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Sea Kitten High School

Written by PETA | January 7, 2009

It’s no secret that sea kittens stay in their schools far longer than humans do. That’s why it struck us as odd that Whitefish High School in Montana has failed to stay up to date with the Sea Kitten Revolution. So we wrote to them, tongue-in-cheek (which is better than hook-through-lip), to ask them to consider changing their name to something a tad more sea kitten–friendly. We can see it now: Sea Kitten High School! The coolest school in the whole country.

In his letter, our Dan Shannon included lots of reasons why sea kitten hunting hurts. “We’re hoping that this name change will encourage people young and old to start treating these gentle ‘kittens of the sea’ with respect—and show them the kindness that they deserve.”

Because we know that sea kittens are smart, we thought of a few courses that they might like to take at Sea Kitten High—besides marine biology. For instance, some sea kittens are avid gardeners. They’d love a botany class in which they could learn about cultivating their algae patches! And why not give them a choir class to exercise their vocal talents? Some sea kittens sing to their romantic interests.

Any ideas for a sea kitten curriculum?

Written by Lianne Turner

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