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Sexy Santa Asks Shoppers to Go ‘Ho, Ho, Faux’

Written by PETA | December 17, 2008

Bet you thought Santa only came once a year. Well, don’t be too sure! PETA’s “Sexy Santas” are making the rounds to let fur-wearers know that they’re on our naughty list this year. Check us out at these anti-fur demos handing out free candy canes and info on the horrors of fur, leather, and wool.


Sexy Santa


Some holiday shoppers might be wondering what the problem is with a little fur, but luckily our sexy Santa is here to educate them. Anyone who thinks it’s OK to wear the product of innocent lives deserves a little more than a stocking full of coal, if you ask me! Hopefully some compassionate shoppers will decide to go “Ho, ho, faux” this year and give an early Christmas gift to animals on fur farms.


Sexy Santa


Speaking of the horrors of the fur industry, someone should let fur hag Donna Karan know about the torture that goes into her clothes (oh, right, we did). Check out our brand new Donna Karan Bunny Butcher site to learn more about our campaign!

Written by Lianne Turner

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