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South Korea Burying Pigs Alive

Written by PETA | January 10, 2011

It sounds too horrific to be true, but officials in South Korea are piling pigs on top of each other in trucks, dumping thousands of them into mass graves, and burying them alive.

This atrocity is intended to control an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, but there is an inexpensive vaccine for the disease that the South Korean government inexplicably refuses to use. As many as 34,000 pigs have been killed in a single day. If this cruel slaughter is allowed to continue, the number of pigs killed could reach more than 1 million.

Please urge South Korean authorities to stop this massacre immediately. Send a polite e-mail to the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the U.S., Han Duk-soo, telling him that you want the South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease.

 Pigs on a Korean farm. 
 mannen av bord/CC by 3.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • christy mesec says:

    this is utterly unbelievable. i thought you were a civilized country or at least more so than north korea. i do hope you adopt more civilized practices concerning your animals i just cant believe any country would permit and condole this type of inhuman, cruel and just appalling practice. there are other ways to do things!!!!!!!

  • korean says:

    I don’t believe this, south korea is a civilised country. Where’s the evidence?

  • Norma Santomauro says:

    Are we humanes? more and more we become besties

  • CASSI says:


  • Carolina says:

    Its incredible that in the 21st century you are being so cruel and unhuman. there´s gotta be a better way!!!

  • Joy Harrs says:

    I respectfully ask the Korean government to stop this slaughter. Pigs are intelligent sentient beings and should not be treated in such a manner.

  • Ariana Kim says:

    Please have some mercy and humanely euthanize them first.

  • Stephanie says:

    Whattt??? Whats wrong with these people. How would you feel like if somebody buried you alive..!!??

  • sabita patwardhan says:

    Completely disgusting people. Humans deserve all the bad things that I hope are coming to us. They created all the shit in this world and are now punishing animals for it. A filthy species.

  • Anne Peake says:

    There are other kinder, compassionate & humane ways to deal with this. Please give these sensitive, intellengent beautiful beings respect & give them ‘inexpensive’ vaccines! How would you feel being treated in this way? & having your family, friends & loved one’s buried alive! Please stop this.

  • natalia says:

    This is SO disgusting! the most cruel ‘animal’ is human – SHAME!!!

  • Constance Adams says:

    Totally unnecessary – these people are heartless

  • Katinka says:

    People are responsible for foot and mouth and now the poor animals get it, eish.

  • Rangi says:

    Burying any living being alive is an act that is both cruel and uncalled for. Pigs are similar to humans in many functional ways. They have sensations and feelings too. Please treat them with kindness. They are dealt a raw deal all their natural lives. This act of perversion must stop.

  • HELEN says:

    This is horrific and so cruel. Pigs feel pain, stress and anxiety just like humans. They are very intelligent animals. How can you dispose of them in such a barbaric way. Have you no compassion ? I am so disgusted.

  • CatrinaK says:

    There are more humane ways of dealing with the problem. Please stop the senseless killing.

  • Melinda L says:

    why are people so cruel…humans are so thoughtless and selfish

  • ana maria molina says:

    Please begin respecting life in all its manifestations and help this world to be a better one! Stop this abuse!

  • Vicky Slay says:

    My heart is crying for these beautiful pigs which are dying a horrible death for the lack of intelligence on the part of the Korean Government. Surely they could find other methods to control the diseased animals and certainly not all are exposed to this disease. Please make the time and effort to find a better way.

  • N D Kathuria says:

    Do you realise that what you do to animals today ,you would receive the same treatment in youe afterlife. So stop killing pigs in an inhuman ways.

  • Lyndel says:

    We have been asked to write polite messages asking to stop this inhumane practice.  I can’t think of anything polite to say to these barbaric pieces of #@*&….  How about we do this to everyone that is doing this to these pigs and see if they like it….

  • Shirley Holman says:

    I can’t believe the people of South Korea are capable of such mass cruelty. Pigs are intelligent, sentient beings and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. None of this horrific killing and suffering is necessary. Please use the vaccines available and end this senseless slaughter.

