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Sexy Trio ‘Skinvades’ Toronto Fashion Week

Written by PETA | October 22, 2010

PETA’s newest sexy mascot, a “cow,” teamed up with our lovely “leopard” and “tiger” to spread the news to Toronto Fashion Week attendees that animal prints are in style but leather, suede, and other animal skins are always vile.

Our brazen beauties were joined by students, one of whom brought her dad—and the caring crew grew as passersby joined in to help get the word out. There was also some unexpected action—as a photographer from the Toronto Sun drew his camera, security officers nearly put up their fists in an effort to stop the media from taking photos. Luckily, we managed to snap some shots:



I imagine that PETA’s “cow” serenaded her cat as she slipped into her body paint.


Thanks to everyone who participated. May they be your inspiration to take action!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Betty B says:

    I tried to explain to the bear, that eating meat was wrong. The bear ate me, and wore my skin for a hat. Go figure?!

  • MARIMA says:

    i love peta

  • Heather F says:

    On LX*TV, an NBC show, airing this past Saturday, 10-23, they hosts were visiting Toronto and visited a restaurant called The Hoof CafeThe Hoof Cafe 923 Dundas St W on the menu was horse meat tartare. I was APPALLED and more so because the American host sampled it. I wrote several letters to NBC and LX*TV immediately after. We must expose this place as well as NBC for allowing the results of a banned practice in the US for airing!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Many years ago I owned a pair of pants that had a snakeskin print. They were made of what was then called “Naugahyde” a pleather product that got its start as a furniture covering (couches and barcaloungers) and then went on to clothing. I wore those pants at least two or three times a week for years. They were gorgeous, they dry cleaned beautifully (I had it done once a week) and they were very comfortable. They finally fell apart after 10 years of constant wear. Boy, do I miss those pants!