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The Seal Slaughter Sham?

Written by PETA | March 18, 2010


It seems that Gail Shea (the same fool member of parliament who tried pulling this number) has hatched another ploy to try to make the waning interest in the Canadian seal slaughter look stronger than it is.

Earlier this week, Shea announced that the number of helpless victims seal slaughters are allowed to bash, smash, and shot during the seal slaughter will increase by 50,000 this year. Even seal slaughterers seemed to be calling her bluff, as they wondered who, if anyone, would be buying the pelts. And today, in a maneuver that reminds me of the hustlers I’ve seen working “confidence tricks” on New York City street corners, Shea announced that the upcoming hunt may be scaled back, citing “poor ice conditions.”

It seems to me that Shea and her seal-eating cohorts are trying to work a con of their own and trick the public into believing that their struggling slaughter is somehow thriving. Please take action to help seals—and to let Canadian politicians know that you’re not falling for it.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Eddie Rodriguez says:

    I am sick to my stomic at this out’rage! I have been to Canada twice in my life and loved it. But seeing the bashing of these poor defenseless seal has really changed my additude about Canada! I will not vacation there anymore! Not until this senseless slaughter of these beautiful animals stops! I will let all my family and friends be a witness this! video! The ones that should have their heads bashed in are those people doing the bashing!

  • Robert says:

    I forgot about the slaughter. This video brings back the bad memories. This summer we will not vacation or travel to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. Furthermore we will boycott all Canadian products.

  • Steve says:

    I will never set foot in Canada again and I will boycott products and services from such a place.

  • Diana Tomkins says:

    I have been involved for some years with a number of other groups trying to stop this and also trying to stop the Japanese whale slaughter. It is so absolutely appalling totally unecessary and just immoral and just has to be stopped. I cannot believe the callousness of Gail Shea her cronies. How would she like it if somebody took to her andor her offspring and bashed them to death or left them severly injured and just left to die a slow agonising death. This woman and her cronies will surely rot in hell. I will certainly not be travelling to Canada and will be extra careful not to buy anything Canadian until this massacre is stopped.

  • Sintiya Pontaka says:

    When this nonsense will stop???? STOP KILLING innocent seals CANADA!!!! I will not and all of my family will NOT GO TO CANADA for holidays till you will stop this and I have very very large family and I am sure all my friends will join my pledge as well!!!!

  • Sarita Raturi says:

    Shame on canada. We are in 2010 and still they behave like they are in stone age. Where is the compassion and respect for all lives. I am not going to Canada ever until they stop these killings. No more anything to do with Canada unless they behave themselves and understand we don’t own other lives. They have the right to live too.

  • Pamela Lyons says:

    I approached my MLA today while out shopping at Canadian Tire I asked him what his opinion was of the seal hunt. He told me he supports it as it gives income to 6000 familes and how no baby seals were being hunter and to top it off he informed me that they use rifles to kill the seals. I informed him that he was incorrect on his information and was he aware of the live skinning of these animals. He had the classic deer in the headlight look. He mentioned on how the poor bulls in Spain are tortured and I let him know I am very aware of it BUT we were talking about the seal slaughter here in OUR country. This member of parliament has lost my vote for the next election! If anyone knows how to get it posted on the PETA website I will gladly share who it is so the word can get out.

  • Barb3000 says:

    The seal slaughter is a lot like horse slaughter that goes on in at least 4 plants in Canada. The US plants were closed in 07. Then all horses were taken to CanadaMexico to be killed Canadians need to really step up and try to stop this from happening. Demand that the plants shut down.

  • Gilles Dubois says:

    Almost 79 of canadians are against that crazy seal massacre. Canada is a dmocratic country is it not ?

  • Patty Cordoba says:

    We need to save the animals!!!

  • Cindy Rock says:

    The killing of any animal for it’s skin and the wearing of it is barbaric and cruelly unnecessary. As the world confronts it’s waste and abuse of the environment the destruction of any animal species will be a matter of criminal enforcement for the entire world. If something isn’t done immediately to stop this the people will stop it any way they can. Canada needs to stop this slaughter.

  • julie says:

    We used to travel to Canada for vacation until we learned of the seal hunt 6 years ago How do they sleep at night? Shame on Bloody CANADA!!!

  • Pauline says:

    I can’t believe Canada is doing this !!! With so many people pleading for them to stop this painfull act of violence. I am so Ashamed.

  • disgusted says:

    I hope somebody WILL STOP THIS BLOODY HORRIFYING BATH! I AM REALLY SICK OF THIS CRUEL AND CRAZY PEOPLE! I don’t want to hear anymore of this rubbish that America is civilized democratic country! Yak!!!

  • Ryan Greene says:

    As a Canadian I am outraged at the cruelty and barbaric practice. It must be stopped.

