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The Rocky Road to Ace’s Relief

Written by PETA | December 8, 2009

Ace—a kind, shy pit bull—was chained outside 24/7. The area where he lived was worn, there was not a single blade of grass within sniffing distance, and he was living in a plastic barrel that offered minimal shelter from the elements. After a bloody encounter with another dog, Ace was left with swollen and infected genitals, and his neglectful “owner” let the painful sores go untreated for more than a month.




A concerned complainant first reported Ace’s plight to local law-enforcement officials, who refused to help. When we received the initial call about Ace, we got a similar and frustrating run-around from officials, who assured us that the dog was “fine.”

By the following morning, our persistent efforts to secure help for Ace resulted in getting a qualified animal control officer dispatched to Ace’s Alabama home. Once the officer arrived on the scene, it was obvious that Ace was not “fine,” and he was immediately seized. The untreated infection had taken its toll on Ace, and when he arrived at the local animal shelter, he was finally given a humane release from his prolonged suffering.

In addition to suffering through sweltering heat and blistering cold, dogs like Ace, who are forced to spend their lives at the end of a lonely chain, are susceptible to violent encounters with other animals. Chained dogs often become fearful of intruders and overly protective of their tiny patches of ground. This can encourage unnaturally aggressive behavior that often has tragic results for the animals and people who go near them. If you know of or see an injured or neglected chained dog, please take action.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Janet says:

    Are they not filing neglect abuse charges against the owner?

  • Carla says:

    Can you please tell me what the hell is wrong with local enforcement and police officers who think that this is FINE?????? It would force me a usually responsible citizen to the the law into my own hands!!!

  • Lulu says:

    People like you Lisa make me believe there might actually be a few angels on earth.

  • lisa says:

    I totally agree with joan and luluif you see abuse or neglect happening do something about it dont just walk away animals have noone else to help them but usa nieghours cat used to come into my garden and one day i noticed a mass on the side of his face and knew straight away that it was cancer over the next couple days he got worse so i confronted the owners whom admitted he was ill but couldnt afford the vet bills i did offer to take the cat myself and pay the bills as he was in such distress they said they would sort it i kept an eye on him for coupe more days and realised nothing had been done so i contacted the RSPCA which we have here in the UK and informed them that i was taking the cat straight to the vets i knew he could not be saved but i was with him till the end holding him in my arms the vet said it was the worst case of neglect they had ever seen. I still feel to this day i did the right thing and he no longer has to suffer a slow painful death and i would do it again and again if i had to.

  • lulu says:

    Well said Joan. Of course we feel sad about these cases but crying doesn’t do a thing to help animals like Ace. Have to take actionit’s much more productive and meaningful than wallowing in feelings of sadness and helplessness. Dogs like Ace are everywhere. Open your eyes and walk through your neighborhood instead of drivingyou’ll surely find at least one.

  • clefairy says:

    aw man why in the world would anyone own a living creature and not treat them with respect? i live in a ghetto neighborhood in Florida and sadly i see this all the time. I even saw a dog that was hanging by his chain already dead and some guy taking it away. I really hope the owner gets what he deserves but next time I’ll take action when i see it.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    And what is going to happen to Ace’s “loving guardian?” sarcasm.

  • Joan says:

    If ANY of you live near a dog that is suffering like this TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEO REPORT If animal control blows you off then go to the mayor governor whoever it takes And post the pictures and video and info online and send it around These corrupt animal control officers and local officials WILL do their jobs if the info goes public