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Schumacher Furs Loses Frivolous Lawsuit

Written by PETA | June 20, 2007

Indymedia/Creative Commons

Yesterday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon dismissed a bunch of claims against PETA in a lawsuit brought by some fur-pushers called Gregg and Linda Schumacher on behalf of their business in Portland.

In a fantastic victory for animals, Schumacher Furs suffered quite a blow last year when the downtown Portland store decided to close after years of protests by concerned Portland residents. But, much as I’d love to take credit for the great protests, PETA really didn’t have an awful lot to do with them—a fact which had our lawyers more baffled than concerned when ol’ Gregg and Linda filed suit against us for more than $2 million in damages. Fortunately for everyone (and as Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher learned the hard way this week), being really sad and grumpy because your unethical business got shut down isn’t enough by itself to convince a court of law that someone owes you over $2 million. The claims against PETA were thrown out as being frivolous earlier this week, and Schumacher Furs will, more than likely, be paying PETA’s legal fees. As PETA Counsel Bonnie Robson puts it:

“The court’s decision is a victory for the First Amendment—and for animals, who must rely on human voices to protest their torture and slaughter for fur. The court did not give in to the fur industry’s desire to keep the public in the dark about how animals are turned into fur coats and collars.”

Well guys, now that you’ve failed at making your living through hurting animals and suing charities, what’s next on the agenda? I’m not sure I even really want to know.

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  • @Joe says:

    Cause its completely different then prolifers who terrorize high schoolers amiright? Legal ! ethical

  • Joe says:

    Congratulations to the environmental terrorists who used illegal activities death threats and other terrorist tactics to ruin the livlihood of a PERFECTLY LEGAL BUSINESS. Shame on PETA and its supporters.

  • Carla says:

    Great job PETA!!! Thats why I support you and your hard work to save animals. Yes I would like to know what Schumachers’ will be doing next cause if it has anything to do with animals you bet PETA and their supporters will be there!

  • Erin says:

    That’s AWESOME!!! I live in Portland and am disgusted every time I’ve had to drive by their store. Good riddance Schumacher! And great job legal system!

  • charlie says:

    Justice is alive and well in the U.S!! Who was the Judge that ruled our way?? As a member of the Jewish community I’m assuming the Schumachers are Jewish I can only say “SHAME!!” to all holocaust survivors who treat ANY living creature in this same fashion. I weep for you all. Shalom.

  • Avery Imara Kennedy says:

    I’ve marched by there on many a’ “Fur Free Friday” when I lived in Portland. YaY!!!!!

  • Jenn says:

    That is so great. We need to be their voices!

  • Mason says:

    That is awsome!

  • Canaduck says:

    Big babies. All that happened is that you informed the public and the public AGREED with you enough to stay away from the store. That’s totally legal. I am wellaware that if somebody is fully intending to buy a fur coat fried chicken etc they WILL regardless of whether protesters are outside. And so you must have really changed their minds. Nice job PETA for whatever amount you DID do and IDA.

  • dolphin boy says:

    i’m very glad about the issue of this case which shows us once again that right and justice come before exploitation of defenseless creatures and my compliments to PETA!