it’s worrying how big the ‘sport’ of bullfighting is therelike soccer in Britain or American football in the US.

  • observer says:

    whoever where ever anyone enjoys doing or seeing animal abuse torture we’re really seeing the inside of subhumans!!!!!

  • chad says:

    Alva Spain has a history of getting involved in a lot more conflicts but the motives were obvious “God Glory and Gold” and of course enslavement of the native populations

  • Jacquie says:

    This is one important step toward ending this disgusting so called sport I won’t be happy until it’s completly stopped. So cruel and makes no sense at all how a person could sit there and watch this is beyond me or what I have been taught.

  • Linda says:

    I recently saw some clips of bullfighting in a documentary about Picasso. I found it so disturbing that I could not watch the program. Who could possibly be entertained by such brutality? Spain should get with the 21st century and eliminate bullfighting altogether.

  • Ana says:

    Alva Cruelty to animals is the concern of ALL animal advocates worldwide. Indeed Spanish animal advocates that I have spoken to ask that others outside of Spain speak out against this barbarism. These blood fiestas are practiced in France Mexico and parts of South America so your cultural roots have reached far and wide and therfore it is a worldwide concern for animal advocates. And it is not arrogance to speak up for these tortured creatures it is called compassion. There are aspects in every culture that need to be eradicated for being cruel. For instance the Spanish Inquisition is an ugly memory of your culture. Rodeos in the USA is a brutal aspect of American culture and that also needs to be eradicated. Do not take offense when truly compassionate people care enough to be a voice for suffering animals. In Spain and the USA the poor grehounds suffer tremendously that is a shame both our respective countries share. I would love to see the end of bullfighting in Spain permanently!! Culture is no excuse for CRUELTY!!!!

  • Ana says:

    This is not culture this is SADISTIC CRUELTY!!!!!!

  • ALEXA says:

    That’s good news but it’ll be great if they stop this barbaric “sport” !!! Es una increible que estemos en el ao 2007 y todavia existan estas costumbres bestiales! que no tiene sentido ni mensaje…es una pena…

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Well Yay!!! We’re finally making some progress on this subject.

  • Jaclyn says:

    What a hideous “pastime.” I can’t believe that people would go sit in a stadium and watch these animals get stabbed and killed. If that is happening in front of your eyes imagine what is happening behind the scenes. Until I stepped into the world of Peta and compassion it never “clicked” in my head that this is a cruel sport. Sometimes it takes a little up in your face action to get me to connect the dots.

  • bronwyn evans says:

    I think banning this blood sport from being viewed on television is a great first step. Now let’s hope this horrible cruelty is outlawed altogether and soon. Unfortunately it won’t be soon enough for the thousands of bulls killed every year. Bronwyn Evans

  • Gina says:

    I still do not understand why those people do this what kind of joy or diversion they get seeing these beautiful animals in pain bleeding dying slowly…they are just animals they have not done anything to get this punishment..IT IS VERY many people I just feel FRUSTATED because this situation brings them a lot of money and that is the only important thing that those greedy people care about.

  • Manolo says:

    It is necessary to remember that France also has the tradition of the bulls specially in the south of the country and that this celebration is gaining adepts day by day. This can be little wild custom but the Americans visit by thousands Pamplona in San Fermines feast year by year.

  • Alva says:

    In Spain there is much people to whom does not please the celebration to him of the bulls that is grotesque violent to and it gives bad image to our country. But the corridas and encierros comprise by our cultural roots and what four say foreign ignorantes concern nothing rather to us.

  • Susannah says:

    I would like to see bullfighting banned altogether not just from TV. It’s a barbaric and cruel “art” and it’s time for it to just plain end along with cockfighting dogfighting or any other kind of fighting for “sport” that involves animals

  • Alva says:

    The ignorance is the mother of the audacity. We do not understand the damn American custom either to put in all the conflicts of this world. Go Spain !!!

  • keith says:

    ‘ Viva La Spana.’

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    this is great news indeed! hoooooray!!!! this is a very big step forward! i’m so happy and thanks to all nude runners you ran for a great cause and thanks to renaud twiggy the hundreds of celebrities fighting here in europe against this shame on earth and thousand thanks to my eternal hero jeanclaude van damme for speaking up on an international level and many many thanks to peta!!! i love you all! now we just can head the last fight the total abolition!