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Say ‘No!’ to Greyhound Racing in the Philippines

Written by PETA | July 30, 2009

Though 27 greyhound tracks have closed in the U.S., with Rhode Island’s last two tracks closing on August 8—and while countries around the world have all shuttered their once-active tracks—a legislature in the Philippines has just introduced a bill that would allow a company to build and operate a brand-new greyhound racetrack.

If approved, this bill has the potential to doom thousands of greyhounds to miserable existences. But have no fear: PETA Asia-Pacific has teamed up with Senator Maria Ana “Jamby” Madrigal—and her fearless dog, Prasad—to urge senators in the Philippines to vote “no” on this cruel bill. Check out Senator Jamby and Prasad in action at Tuesday’s press conference inside the Senate building:


Photo © Erving Go
Prasad, a seasoned doggy-do-gooder, is howling mad about the introduction of this bill.
Everybody should listen to Prasad.


Senator Madrigal has pledged her opposition to this so-called sport because greyhounds who are forced to compete are kept muzzled and confined to cramped cages when they’re not training or racing. Once they have slowed down or suffered career-ending injuries, the dogs are often abandoned, killed, or sold to laboratories to be used in experiments.

Don’t all greyhounds deserve a loving home like Prasad’s?

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Erica Munn says:

    Any cruelty toward an animal for human gain and profit in WRONG!

  • Deborah WOODCOCK says:


  • ValW says:

    this worries me to no end. I HOPE Senator Madrigal is successful in her campaign to not allow greyhound racing in the Philippines.

  • Jess in FL says:

    Sorry to say in my state of FL greyhound racing is still happening and dogs are still mysteriously disappearing. Let’s make sure the last tracks in the US are shut down and educate the citizens of other countries what REALLY goes on with greyhound racing. I’m willing to “bet” the majority of people in the Phillipines if aware of the truth will not support a track opening up.

  • DC says:

    “…I said “I’ll take that pup.” Well to my surprise it turned out to be a lot of fun! Nothing about the sport or the people I met was anything like what I had seen on TV or read in the press. I came from the world of celebrities and entertainment and I believed the Betty Whites and Doris Days of this world. I’m sorry to say my belief in them was shaken when I saw for myself racing Greyhounds being cared for better than most pets will ever be….” Ron Hevener I have worked with greyhounds my whole life for one thing the dogs are fed and treated better than most people treat and feed their pets. I don’t know where you got the idea that the dogs “wait in a hot truck waiting for their turn to chase a fake rabbit”. They wait in an air conditioned building they live and sleep in an air conditioned building. Just like your pet knows when heshe is going for a walk or ride they know when it’s time to go racing and are more excited than any other pet I’ve seen wanting to go for a walk or a ride. Yes they are kept in crates but they go outside 5 times a day if it is cool outside they will stay out for over an hour when it is too hot out they get just under an hour. If you spent one hour in a racing kennel you would fall in love with every single dog and you WOULD get some of the best knowledge you could get about dogs. The people working with dogs do this job for the love of the animals yes they make money off of them but they love each and every dog. I have not met trainer who works with the dogs that only does it for the money. In fact I work with a man who just found out he has cancer and he is not supposed to be working you know he comes in almost everyday and just spends time with the dogs. Tell me thats cruel? If you have ever owned a greyhound you know how big of a personality they have now imagine spending the day with over 70 of them one of the best feelings in the world.

  • Aaron says:

    Prasad is so cute

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I don’t care what country greyhound racing is in it is still INHUMANE and just plain WRONG! And while we are on the subject of racing horse racing of any kind is just as bad.

  • Eureka Morrison says:

    No animal deserves to be used as entertainment for humans! Respect for all life please! So many greyhounds die a painfull death when they don’t make the ‘grade’. Shame on you Philippines Shame on you!

  • Polloni says:

    Greyhound racing is not good for the dogs like what we see in England Ireland Australia …in France it is different it is not for money not an industry like in these countries.

  • Mary Foley says:

    animals as entertainment is a very bad idea

  • jhen says:

    i strongly disagree to legalize greyhound race in the philippines coz it will only make the animals suffer most specially dogs from cruelty.stop animal cruelty!be compassionate instead of being cruel!

  • Sonia Rowland says:

    No animals should ever be used for human entertainment.

  • mandi T says:

    Put an end to greyhound racing in the Phillipens.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Lamentably the Philippines is not very progressive in reference to animal rights and vegetarianism. I’m praying that they see the light.

  • terry l west says:

    it’s not right to treat dogs like that so many have died from raceing them

  • larry mix says:

    please foward