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Sea of ‘Bloodied’ Bare Bodies Inundates Pamplona

Written by PETA | July 6, 2009

If our protest in the middle of New York City’s Times Square wasn’t enough anti-bullfighting action for ya, just wait until you see the pictures from this mother-of-all-protests in Pamplona, Spain, yesterday.










Two hundred “bloodied” and bare bodies from all over the world (I’m not exaggerating—we’re talking U.K., Australia, America, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Belgium, Norway … you get the idea) gathered outside the Pamplona mayor’s office in protest of the horrible abuses that bulls suffer during Pamplona’s nine-day festival of San Fermín.

Before the Running of the Bulls, workers use electric prods and sharp sticks to rile the bulls into a frenzy. Then, the bulls are often debilitated with tranquilizers and beaten before being taken into the bullfighting ring—where they are repeatedly speared with banderillas (barb-tipped wooden daggers) before being stabbed to death.

Help us put an end to this bloodbath.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • HUSSAIN says:


  • either777 says:

    please keep trying to stop. This year will repeat the slaughter and not only in San Fermin the whole year … and it is a shame I’m ashamed of my people and I ask forgiveness

  • Meg says:

    I live in Spain and what I hate is the TV coverage every morning they show the running and on the afternoon news it’s the lead item.If someone is injured this year there was one death they go into detail about it with repeated shots of the event.Incidentally I never saw anything about these protests.

  • Nicki says:

    I find the Morrisons advert with Richard Hammond on offensive too to think that they can use the running of the bulls as a joke as to where they can get fresh beef from is sick. Shame on you Morrisons supermarket ! Mind you I think Richard is wearing a real fur hat on the older advert where he is on the sledge being pulled by huskies can they not think of any original ideas to market themselves ?

  • cecilia gonzalez says:

    My parents use to go to the bull fights before in TijuanaMexico during the 90’s. I was very young like 4 yrs old and we use to go every summer. I never liked it because I was scared that the bulls were agressive and being treated in such an inhumane way. Since then my nightmares have been with bulls bleeding and chasing me. Horrible thing…Im glad one of the places closed permanently in Tijuana.

  • Victoria says:

    This is so neanderthal abusing animals for amusement and ‘tradition’. I will only visit Spain when they cease this violent murderous act against defenceless bulls. Can I please be included in the next protest? I will fly from Australia AND take my clothes off if I have to! Thank you PETA keep up the great work.

  • Robin says:

    They also cut the bull’s tendons at the back of the neck so they can’t pull their head up. Makes it look like the bull is always in ‘charge’ mode so spectators always feel the cruelty inflicted is justified.

  • meena says:

    Its disgusting.humans become worst than animalsheartless. what if they are put through the same experience.

  • Amelia Knox says:

    It is absolutely sick how tis so called “sport” is still going on today. I thought a sport was when two opponents were equal and it was exciting to know who would win. Everyone knows in bullfighting the matador wins as they dont give it a fair chance. Im sure it would be different story if the matador had no weapons and hadn’t terrorised the bull beforehand. This type of cruelty has to stop NOW! Thanks Peta for your campaign.

  • Josh says:

    People who enjoy watching animals suffer and die are missing a vital part of what it means to human compassion. Unfortunately we are not taught compassion towards life through our societies at the moment. We are barely even taught compassion for human life with our level of compassion being trained to not reaching far beyond our families or immediate communities. Lets learn compassion for all life and thereby improve the way we treat each other as well.

  • Suzanne Cullum says:

    Go PETA! I’m so happy that you are doing the protests against bullfighting. It’s a horrible thing!

  • Kay says:

    When are we going to stop using animals for our amusment? Have we not risen above this abuse of our power over animals? Keep up the good work PETA.

  • Lesley S Robinson says:

    Absolutely delighted to see all those wonderful people protesting against the bull running. Thank you to every one of them. I’m so pleased that there is another generation coming up behind us oldies a generation with GUTS.

  • Sandaline says:

    They should really be targeting Mexico and starting with teaching the YOUTH there! I have never seen a country with more disregard for animals! From the bullfights to the cockfights to the way they treat the animals they eat It’s simply disgusting.

  • Andy Bass says:

    An absolutely fantastic protest PETA and one that deserves to be applauded! Well done to everyone who took part. Good to see from the other blog that less profit is being made from this unspeakable event this year.

  • Mandy says:

    It will never stop as long as people continue to support this !! Its a shame a disgusting inhumane thing to do and al in the name of what?? Fun??

  • Mel says:

    Bullfighting and the running of the bulls may be sick I do agree here wishing death to the matadors and spectators is just as sick. Seriously you wonder why people don’t care for PETA? Just read these wishes from the group. too bad common sense fails and people don’t get chastised for wishing evil on others and stooping to levels that they decry others for…

  • Diana says:

    THANK YOU! I cannot believe people still consider this “entertainment”.. sick. sick people out there.

  • sunjay somani says:

    Whenever I happen to see such a gruesomesadistic “killing” on T.V. Oh God ! how I wish and pray the man be gored to death..and the amount and will power I exert in hoping the man dies..leaves me almost fainted and exhausted at the end of it..I just hopesomeday the thoughts I have sent to get the man killed finds its target one day…this evil must end..

  • Nicole says:

    ii Think it is sick when i was in mexico recently i saw the biggest bull fighting ring it nearly made me cry i also saw some matadores walking down the road i wanted to get out and throw something at them who in their right mind could do this hooray for PETA ii love you! i wish i could do some protesting but i would have to go somewhere else because my town is so small nobody would join in! i wish it would all end asap even sicker are the people who go to watch it as entertainment it makes me so angry PETA are great you turned me veggie and i have never felt better

  • Ana says:

    They should protest for all the bullfights in the world not just the ones at San Fermines these are actually just a very few… I just hope they all get gored and bleed to death both bullfighters and spectators… It’s not art nor culture simply torture! Shame on them all.

