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SeaWorld Endangers People Too

Written by PETA | February 25, 2011

In a move that shows that its lack of compassion doesn’t stop with orcas, SeaWorld says it intends to once again allow trainers to enter pools containing frustrated 6-ton orcas, endangering their lives. And in case we weren’t already SeaSick, SeaWorld chose to announce its plans on the one-year anniversary of the killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau by orca Tilikum.

PETA members gather outside SeaWorld Orlando to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Former SeaWorld trainers have publicly announced that going into the water with the whales puts their lives in danger. Please e-mail SeaWorld and tell it to protect human and animal lives by releasing its orca inmates before the next “prison riot” occurs.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Gabriella Erwin says:

    Those whales won’t survive if they are released. Some of them have conditions that require them to be on daily medication. I think stopping their breeding program would be the better choice

  • Kimberly123 says:

    The only way Sea World is going to go away is when people stop going there and it is no longer profitable for them to remain open. Even if they do someday close, as one other person commented, they could not release the whales back into a wild environment. They tried that with Keiko, the whale from the movie ‘Free Willy’. The had a tracking device on him but lost sight of him for a while. They had hoped that another pod would ‘adopt’ him but they didn’t and when they found him he lost a lot of weight and they had to feed him. He was unable to take care of himself and ended up beaching himself. If Sea World closed the whales would probably be sent to another aquarium. You can’t do anything about the whales they already have but it would be great to stop them from acquiring any more.

  • nancy says:

    Marine Mammal, that’s quite sick. Animal rights applies to all species.

  • sammas says:

    we should help the dolphins to, sea world kills dolphins too!! i watched this documentary called the cove where in taiji japan they kill and sell thousands of dolphins. dolphins are sensitive to sound so seaworld being so smart put them into to tanks with loud filters, and screaming people all around, this puts dolphins in distress making them DIE!!! plus people who eat dolphins get tons of mercury in them, TERRIBLE!

  • Teresa Echeverría says:

    Sea World, Yo can make the difference!LET ORCAS OUT OF PRISION.

  • Karen Beliveau says:

    FREE the Orcas, do the humane thing, return them to where nature intended them to be.

  • MarineMammal says:

    We need to concentrate a little more on animals that need us, like Tuna, Pollack, or Cod instead of Dolphins, Orcas, and fur seals. Sure Dolphins, Orcas, and fur seals need a voice, but their not in danger of being wiped out or messing up the eco system, we need to start looking at the needy and not so much the cute.

  • Lets start seeing both sides says:

    I think we need to stop using so much of our time on animals that are not in immediate danger and start spending time on animals that really need our help. People like to help dolphins, fur seals and orcas which is totally understandable because they are unnecessarily killed or held captive for terrible reasons and because lets admit it… they’re smart and cute. What about Tuna or pollack or Cod. Nobody seems to care so much about them. WHY? If tuna or pollack smiled or was covered in fur would we feel inclined to help them more???? Something needs to be done about this, These animals need us more than cats or dolphins do. these animals are being wiped out. Start doing for the needy and people will start to respect us a little more.

  • Morgan Marie says:

    I want to let SeaWorld know that I do not believe in animal captivity and these orcas should be rightfully freed. The death of Dawn Brancheau could’ve been prevented had you not let this happen. It is not the animal’s fault because the animal doesn’t know any better. People at SeaWorld should know this. You are voluntarily putting trainer’s lives at risk. Please end this cruelty that you are putting on these animals and people.

  • Rai Cruz says:

    This is sickining. Seaworld is truly a hell for animals and people.

  • Barbara Hegedus says:

    I and everyone I’ve discussed this issue with, vow NEVER to go to SeaWorld or any “entertainment” facility featuring Orcas or large sea animals who should be freed back into the ocean.

  • melmac says:

    While I do agree that trainers shouldn’t go into the pools with the orcas, you can’t just up and release them into the wild. Some of these whales only know to get food from their trainers and do not know how to survive in the wild. Pods are also known to not accept newcomers into their groups. Therefore the whale could die of starvation and lonliness, which is just as cruel as them being at SeaWorld. Please look at both sides here – which is crueler? – leaving the whale there at SeaWorld or letting it possibly starve and die in the ocean about a week after release.

  • ospeden says:

    all i can say is: seaworld= scum

  • Prisner of Captivity says:

    Help the POC’s- I’ve been referring to them as Prisners of Captivity since last year….awesome to see other’s feel it also.

  • Isva says:


  • susan burns says:

    these creatures (whales) are highly intelligent & should not be enclosed for humans enjoyment…..they are free souls & not intended to provide so-called entertainment for us… the film says free Willy!

  • Lisa says:

    Dolphins & Whales dislike their tanks. Get them outta of there NOW! They can’t speak for themselves so we speak for them. They are helpless, defenseless and voiceless. Get them out and let them go~! Free them!

  • dragonblaze420 says:

    This madness needs to stop now!

  • maura veneri says:

    hey, hewre is an idea, let the ‘people” involved with seaworld train these huge whales and other mamals. nuff said.