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Sexy ‘Snakes’ Sss-lam Skins

Written by PETA | May 18, 2009

PETA’s naked “snakes” have been spotted recently on both coasts, drawing attention to the cruelty inflicted on scaly species who are killed for their skins. Not since Rebecca Romijn slinked around in painted-on scales as Mystique for the X-Men trilogy have people found reptiles so alluring.


In New Haven, Connecticut, many appreciative Yale students were drawn in by this sultry snake. One woman was so moved that she penned a poem about the display.
Media buzzed around our demo in Santa Cruz, California, as crews from The Santa Cruz Sentinel, Metro Santa Cruz, KSMS-TV, and Inside Santa Cruz lined up to interview the demonstrators, who pointed out that animal skins are not “eco-chic.”
Our sexy “snake” and a team of supporters braved the cold rain to bare the facts—that snakes and alligators suffer when they’re skinned alive for their hides.
Thanks to everyone who’s helping to tip the scales in favor of kindness over killing.


Written by Karin Bennett

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  • mel says:

    The only thing that I wonder about is if PETA gets cited a lot for public nudity. Even body paint is not considered clothing in many parts of the country. It also doesn’t help your cause except to show you like to use the shock value. Several campaigns I’ve seen and read over the years have been flat out tasteless. PETA has equated the slaughter of animals to things such as the Holocaust and slavery. I would seriously doubt your ancestors were complete vegans in their time why? Because there would not be the energy needed in just vegetables to raise a farm or deal with life in certain times. You also had to deal with drought flood and fire back then raising crops so when times were lean I would predict they’d resort to eating eggs chickens and other animals to stay alive. They wouldn’t have the money to the items to barter with much at the general store. The problem with PETA is how they protest. The case with the maple syrup right now PETA is acutally being counter productive by telling people to boycott a vegan item to protest the clubbing of seals. That doesn’t make sense why not tell people to boycott things such as buying Olympic souvieners or touring Canada doubly during the Olympics? Those would be a lot more practical given that tickets to Olympic events are rather high to begin with. And with Vick I feel that every time you guys speak out against him the NFL will consider more about bringing him back. Why? The NFL like any organization loves the ratings and you’re making him look more like a victim than a guilty party. You might not like that comment but that is what a neutral viewpoint sees. I could go on about bad ideas PETA has but I will refrain from it. Sometimes though the best way to make an impact is to not go all out.

  • Shari says:

    Hi Matt I respect your views and I understand your outlook and thank you for being kind on how you explained it to me. I would like to explain something I have been to the Capital to help pass Bills to the Senate to stop crimes against animals. We talk and talk and show pictures all day long of animals being skinned alive. Which it’s still veryvery important to do this. Which is were your views go towards and your absolutely right! And then we take it to the streets with campaigns the people the billboards the aids and of course the Web. And I will have to say this is what works the best. And when those Senators see what we are doing they DO REMENDER WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT. It takes both to make it happen. I wish it was so simple to just “give the facts” which they already know about but choose to do nothing. I also feel that if these women and men choose to go bare on their own free will to promote cruelty free choices then I will continue to support them. What I find really strange is the fact that with all the T.V commercials and movies that are filled with nudity or sexiness we make a choice if we want to go or not to go to them. But the animals rights movement gets slam for doing this. I tell alot of men and I don’t mean you that I didn’t hear any of them complaining about their beer commercials or car commercials that are filled with this. I talk about this issue all the time because I am a eyewitness to factory farm abuse. And the campaign the girls just did WORKS!! I am so proud of them!

  • bobby stewart says:

    out some clothes on pleaseee. D

  • Matt says:

    I’m sorry Shari but I for the life of me fail on every level of contemplation to connect nakedness to love and innocence. It just seems to me that instead of explaining your views to the common people you resort to cheap publicity stunts that appeal sexually to a selected demographic men. I’m sure the powers that be in the White House sit down and take your proposed bills ever so seriously after seeing where they come from a young girl in the nude that doesn’t know how to debate her views so she sacrifices her dignity by taking her clothes off in public to get her point across. Wow that’s some pretty powerful stuff “I didn’t think I cared about animal rights until I saw a young and attractive girl get naked in a street and bark about how clubbing seals is wrong”. Oh wait he still doesn’t care because of you inability to reasonably debate your views but thanks for the nudy pics.

  • liz says:

    i know that PETA uses nudity to shock people but as a woman i can’t help but feel a little exploited. PETA does great work but i wish they would use naked men once in a while.

  • Shari says:

    Oh yes and by the way…as far as being nude I say “YOU GO GIRL!” with so much pain in the world being done to people and the animalsbeing nude is about the love and innocents that we all should have never turned into a “bad thing”. What you did was good and wonderful with a great message unlike the image I had to witness of a big lizard being tortured and no one thought anything about that! I say keep up the good work!

  • Bianca Santiago says:

    wow that kind of inpires me to do something similar. sounds cheezy i no

  • Sherrie LaBrode says:

    You go girls!! I have 3 ball pythons as pets They are my girls.I can’t imagine ANYONE harming them for clothes! They are so lovable!! Someday we will learn to love all creatures they ALL feel pain just like we do!

  • Shari says:

    Thank you young ladies!Thank you so much for doing this! You did a good thing! When I lived in South America I saw a equana a big lizardI know I misspelled thatwhich is the size of a big dog and they broke his little front legs and back legs and tide then behind it’s back with ropes around his little wrist and then hung him by a hook.He was alive the entire time. Until someone comes along and picks out which big lizard they want. The lizard stays on the hook all day long in pain and agony he even screams. And no one even thinks anything about it. Such cruelty in the world.I think this is why they treated their own people so bad in that country. So my pointI just want to say again THANK YOU LADIES FOR HELPING ALL LIZARDS AND SNAKES! THEY FEEL PAIN JUST LIKE WE DO!YOU WILL BE BLESS FOR DOING THIS! Much love to you!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    What makes PETA so special is their reverence for the lives of creatures including snakes mice rats reptiles amphibians and even many insect species.

  • Mike Sage says:

    PETA’s penchant for using the nudity tactic repels a constituency that the movement needs to win over. In San Jose we have been getting an average of about a dozen people out each month to participate in the KFC Cruelty protest. When we heard about the May 2 protest we decided to participate in it instead of protesting at KFC on that day we are about to switch our protest target to McDonald’s anyway. But when we learned that the nudity tactic was planned the nudity became a bone of contention. The usual arguments pro and con were made and it split us pretty much down the middle. The last photo above shows the turnout to have been far less than what we have normally had at our KFC protests.

  • maja says:

    In conjunction with this I propose that PETA should back Kris Allen to win American Idol. Adam Lambert wears python boots and advertised them in front of millions of people! That is not okay

  • carla says:

    Yay.. Awesome job!!!! I am from Connecticut and very close to Yale. And Falica.. who the hell cares if it’s a naked woman? Get over it!!!!!

  • falica says:

    what the y would you choose a naked woman