  • Michelle says:

    It really breaks my heart to see/hear how cruel people are to such wonderful animals, if anything I believe that we should do to them what they are doing to these pigs! NO animal deserves to be treated like this

  • Diane says:

    This is not necessary.Please stop this terrible act. It is not a necessary action. Animals deserve respect. They are living and breathing beings just like you and me

  • Kim Kyoung-Jin says:

    It’s a hell. I am ashamed to be a Korean. I really hope that international attention on this eveil act of Korean government to stop this whole thing. Can’t live with peace thesedays. My heart is as tied with a rock. So sad. Please help them. Show your voice.

  • Truly sickening says:

    This is one of many examples of how disgusting the human race can be. Every single person who commits acts of violence against animals will pay – it’s only a matter of time. If human beings are really the “smartest most dominant species,” we should use our brains and come up with more reasonable, humane ways of dealing with these things. The people who are doing this are ignorant and ridiculously stupid!

  • janet yesh says:

    Pigs are people….People are Pigs!!!!!

  • Kat says:

    Horrified, and DISGUSTED!! An embarassement to the human race!:(

  • Tonya Hargan says:

    This is disgusting,animals can feel pain just like us,they shouldnt be seen as things.

  • Karen Lawrence says:

    I beg you to stop treating animals in such an horrific manner. All animals deserve the same respect and protection of their welfare as humans

  • Jennifer says:

    Koreans can be extremely cruel….it’s time for Korean politicians to stop its citizens from committing such barbaric acts.

  • Cheryll says:

    Please stop this cruel treatment of pigs. Everyone needs to realize that all living creatures feel pain and neglect just as humans do and deserve the respect as humans do.

  • loretta roveda says:

    Stop this cruel manner of treating pigs unnecessarily. Think that such a death could happen to you. What would you think about?

  • Jana Daniel says:

    Incredible, crazy cruelty! How can we stop it?

  • Doug Gemmell says:

    Boycott ALL Korean products, cars, electronics, etc. until they stop these barbaric practices.

  • Lisa says:

    My first reaction is … lets do that to the human(s) who is doing this and see how they like being buried alive. What about all the humans that have diseases, shall we place them all in a huge hole and burry them alive??? I didn’t think so, sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? It’s not their fault that they’re sick. Think about this, they’re only sick because of what … yup, you got it … HUMANS. SERIOUSLY???? Why is it that humans destroy everything that is good in this world; the environment, other humans and especially animals who have done absolutely nothing wrong and most definitely does not deserve such outrageous and horrendous treatment … by a human. I’m ashamed to be part of a human race that is soooo cruel and evil to other living beings. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP! THERE ARE OTHER MORE HUMANE WAYS!!!!!!!!! STOP this massacre immediately!!!!!!!!!

  • nanci dagragnano says:

    SHAAAAME on South Korean officials!!!..this is macabre!

  • Holland VanDieren says:

    How can people be so cruel? South Korea, stop this atrocity!

  • Mary Jane Doctor says:

    This just makes me sick to my stomach. Please start treating these animals with some respect. Animals have a gentle heart and would never turn the tables.

  • Ellen Collins says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least. What can anyone expect from a nation that EATS DOGS!

  • Nicola says:

    Please stop this, this is so cruel.

  • Sheila Bergemann says:

    What is wrong with you people? Are you really this ignorant that you bury pigs alive? Stop it. Be humane. If you do not know how to be humane, ask one of us.

  • 4mula1 says:

    boycott korea, i NO LONGER have any intrest in kia, or hundai ect.

  • heshan says:

    this is horrible.. Almost like hell on earth…

  • Heather says:

    Stop hurting these pigs! This is wrong.

  • Paige says:

    This is one of the most senseless acts of animal cruelty ever. A horrible start for the animals in the year 2011. How can I send a letter to the people responsible?

  • KIM WAGNER says:

    Sickening and beyond belief.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Jadewarlock, PETA actually supports not eating animals at all, but until we all get to that point, CAK is certainly preferable to getting your neck slit, or being scalded to death. Being buried alive can in no way be compared to being anesthetized with gas, which is done pre-op to humans as well.

  • Fernanda Lima says: