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Senator Confronts Cheese Maker Over Cruelty

Written by PETA | June 13, 2012

On Dairy Day in Albany—when dairy industry representatives flood the New York capitol—State Sen. Tony Avella, a friend to animals and member of the Agriculture Committee, joined PETA in calling on Agri-Mark, Inc., maker of Cabot and McCadam cheeses, to end animal abuse on its suppliers’ farms.

Cow Care Inaction

Three months have passed since PETA alerted Agri-Mark to the cruelty to cows documented during PETA’s undercover investigation at one of Agri-Mark’s suppliers, Adirondack Farms, LLC, and asked the company to require all cooperative members to implement basic and reasonable reforms that would prevent such cruelty from continuing and improve cows’ lives.

Nearly 60,000 supporters have joined PETA’s call so far, but Agri-Mark remains silent and apparently hasn’t done a thing. Indeed, one manager who jabbed a downed cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and used a skid steer to drag her approximately 25 feet and electro-shocked another cow on the face repeatedly was left working in a supervisory capacity at the facility!

Cruelty in Every Cup

The dairy industry flacks—including those pimping McCadam cheese, made just down the road from Adirondack Farms—were hoping to celebrate Dairy Day by cozying up to lawmakers but were instead reminded of the cruelty of their dirty business as Sen. Avella displayed video footage from PETA’s investigation. The exposé showed cows who were jabbed with poles and a calf who thrashed in agony while her horn buds and surrounding tissue were burned off without pain relief as smoke rose from her flesh.

What You Can Do

Please help Sen. Avella and PETA make sure that Agri-Mark gets the message to implement PETA’s recommendations to end the most egregious abuses of cows on its cooperative members’ farms immediately.

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  • Irene Leggett says:

    Why blank the faces of these so-called ‘men’ who really are nothing less than low-life peices of scum, cowardly bullies. Name and shame, let the whole world know exactly who is abusing, tormenting and torturing these innocent animals. Shame on all who are involved from those in charge to the workers, factory-farming seems to be nothing more than an abuser’s paradise where they can carry out all atrocities and get away scot-free as its classed as ‘standard practice’ What a cop-out phrase.

  • Jennifer says:

    That video was very disturbing and upsetting, but necessary. I hate how cows and other docile creatures are horribly abused on a daily basis. What I’m confused about though, the cow is a holy being to India so how can they treat them like this?

  • Kate Nativo says:

    I am heart broken. Those poor cows! I am a vegetarian, and I wish to become vegan. I now still eat/drink dairy, but way less than before. I want to stop completely soon