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Sexy Protesters Wear Their Hearts…

Written by PETA | April 28, 2009

OK, well, that’s pretty much all that these four lovelies from PETA Asia-Pacific were wearing outside the Manila Zoo, but they certainly drew the crowd’s attention to their campaign to improve conditions for animals at the cramped, decrepit zoo.


The animals got a little time off from the gawkers, who instead turned their attention to the bikini-wearing beauties—and the issue of cruelty to captive animals.
Manila Zoo
She may be smiling for the cameras, but this gal knows that there’s no happiness for animals at the Manila Zoo.
Manila Zoo


Thanks go out to these ladies and the rest of the team at PETA Asia-Pacific for their efforts to get the Manila Zoo to shape up its act.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Katrina says:

    We wouldn’t need zoos in the first place if mankind wasn’t so hell bent of destroying everything. We are like a plague we move into a place and wipe it out then move onto another instead of living at peace with the world.

  • Anna says:

    Okay first of all I would like to adress the earlier commet by Robert. You DO know that there are POACHERS DISEASE and DESTRUCTION OF HABITAT where those animals came from right? How about instead of blaming zoos you go to Africa South America Siberia Russia and China. There you can make a difference where it matter instead of treating the symptoms of mass hunting habitat destruction and ongoing polution. Second I would like to thank Lindsey and Jackie for pointing out that zoos have saved many speicies and perhaps people should stop using women to attract people to their cause.

  • Anna says:

    Hey have you ever actually been to a zoo or one of the talks that they do? the reason that zoos exist is no longer to just showcase rare animalsthat stopped like thirty years ago. I don’t know if you are stuck on the past or what but zoos are waaay different now. They are used to show the different animals that exist and are endangered in the world. They bring awarness of the suffering endured by animals and captive breeding programs have saved species. What species you ask? Well one well known one is the peragring falcoln. Another is the black footed farrot. So how about instead of harrassing something you know nothing about you go to the zoo for one freakin’ day and find out the truth. It you cans say that you have interveiwed zookeepers fairly and give all the information you find then maybe your blog will have the value of a golden coin instead looking like a pile of cow crap.

  • Margarita says:

    I think that this was kind of cute and tasteful. No nakedness here. Animals belong in the wild. Maybe there can be some other way to show or teach children about animals in their environment besides zoos.

  • Kris says:

    I do agree that zoos unfairly exploit animals BUT be sure not to confuse wildlife refuges preserves and reserves with zoos. These are places for exotic animals bred in captivity as pets or in zoos injured animals who will never be able to return to nature animals on the brink of extinction etc. Be sure to do your research before you act out these establishments may actually be HELPING your cause.

  • Robert Virtudazo says:

    Yah Those protesters are just doing what is right the animals are not to be confined in a zoo they should be in their natural habitats because thats where nature place them and besides animals have emotions too just like us humans they also have feelings like boredom and loneliness and putting them in the zoo would only give them too much miseries.. And lets reversed the situation what would you feel if you are the one put behind those bars in the zoo and the animals would watch you and making fun of you.. thank you peta for your concerns to the animals..

  • Lindsey says:

    Some animals have been saved from extinction thanks to zoos.

  • Jackie says:

    Lucas when PETA asks men to go naked for their protests as well as women then there will be no issue. History has objectified women and solely women to get their point across. When you stop having women being seen as sex toys and start having them be seen as beautiful PEOPLE then that sends a good message. Also they were wearing bikinis they were pratically naked. Not good enough for you Lucas try looking up your perversions on the net. Also there’s some sort of nonsense out there that women don’t like looking at handsome men naked only men like looking at women naked. I’m fine with nudity if there’s eye candy for everyone not just the male gaze.

  • Jackie says:

    Just thought I’d say glad to see the protesters managing to wear something again. I applaud your decision to stop objectifying women like animals are objectified.

  • Cho says:

    look while the zoo here must need updating for the well being of animals not all zoos are bad

  • Jamie Rivet says:

    Naked people is how you reach the masses it is not only women see Jamie Bamber on fur. If showing some skin helps animals let’s do it it ain’t hardcore porn. As for zoos trying to preserve wildlife yeah well hunting groups make conservation efforts too… ps. just what the hell is so offensive about a naked human being?

  • Lucas says:

    So zoos like the Asheboro zoo in North Carolina that rescue orphaned injured and caged chimpanzees and put them in a large outdoor environment are exploiting these animals? I think if i had been shackled in a cage for years I’d be extremely excited to live in a paradise like the zoo even if people are watching me at times. Some of you PETA people take in things as a whole and don’t look at certain cases where people are actually helping animals. Not everyone is out to take advantage of animals.

  • roxanne says:

    I am very sad that NYC now allow Ringling Brothers in Coney Island even though Ringling has killed baby elephants and tortures it other animals. very disappointed.

  • Kelly Green says:

    I don’t know if you people have a hard time reading or understanding… I clearly stated that zoos are horrible and that PETA put women in front of peoples peering eyes… which causes women to be seen as objects yes these women chose to volunteer although I HAVE heard plenty of stories of women being “asked” to do this repeatedly… These tactics are a joke and they make activists look like a joke I know some people disagree and I will leave it at that. I have been doing activism for 16 years and have never had the need to resort to something like this. So just in case you are STILL confused. Zoos BAD Naked girls humiliating

  • Shari says:

    Kelly these women want to help the animals and I am proud of them!!!Perhaps you may express your outlook on how badly animals are treated in another way but at least they did something good! I would NEVER judge you for helping the animals. Bless those girls in the pictures aboveTHEY DID GOOD!!!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Kelly Green Ok as much as I think there are certain times where a PETA publicity stunt might accutally turn people off to animal rights I don’t see how the people here are exploited. They have a right to say no to something they don’t want to do.

  • Ryne says:

    Kelly Last time I checked PETA doesn’t separate women from their families. ship them in crates across the globe and FORCE them to spend their lives in unnatural environments. The women AND MEN that demonstrate for peta voluntarily do what they do. Besides they only spend an hour in a cage WHERE AS THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS ARE FORCED TO SPEND THEIR WHOLE LIVES IN ONE AT ZOOS.

  • Kelly Green says:

    I disagree with Shelisa ALL zoos are exploiting animals by keeping them in cages for peering eyes… Oh sort of like the way PETA treats women. Weird.

  • shelisa says:

    Not all zoos are bad because they are trying to preserve wildlife. I think you are confused with circuses which are really bad. Some zoos might need to be shut down because they have small cages and animal viewing places. Im vegan