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Sexy Mice (and Surprise Guests) Confront Lowe’s

Written by PETA | February 6, 2009

When you have an epic battle as big as PETA’s campaign to convince home improvement behemoth Lowe’s to stop selling glue traps, you have to decide if you are “a man or a mouse,” as the saying goes. Personally, I’m a mouse. I’m PETA’s original “sexy mouse,” in fact. Yes, that’s me, writhing in a giant “glue trap” outside Lowe’s annual meeting last year.

As a proud sexy-mouse veteran, I’m pleased to unveil the newest addition to our Lowe’s campaign:


But don’t worry! Our classic “sexy mice” are still hitting the streets to let shoppers know that animals stuck in glue traps can suffer for days before succumbing to starvation, dehydration, or suffocation.


Leave a comment and let us know which demonstration you like the most: the traditional sexy mouse, “Mickey” and “Minnie Mouse,” or our giant rat and anti-Lowe’s minivan. I think you can guess which one is my favorite.

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  • Ccash says:

    Dumbest thing I’ve seen anyone do. Get a job or a life or something

  • TheFace says:

    I used one to catch the big field mouse that was living in my attic dining for over a year on IAMS dog food in my kitchen. Wearing leather gloves, I held the trap w/ mouse over a big bucket and per the directions, poured corn oil over the trap where it was stuck to him. He became instantly detached and I let him go across the street. He was back in my attic the next night. (Note: Let them go some place far from your house like the directions advise). Heartless people can torture and kill non-humans in all sorts of ways. A person who doesn’t care about animals would have dropped the trap w/ mouse in a trash dumpster. My neighbor used to do that with the baby sparrows she’d find in her Purple Martin house. I was shocked. She seemed so nice.

  • EEK says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Protesting a company for selling a product that consumers wish to purchase? Instead of protesting Lowe’s, Home Depot or Walmart; why not start by standing outside the homes of the consumers and convince them not to purchase the product. Maybe, just maybe, stop trying to impose YOUR will on others…

  • Yazat says:

    Nothing will convince a retail giant to stop selling a popular commodity, except law. Lowe’s also sells Havahart brand traps which are designed to catch and release. These traps are also used to handle in-store ‘pest’ control. If you’re talking stance, I’d say they’re pretty animal friendly for such a huge business.

  • Kirki says:

    We use glue traps at home because the other traps just kill the mice. We have eco friendly glue traps though that let us know as soon as something is on it and then my dad takes the mouse outside and un-sticks it. This way the mice don’t have to die. But they aren’t the super sticky traditional glue traps either.

  • bee says:

    definitely the mouse driving the van!!!!

  • Tess says:

    I think this is fabulous! What a way to make a statement!

  • Glassoniongirl says:

    I like the rat with attitude.XD

  • John says:

    You know WalMart still sells these glue traps? I just saw them at a local WalMart where I live.

  • mousie says:

    omg wow no more minnie mouse

  • the shoes says:

    people selling glue traps are coward bastards and dangerous for animals and people because they obey a criminal instinct forcing them to torture living beings unnecessarily!!!!!!! these ladies up here are doing a great job!

  • felix says:

    Glue traps are sick. What a cruel way to kill. no one deserves such cruelty. How about cleaning up your place and keep food in seal containers so it doesn’t attracts rodents? Also where can I get a trap to capture one of those girls?

  • Simran says:

    Wow.. i like your campaign. Come to Austin

  • Ellie says:

    Good job girls! Hopefully this will convince Lowes to stop selling glue traps.

  • Curtis says:

    Neat protest! There’s a new Lowe’s store opwning in my city soon…

  • Scott says:

    I think all the displays are great. This issue wasn’t even on my radar before reading this. I just hope that glue stuff on the girls does double duty as sunblock.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    You make a very sexy mouse Liz! Keep your mind on animal rights Mike keep your mind on animal rights

  • Shari says:

    I applaud PETA for getting the point across about the cruelty of glue traps I’ve been telling people this for years but I really think the method or means should be changed to have the maximum impact on the most people. I know that sex or sexiness sells in this world but I really don’t think it’s an appropriate method to reach the specific people that can potentially have the biggest impact on changing the world’s mindset on all animal cruelty….ie mothers and kids. The average mom isn’t going to want her kids to see a bikini girl laying down on anything or seeing a sexually provocative commercial or magazine ad. Alienation is not an effective form of persuasion at least not most of the time. Why not show the true cruelty by having someone dressed as a realistic looking mouse writhing on the glue trap and put some of that goo material under the “paws” and have the mouse struggle to lift it’s body. I’m not even a mom but that would be a far more moving method that would evoke a mental image imprinted on my mind longer that a bikini girl! Just a thought. After all…it’s moms that still control most of the menu at home and kids are our future hope towards a cruelty and meat free world.

  • liz says:

    would look more effective with a large sized mouse or rodent.. the girls bless them for their efforts look too ‘comfortable’.. in reality the animals would be very distressed alarmed and physically in pain as it struggles in vain to try and free itself over a number of days if not weeks .. until it succumbs to thirst hunger pain.. etc.

  • Kelley says:

    I appreciate everything the young ladies are doing but I have to vote for the big ratthe graphics are very colorful and he is child friendly!

  • Stray says:

    I like the mouse driving the antilowes van very attention grabbing.

  • Rev. Meg says:

    I like Mickey and Minnie. But anythng that gets the attention of the customers is okay.

  • megan says:

    I liked more the traditional sexy mouse but to make an impact an create concience on children the mickey mouse is good too…