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Shocking Turtle Tragedy: Fishing Is the Culprit

Written by PETA | April 8, 2010

We’ve been saying for years that fishing kills. Remember this oldie-but-goodie tuna can sticker?


Tuna Can Sticker


Need another reason not to eat fish sea kittens? A new survey reveals that over the past two decades, millions (yes, millions) of turtles have died after becoming ensnared in fishing gear.

Turtles are intelligent, sensitive animals who are pretty helpless to defend themselves—and we can all agree that this is a good reason not to kill them. So if you wouldn’t kill a turtle, why would you kill a fish? Fish are complex, clever, and just as sensitive to pain as turtles are, yet the commercial fishing industry kills them by the billions each year—not for fun but because people buy its products.

The easiest way to save sea turtles (and dolphins and fish)? Go vegan.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • ocean17 says:

    thanks for the blast from the past. nothing is tuna safe not even the inhumane race. and yes go vegan. do it today.

  • yolibeth says:

    why would people ever harm such a wonderfull creature that belongs in the wild not in a cage or in our mouths

  • logan says:

    As a start to my post Id like to point out that not all turtles are endangered. Secondly millions of total deaths for a group as large as turtles doesn’t amount to much. That’s like saing humans are endangered because we die of animal attacks. And thirdly humans are not the only species that eats species to extinction. Snakes eating the eggs of birds have caused some birds to go extinct. Animals go extinct. New species take their place. That is how it happens. Oh I welcome critisism if this tine my post is actually posted.

  • Chloe says:

    I totally agree with some of comments made here about humans. We are a race of vile eatallinourway beings that has no respect for other nonhuman species. We overfish overfarm overeat and over??? We are vacuuming the oceans dry and this should be STOPPED!

  • Anna Kerruish says:

    Animals are definately a gift to mankind unfortunately we’ve taken advantage of them and the planet on which we live. I think if we were to turn the tables and have animalmammal killers feel the pain of the innocent we would have far less killers on the planet. You think? The thought that these people exist makes me sick to my stomach. Than God that we have the Pauls Moo LesliesBriens and PETA of the world that care enough to stop the cycle.

  • Paul108h says:

    Actually the easiest way to save the turtles would be to go vegetarian. They don’t eat fish or turtles or dolphins either and it is an easier diet to maintain.

  • moo.lennon. says:

    i agree with all of u guys meat eaters are disgusting. theyve never been in a cage in a totheslaughterhouse truck they just dont care and it disgustes me.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Mankind is a pernicious invasive species that infiltrates the oceans and seas to massacre fish marine mammals reptiles and amphibians. We also decimate ecosystems and inflict irreparable damage on the fragile and priceless biodiversity.

  • Leslie Hathaway says:

    People really disgust me. If only the tables could be turned and they were the fishpigcowchickenet cetera. How would they like to be that poor animal or fish who is going to be killed with no regard for the pain is going to feel. People are very selfish. They need to do unto animals as they would like done to them. People should be arrested for hurting animals.

  • paul davenport says:

    unfortunately people care much more about what they put in their mouthes than an ancient endangered reptile never mind a fish!