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How Do You Say, ‘Animal Testing,’ in Japanese? ‘Shiseido’

Written by PETA | August 14, 2009

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Animal testing


Our terrific colleagues at Japan Anti-Vivisection Association (JAVA), who often work with PETA Asia Pacific, recently alerted us to Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido’s continued reliance on cruel animal tests for its products, which include wrinkle creams and its ironically named ZEN Eau de Parfum. Despite the fact that hundreds of companies worldwide have banned all animal tests forever, Shiseido is still forcing chemicals into animals’ stomachs and dripping shampoo into their eyes.

No animal should have to die for lipstick, moisturizer, shampoo, or perfume, so we’re helping JAVA step up its efforts to get Shiseido and other Japanese companies to give animal testing the heave-ho. Since Shiseido products are sold around the world, you can help convince the company to choose kindness—just go here to tell Shiseido why you won’t be buying into its cruelty.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • No problem I will not be buying any products from them. Of course shampoo in the eyes hurt. Everyone knows that. Just don’t put any! Stop testing on animals.

  • Monique says:

    I emailed Sheisdo about animal testing in July 2012 and received this response: Thanks for contacting us. Shiseido does not test its cosmetic products on animals in order to confirm the safety of the products, under any circumstances. Shiseido’s mission is to provide safe and effective products to consumers, and to comply with the cosmetics regulations in force, while understanding and respecting the principles behind animal protection. We appreciate your inquiry and understanding. Sincerely yours, Shiseido Co. Ltd. Can anyone clarify if they really don’t animal test?

  • sva says:

    I have been using Shiseido products for 25 years. As of today, I will no longer use any shiseido products until this company stops ALL TESTING ON ANIMALS. It’s 2012 guys. Wake up.

  • Michelle Sowman says:

    Up until now I have purchased shisedo products not anymore I will cease as from to-day until all testing on animals stops

  • Kandice says:

    BY NOW companies should have gathered ENOUGH information from testing on these poor animals so what MORE do they need to know? It makes me angry that people are continuously hurting innocent animals. They feel pain like we do!! I also wish “animalloving” celebrities in the US i.e. Ellen Degeneres would not endorse Cover Girl products. I’m not targeting just her. I’m targeting several celebrities that are known to love their pets but they still endorse these animaltesting companies. Just saying that celebs should set good examples as we all should. Ps Very well said Chibi Mie!

  • Tatyana says:

    What a terrible thing is animal testing! I and my family will not buy Shiseido’s products and also the products of other companies that do animal testing until they stop animal testing completely!

  • Maria says:

    I am wondering if it’s correct that Shiseido owns Joico hair products? That’s what it seems like to me after I looked Joico up online.

  • Chibi Mie says:

    I abhor the practice of animal testing and experimentation wherever it is done. But the illogical cants by some what else to expect from a country that kills whales etc. have no place in combating the torture of animals everywhere. Many many corporations in the U.S. continue to test needlessly on animals just like Shiseido and we abuse and kill factory farmed animals far more than is done in Japan. Does that make the U.S. a country that can be dismissed the way Japan has been? Please the abjection of animals knows no boundaries national cultural or other.

  • jade naylor says:

    animal testing is all overthe worl with diffrent sorts of animalsand this is my say about animal testing animal testing should be band beacuseits crulty to animals they cant say what they want to say they must be confused itsnot faireand it shoudl not be allowed i think its redulouise and is just 100 not faire i think you should listen to what i say and just be on are side from jade naylor

  • yanna athanassiadi says:

    each one of us must not buy cosmeticts from companies which is using animal testing

  • lea says:

    these idiots! i love animals and hate to see them in pain

  • TK says:

    What can you expect from a country that culls dolphins in a bay then massacres them and the water turns pure blood red. And from a country who thinks that it is still ok to kill whales for research” LAMES. over it.

  • sharon g says:

    what a bloody disgrace! we must boycott this nasty company and spread the word! if i see anybody buying animaltested products i always point out to them all the animals who suffer horrific tests and it’s all bc people are afraid to grow old! this is vivisection for vanity there is no excuse!



  • sandy king says:

    I would like to know if its possible to get a list of the major cosmetic companies for over the counter cosmetics that do not use animal testing. Or how I can be 100 sure the products I use are not tested on animals as many products just don’t have anything on the box.

  • AnimalLover says:

    UGH! This is disgusting! I would rather give up shampoo and everything tested on animals just so I can save ONE rabbit. Anything to save an animal I’ll do. We humans are disgusting!

  • Sauxyan says:

    Totally against cosmetic testing on animals. Horrible practice. However Anyone who assumes that just because a country is foriegn that they don’t have the same moral level as we do in America REALLY needs to chill for a second and look at all the horrible things that happen to animals even here in the states we as a society are no better than they are and just as there are animal activists in this country both on the sane AND cultlike level there are individuals in other countries who share the same level of belief in animal rights as anyone who peruses this and other animal welfare sites. In other words I’m really tired of people saying for example “China sucks they eat cats!” meanwhile we in the ‘states eat cow and cows are considered SACRED in India. So think of all the horrible things they say about us IN GENERALIZATIONS and think about how badly you would like to defend yourself if you are a vegan which I’m not. I know MANY Japanese animal lovers PERSONALLY who live in Japan and who would be apalled to hear about this happening so I’d like to speak for them blame individuals for a deed not the entire country. Not that this article did by the way but I felt like some of the replies were heading there.

  • Abby Grigg says:

    Wow How stupid do you think these companies think we are? They must know by know that lots of people know and more will soon to know that they test on animals all thanks to PETA! Greatly appreciate all the help you are to the animals Keep up the good work!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Japan is purportedly an enlightened Domocracy but in reference to animal abuse it massacres whales dolphins tuna sharks and lab animals with the the utmost cruelty.

  • Joyce says:

    I used to use shiseido’s product until i gone vegan. There was once i emailed them questioning them about animal testing they replied giving many excuses which makes it so stupid to look at it. So Anyway thanks for posting this i hope to show this to my friends and urge them not to support their products too.

  • vegancoin says:

    thank you PETA for doing whtat no one else would do please japan step outta’ the stone ages. what soulless sadistic butchers. words cannot even describe the anger i feel within me. when will they ever learn.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    What else do you expect from a company based in a country whose government encourages whale hunting?

  • emma says:

    Ive sent off the email and added my own wording for extra effect hope they listen and spare these poor animals. its about time people started seeing the bigger picture and stopped this bloody cruelty once and for all. when will they realise that the reaction of animals is different to the reaction of humans. its like trying to educate ants…they never listen.

  • Barbara A. Wilson says:

    Shame! How careless and utterly cruel it is to continue animal testing. For every 1 company still doing it there’s 15 that don’t! When will these idiots get a clue. There are tons of other makeup companies that do not test and offer a vegan line. Go with them instead.