  • Roxy says:

    I’d never even heard of this before. I’m eating my dinner and i almost threw up and i cried. This… Uh what the hell are these bungholes doing? No frecking need for it. Uh i wanna give these sadistic egotistical stupid people a taste of their own medicine really i wanna torture them then stab them to death while other stupid people cheer. I’m so angry and sick! Damnit!

  • Lesley Williams says:

    Saw first bullfight when I was ten yrs old a lot of years ago now! When matador was stabbed I was only one in arena who got onto my feet and cheered for the bull. My Mum was horrified as we were taken along by the hotel owners whose hotel we were staying in. Several people told me to sit down no way. still remember the sight of them cutting up bull spanish kids running down the road with chunks of it. Al least then the bull’s suffering had ended. Always will see bulls heaving sides struggling for breathe not a fun day out.

  • vaish says:

    who are we to bother these animals.Are we ready to fight in the same way like we make the bulls fight. this is not a sport where animals get injured. Tranqulising bulls and beating the bulls before getting into the fight is horrific. which means that they get hurt before fight and after fight. Please Stop this nonsense. I request PETA to fight for the bull and stop this sport.

  • Sean Keys says:

    Yeah everyone prides themselves on being modern and sophisticated and civilized but simultaneously they want to give in to base and carnal barbarism to satisfy primitive and socially “unevolved” deevolved bloodlusts! Probably driven my ego centric males who are unable to correctly manage their testosterone! Thank you Peta for the great work you are doing! You bring well needed relief to a world that is ever increasing in its violence…. Your brother in Christ

  • athina says:

    this is simply a great campaign!!!!

  • Ginger says:

    Keep up the intense work So many animals need our undying support Animal Cruelty begins at home be aware of any thing that doesn’t seem right and Speak Out..We are the VOICES

  • Marcela says:

    It’s great to see PETA fighting against running bulls. This was such an original demonstrationwhat do they need to know THAT THIS IS MURDER!! Thanks PETA !!

  • Dee Liparoto says:

    Utterly amazing that people believe they are “civilized” when we continue to do such depraved things. How on earth is this acceptable? Peta you are my hero. Thank you for taking a stand for all of us.

  • Jade says:

    More people are killed in the running of the bulls than actual bulls in that event. And no it’s not just the idiots who run with the bulls it’s innocent bystandards who are just wanting to go get something to eat. Bullfighting you do have a point they do tend to drag it out too long increasing the suffering and I have known of fights where they chose to not kill the animal. I’m not saying that bullfighting’s right I am going to say however look at the other side of the story as well. Right now I would say that you care more about an animal than you do humans when supposedly we’re equals.

  • Eric says:

    I have never like any of these so call ‘sports’ that involve injury to any type of animal. I hope this stops and perhaps we can get the the bull riding to stop too.

  • Lisa says:

    I LOVE PETA!! It takes actions such as this demonstration to get results. Peta gives me hope and I feel honored to be a PETA member!!

  • Blaine says:

    Petra ” I bet they would not find it entertaining if it was a person getting impaled by spears.” I bet that it would be a fairer fight though… To think these animals only want to be free to live in the wilderness alone never expecting to be torn from it and torturerd without any reason against themselves but as pure human sport. Terrible.

  • Fiona Goh says:

    You guys really did that?? Wish I was there! I am so so sooo proud of you guys! You are such remarkable human beings! 1 for Humanity!

  • heather Reilly Hiemstra says:

    THANK YOU to all those who showed up for this ever so powerful protest. You are really making a difference and are the kind of people who will make change in this world.

  • Kimberly B says:

    This is so right on ….I wish I could have been there!! HOORAY to those that give the animals a voice….this isn’t a “sport” or a “tradition” its MURDER….big fun who did you think would win under those circumstances….lets have role reversal day and I swear I will buy a front row seat and stay for the ending and say “the BULL DIDNT LOSE this time!!”

  • Indigo Dean says:

    i think this was a extremly effective way to protest and i wish i couldve been there to fight for the banning of bull fighting with you.

  • Lynda says:

    I completely support PETA for everything they do and I am so glad to see them protesting against Bull Fighting. It makes me sick to think that people find this entertaining I bet they would not find it entertaining if it was a person getting impaled by spears. It’s just not right.

  • Petra says:

    I hate it

  • Kristen Smaille says:

    whenever i see a bullfight on tv i’d rather see the humans die. i think its so wrong. thank you peta for fighting for what is right.

  • audrey Guo says:

    this is awesome!

  • carmen sanchez says:

    iam a catalan and iam so ungry with the run of the bulls and bullfigting shame on them they are criminals i like to see about 24 bulls running after 0ne looser and see how much fun they have toreros to me are a bunch cold killers just to make money with blood in their handsstop going to chapel ipocritas mal nacidos

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I saw my firstand lastbullfight in Tijuana Mexico in the 70’s. I was living in Tijuana at the time because my mother was being treated for cancer at a clinic there and the young unmarried apartment manager and his brother took my cousin and me to the bullfight on a date. When I got back my Mom asked me how the bullfight went and all I could say was “The bull lost.” I never went to another one. I figured once you’ve seen one bullfight you’ve seen them all.

  • Curtis says:

    That is simply amazing!

  • riley says:

    stop the running of bulls or let me stab you!