  • Louise McGannon says:

    This needs to stop now! My heart breaks every spring when this takes place it will break tomorrow morning as it starts again. Kudos to all the animal organizations that have brought this to the world’s attention.

  • Maria Ramirez says:

    This is just sad how would you like it if a seal slaughtered you your family while you hopelessly watched?

  • S mehta says:

    Please stop killing. Try to be humane there is enough pain and suffering as it is.

  • cheyenne says:

    ok i eat meat but i dont eat sealsdogscatsor anything like that. canada thats just gross and mean. i know its mean to eat other animals to but still. well bye i guess

  • debbie johnson says:

    I cannot believe in this day and age that a civilised country would allow such horror to occur there is no necessity for modern man to require seal pelt for any item of clothing or other use. Shame.

  • tony durke says:

    Canada you make me sick. Boycott now!

  • ThereIsNoIce says:

    Gail Shea is full of crap. Her tongue is forked and goes in whatever direction She feels in order for her to maintain her Exhagerated sense of power and control. She Really needs to remember who is working for who. Her blatant LIES will catch up to her.. she needs to be reminded that those who live where “She comes from” do NOT forget. Absolutely Shameful.

  • Courtney says:

    I have not talked to one Canadian that is FOR the seal hunt. As Anna posted it is mostly aboriginal people who live off the land and there’s nothing wrong with that. They do it in a humane manner and whole heartedly love the animal and spirit..they are not doing it to make a buck Some where down the line people ESPECIALLY Canadians will remember seal hunting as a black mark on our past. I still can’t believe its under discussion. Shea should be ashamed. BLOOD MONEY.

  • yvonne walter says:

    I marched in front of the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco in the early ’60’s against the seal hunt and have fought against it ever since to no avail. In Europe Brigitte Bardot the French actress has been trying to stop the slaughter for years to no avail. The Canadians always come up with some excuse to continue. The only way it seems is to stop buying anything Canadian a real boycott which maybe will change their minds. Also advertising about about this horrific slaughter…

  • Pam Johnson says:

    How can the senseless slaughter of innocent animals be called “culture”? And how can the Canadian government condone this horrible practice? My father always said that if you want to really hurt someone hurt him where he will feel it the most . . . in the bank account. Canada’s major export is maple syrup. If the world stopped using Canadian maple syrup and stopped all tourism to Canada would the government still think that the seal slaughter is necessary?

  • Christine says:

    I hope that Peta is aware of Kelly Bensimones comments about Fur tonight on the “The Real Housewives of NY”!! I am so disgusted!!! she needs a lesson in fur to wake her up!!

  • Jon says:

    The smallest action could cause a chain reaction and bring this entire system down.

  • Anna says:

    I am Canadian and I find this entire circus disgusting. Virtually no one eats seal meat mostly fat other than northern aboriginal people.My country and its seal hunt reminds me of Japan and its whaling. Gail Shea and her cronies seem determined to cling to this barbaric and outdated practice under the guise of protecting “culture”.This year will be especially difficult for seals to handle due to their melting home.We are decimating the ocean with the wanton slaughter of its inhabitants.Soon enough we will be forced to face the terrifying and life changing results.

  • Moses says:

    This is so terrible…we need to first boycott Canadian products then attack this issue!

  • NT says:

    As a Canadian I am SICK of this woman who looks like Chucky deciding whether the seals live or die. I am so embarrassed to be Canadian. I ask everyone please boycott Canadian products and tourism to Canada and write to the government and tell them WHY. Thanks.

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I’m ashamed to say I’m Canadian. Our government has tried it’s best to sell seal flesh in any way possible. I can say that at least 80 of Canadians that we have talked to on the streets want the hunt stopped. Some Canadians talk about ‘livelyhood’ of the Newfoundlanders but the money only covers $1000 per year of roughly 10 of their income for this bloodshed. Time to abolish this barbaric hunt.

  • Johnnie White says:

    You make me ashamed for women. I do not know how you can look at the pictures and not feel sick to your stomach. Its not like anyone wants this baby fur any more. They cannot eat all of them. So what do you do with them.Just throw in the ocean. Why is the blood lust so strong for these babies. But get hell out of the dark ages. WE do not have to buy anything from Canada. I will never eat a piece of sea food from Canada again. Until you stop Canadians have to be strong and stand up to the powers that do not listen. I am sure God has a special place in mind for you. I am sure if you stop killing his animals he will have it ready for you.

  • Aneliese says:

    Damn our government and Shea what does she think she’s playing at?

  • stephanie says:

    We need to stop this seal slaughtering now!!!!!!!!! and all of the other selfish reasons why people choose to kill animals such as experiments and for eating!! i will work with Peta and do whatever I can do to stop anyone else from hurting or kill animals!