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Death Knell for UK Product Tests on Animals

Written by PETA | July 26, 2011

You may want to start preparing some celebratory (non-animal tested) tea and (vegan) biscuits. The United Kingdom has taken a significant step toward ending tests of household products on animals. As a member of the E.U., Britain has already made it illegal to test cosmetics or their ingredients on animals, and now the government has made a commitment to ending household-product tests after consulting with companies, trade bodies, and animal protection organizations to come up with a working plan for ending the cruelty of animal testing.

In household-product tests, experimenters feed or inject animals with high doses of toxic chemicals or rub irritants into their skin. New testing methods will include laboratory-grown cultures and computer modeling.

British Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone said, “We believe it is possible to sell household products without inflicting pain and suffering on animals, and it is unacceptable that testing in this area continues.”

While experiments of household products on animals might not be banned in other countries yet, they can be banned in your home. Choosing cruelty-free products gets animals one step closer to freedom from the laboratory.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • andrea says:

    in this day and age there is now no need to cause animals to suffer for the sake of human vanity.The world is a beautiful place ,it seems it is us humans who cause the most destruction not only to animals but the earth and to each other

  • Tammy Karaba says:

    USA is next!! Come on USA please join us in our graceful attempt to stop cruelty to animals worldwide (that includes eating them) Tammy

  • friendbear says:

    Now to make UK a no kill shelter country!


    how do people that do this sleep,poor things there is no need for this now.

  • hera dakhli says:

    safe the planet…safe the animals…!! peace!!

  • Ayoe says:

    No.. no… no… Stop animal testing… They don’t deserve to be treaten that way!!! People who testing to animal is worst than evil!!!!

  • RAZLDAZL says:

    SIGH…if only the united states would follow suit…sadly we are owned by big corporations and i do not foresee this EVER happening in this country…

  • Michael78742 says:

    This is sad. Using life blood (all things that live) bleed. To draw blood like this and do this is just awful. Typical of America to do. Kill everything, make everything suffer for their own comforts. I am American and I used to be proud to say I was, not anymore.

  • Tracey says:

    Its been known for over a hundred years animal testing was a waste of time, the fact is not new, its the fetish of these sick individuals to chose to do animal testing in this day and age, they should be hung..why did that stop

  • pea says:

    …it’s a start

  • Robin M says:

    This is awesome! Animal testing is very unnessesary! Hopefully the US will follow their lead on this! 🙂

  • jessica says:

    je signe

  • Claudia says:

    Please, stop it! Humans are intelligent enough to do sth better!

  • annie bode says:

    About time

  • Madhawa says:

    I cannot understand why some people are primitive like this? In some countries people are waiting in the queue until kill the animal to get the meet. So primitive people. Get these devils out of this world.

  • Konna Rode says:


  • indu uniyal says:

    testing on animals is just like killing them ,its hell for them .they can also feel pain just like us…please stop this cruel act.

  • Jetz says:

    It makes me SO happy to see institutions all over the world changing their policies on animal testing finally. i hope the Government actually do as they are promising as there can be NO excuse for testing on animals, in this age of moedern technology and breaking new ground on alternative products.

  • Mary says:

    Better late than never, we have waited far too long for this.

  • jaki lucas says:

    please dont test on animals its so cruel and unnessesary test on humans at least it is there choice poor animals get no choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie Rabbbit says:

    No need for animals to be treated like that! that poor fellow bunny

  • Christine says:

    The USA should have already done this. This is just another example of how the EU will always lead the way, while the greedy, closed-minded, barbaric, clinging-to-tradition USA is a third-world country regarding animal rights. Bravo Britain! Go vegan!