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Ryan, Ricky, and Other Stars Shine for Animals

Written by PETA | June 27, 2011

Star light, star bright … these celebrities certainly granted animals’ wishes all right!

Written by Jared Misner

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  • Born in the year of the rabbit says:

    yes, it’s not about the celebrities. However, you’ve got to admit, they’re pretty influential. After all, people follow and mock everything they do. It becomes “Pop Culture.” That being said, using them as a form of “advertising” is an excellent strategy. That’s how Peta got my attention!

  • Sookie says:

    Peta, I wish you would realise its not about the celebrities, its about the animals.

    We don’t care about celebrities, we just want to know that veganism has risen or circus animals have been banned.

  • earth_advocate says:

    this is brilliantly done