Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Update: Sheep Perish on Death Ship

Written by PETA | August 19, 2011

Update: After the Australian RSPCA was at last permitted to board the disabled ship, they discovered that at least 200 sheep had already died. The surviving sheep are being unloaded and sent to a feedlot, a process that is expected to take several days. Australia’s agriculture minister acknowledged that hundreds of sheep had died but shrugged off the deaths as being “expected.”

The following was first published on August 16th.


For the past week, 67,000 sheep have struggled to survive inside a crowded, filthy multitier ship in Australia. We’re betting that not all of them have made it. The sheep―either discarded by the wool industry or bred for meat―were bound for slaughter in the Middle East, a grueling journey, but when the ship experienced mechanical problems, the captain turned the ship around and returned to Australia.

Now the ship is sitting at  the dock, and the sheep have been left on board to suffer in cramped quarters, mired in their own waste. Eventually, one supposes, it will be back out to sea again for these unfortunate animals.

The voyage from Australia to the Middle East can take weeks, during which time many sheep commonly starve to death, are trampled, or become ill and die, their bodies tossed overboard. Upon arrival, the survivors are dragged from the ship, thrown into the backs of trucks, and driven to slaughter, where they have their throats cut while fully conscious.

Please urge Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to put a stop to the immense suffering endured by millions of sheep and other animals every year by banning live export. 


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Laura says:

    Please put an end to this cruelty! Imagine if they were children being transported! You wouldn’t permit that to continue, would you? This situation is no different.

  • Pamela Thompson says:

    Please put an end to this unnecessary suffering.

  • erika wittmann says:

    Shame on you for allowing these poor animals to suffer like this!!! This is cruel and utterly deploring!

  • Jack Mahrt says:


  • Shawn Sia says:

    Please, stop shipping sheep to countries, which do not care for well-being of animals. Human civilization must be ashamed of what we are doing to other animals.

  • sharon mcadam says:

    This is disgusting, i thought Australia was a nice country ! looks like they are another country that lets animals suffer for their own ends . MONEY !!!!!

  • marga says:

    Please stop this horrible practice!!!!!!!These poor animals are suffering for no reason. This is so inhumane!

  • deborah tucker says:

    please do something, we ought to bann live exports, what ever it takes let’s do it

  • Amit Vyas says:

    please stop this!!!

  • Lizbel Rivera says:


  • katjo says:

    How shameful, this must end. Suffering in the worst possible way to line your countries pockets. If you have any heart you will put an end to this, absolutely disgusting and a shame on your country.

  • keith gallagher says:

    Please end this now, this is no way for any animal to suffer, think about the pain they go through, no animal should suffer like this

  • Angelene Flowers says:

    Appalling. End live export NOW!! The world is watching you Australia. Do the right thing.

  • annie bode says:

    Please end their suffering. It is so barbaric how these poor sheep are treated. Shame on everyone responsible.

  • Marilyn Gruenloh says:

    Please do something about this inhumane behavior. How can people have so little regard for their fellow animals on this planet??

  • carla Spiropulo says:

    Please stop this crul practice!!!

  • keith gallagher says:

    Please end this now, this is no way for any animal to suffer, think about the pain they go through, no animal should suffer like this

  • carolina iglesias says:

    stop animal torture, please.

  • Nicole Moskites says:

    Please ban live export. It is cruel and uneccesary. No innocent life should have to suffer because of human actions.

  • save them all says:

    save them all!!!!! please!

  • Dierdre Louise Howard Norlander says:

    I am against any cruelty to animales, please stop live export !!!!

  • Monika Rigopoulos says:

    Supporting cruelty or not speaking against this is human and political failure!

  • Ioana Cristina Pop says:

    Stop torture innocent animals! Mankind has no right to abuse NATURE!

  • K Mawson says:

    Please stop this cruel, unnecessary practice of live export. Why can you not slaughter in your own country and then export the MEAT, as meat cannot suffer. But live animals can. AND DO.

  • Diane Lawrence says:

    Dear Prime Minister, I’ve read of the tortuous travel Australian sheep are put through on board ships. Please stop this kind of animal cruelty. I like to think of Australia as a progressive country, but with this kind of shameful treatment of sentient animals, it’s tough to.

  • Lavinia says:

    So cruel.

  • Anila Muhammad says:

    Dear Honorable Prime Minister Gillard – I am writing to urge you to please put a stop to the suffering endured by millions of sheep who are transported to other countries (primarily the middle east) for slaughter. These animals are stuffed into a vessel for a journey that can take weeks. during which time many sheep commonly starve to death, are trampled, or become ill and die, their bodies tossed overboard. Upon arrival, the survivors are dragged from the ship, thrown into the backs of trucks, and driven to slaughter, where they have their throats cut while fully conscious. A sign of an advanced society is one that takes into consideration the plight of the most marginalized and voiceless. Please take this opportunity to advocate on behalf of these animals and provide a ban to this practice. Thank you for your time and consideration to my email. Sincerely, Anila Muhammad

  • kari Bloodsaw says:

    human kind.

  • maria vourdami says:

    Please stop this torture for them….in the end the worst animal is the human :(

  • Cobus Koekemoer says:

    “The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.” – Mahatma Gandhi I’m sure this is not how the majority of Australians want to be judged by.

  • alan cassels says:

    end this barbaric practice!!

  • Falk says:

    Sometimes i wonder what some men tell their children getting asked what they do for a living.

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    I humbly urge to authoriries please put a stop to it and look for alternative non-violent ways.

  • legrez nicolas says:

    what a shame for australia !

  • Jennifer says:

    Please end this cruelty! It’s a disgrace that as human beings we don’t treat other creatures with dignity before their destined death. It’s the least we can all do!

  • Mark says:

    Please stop this cruelty! I’d like to think Australia is better than this.

  • Val Whyte says:

    To you they may only be ‘meat on legs’, but they are warm bloodied animals, just like you and I. Do you feel pain, distress, dispair, hunger, thirst? Well they do too. Just imagine how you would feel, then know how they are suffering…. You should all be ashamed.

  • Sonia says:


  • Esther Jones says:

    How can your country allow this to happen? Absolutely disgusting, your country is famous for many things, including its sheep! Do something now!

  • jean baum says:

    please i beg of you…end the sheep suffering now

  • kate brooks says:

    Dear Julia, Please find it in your heart to help these sheep from suffering. As humans we must find compassion for all living things. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Kate

  • zoe Ruth says:

    Please stop there lovely souls from a horrific life and death they are on earth to live with there family,not on everyones plate.try to relate to whos on the plate!

  • M says:


  • Deb Rhomberg says:

    Please do the humane thing and not keep these poor sheep in such deplorable conditions. Ban the export of animals.

  • Rachel Ferguson says:

    As a British citizen, but with family in Australia, I am disgusted by live exports. Please show some compassion and stop this horrific torture!

  • Louiza Petersen says:


  • Renata O'Connor says:

    Dear Ms. Gillard, Cruelty has no place in Australia. Please help stop this autrocity to such dear animals. We wouldn’t do this to people would we? Don’t let Australia be shamed, make us proud and hear your people’s and animal voices. Thanks, Renata

  • Alicia Ahnert says:

    Please stop this cruelty!

  • Chris says:

    Please Sir, stop this cruelty now!

  • Juan Olivares says:

    Please … Ending the transport of live animals!